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When Wellness Is Part Of Medicine

I received my Covid booster shot at a hospital yesterday.

While I was waiting with several others in the lounge, I felt a bit nervous. Despite having received hundreds of shots over the years, that moment prior to receiving another one always brings on some anxiety.

A few minutes later, a young nurse arrived at the door. Just the manner in which she walked into the room – soft and gentle with a sweet smile – put me at ease.

“That’s a lovely energy!” I thought to myself.

When it was my turn, she first helped me to relax my hand and said,

“Take a deep breath in Ma’am.”

And I did that.

“You’ll feel a small prick now. Breathe out.”

And I breathed out.

As the needle went further in, she said gently again,

“Another deep breath in…and out…and you’re done!”

And I was like,

“Wow! That hardly hurt.”

I was so excited a wellness practice like breathing was part of a vaccination experience in a hospital.

Isn’t that one way for Spirit to meet Science?

I felt so grateful to this angelic nurse for making this experience of a few seconds a comfortable one for me and thanked her from my heart.

Vaccination is such a simple procedure. It may have hardly mattered even if she hadn’t done it this way. However, to someone like me, these small things make a huge difference.

As they often say in energy healing circles, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

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Womb Healing For Mamas Of Pregnancy Loss

What happens to your connection with your womb when you lose a baby you were carrying?

It’s a make-or-break situation. The connection can be destroyed OR you can transform it into an empowering milestone on your journey.

If you’ve had a miscarriage, medical termination, stillbirth or any other kind of pregnancy loss, you know it can rip the heart apart.

And at times it may feel like others don’t get what you are going through.

When I had a pregnancy loss and I was upset about it (which I thought was natural), I was told by some people –“Well, you’re not the only one who has gone through this. It’s quite common. Get over it.”

Their response made me wonder why I even bothered to share my feelings with them – like I didn’t already know that other women in this world have also experienced it!

I know many have had it even worse than me – millions of women have had multiple losses, millions have not only lost babies but also their own lives in the process of giving birth.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have grieved my loss.

Losing a baby – no matter at what stage of fetal development – can be a devastating blow to the mother, father, and to everyone in the family. For some reason, the womb is not able to sustain the pregnancy. This can leave a feeling of emptiness in the womb as well as the heart.

Some of us may know the energetic root cause behind a pregnancy loss, and we may have made peace with it or we may not have.

Some of us may be racking our brains wondering what in the world went wrong.

Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore.

If you are now on the path of womb healing, have the confidence that you are ready to take a quantum leap to discover yourself on a whole new level.

As painful as the loss was, from the soul’s perspective, it was only leading you to an even grander place. You may not have arrived at that place yet. You may still be looking for clues that will lead you to your destination.

But remember – the journey is often as significant (if not more) than the destination itself. So, place your faith in the journey and take it one step at a time.

It has been more than a decade since I lost Siri in my womb (the name we gave to our baby angel who could not make it).

However, thanks to my energy healing practices, I have been able to connect to her soul essence all these years. It feels like she is around very often – in a non-physical form of course.

I feel Siri has been and continues to be my soul teacher. Her loss put me on this path of healing the womb. She opened my eyes to the mystery of the womb. She helped me connect to my feminine glory and to be proud of it. I am awakening to the power of my Divine Feminine only because of her. She has been a primary instrument in the healing and blossoming of my sacral chakra.

And while all these blessings don’t make the pain of losing Siri any less, I am so grateful to her beautiful soul for everything she made possible through all that pain.

She continues to linger like a sweet fragrance – pure and unconditional.

She is and will always continue to be our first child. Her two equally angelic siblings (in incarnation now) take second and third place. The family tree feels healed and complete that way.

This is my story. Your story will be unique to you.

In the context of womb healing, what could be the silver lining to your pregnancy loss?

That is something only you have the right to answer.

You can’t think your way to the answer. You have to feel your way to it.

There is no hurry to answer it. Let the answer take birth softly in your heart.

If you resonate with this article, you can be certain there is something beautiful unfolding for you.

Trust that the answers to all your questions will come when you ask them from your heart and are ready to receive them for what they are.

Trust this journey of building a new ‘Womb Consciousness’ on the planet!

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Singing To Your Inner Child

Does your Inner Child need some tender love and care?

Try singing this beautiful song to her or him!

Skidamarink a dink a dink

Skidamarink a doo

I love you

I love you in the morning

And in the afternoon

I love you in the evening

And underneath the moon

Oh, Skidamarink a dink a dink

Skidamarink a doo

I love you

My toddler loves this song and watches it frequently on YouTube (Mother Goose Club Songs For Children)

One day, I happened to watch it along with her and fell in love with it.

The lilting melody and warm visuals tugged at my heartstrings.

I now sing it to my toddler and also to my Inner Child!

Try placing a doll or soft toy in your arms (to represent your inner child) and sing this to her or him. And if you have young children, sing it to them too!

Notice how this song makes you feel in your heart space. Have fun!   

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The Best Logical Decision Is Also The Most Intuitive One


This is the email address from which Haripriya mailed me way back in 2007. She sent them from this address after emails from another address of hers failed to reach me.

I remember telling her “Guess this email address of yours has more positive vibes than the other one!”

True to her email address, she was full of positive vibes too – a bubbly individual with a positive outlook on life.

She spoke of life in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency.

Being a lover of conventional science, I was initially astounded by her frequent usage of these terms in a totally different context!

However, in time, I got used to them and understood what she meant by them.

These words are an integral part of our lives now!

Be it a home to live in, a restaurant to dine at, or people to help around the house – everything is based on the ‘vibration’ they emit and how she ‘feels’ about something or someone.

Some years back, she even had an intuitive opinion about the ideal workplace for me. She knew nothing about that hospital but insisted it may be good for me. I did my own analysis and assessment of the space and found that it was indeed the best place for me to work at that point in time.

Our own relationship happened because she said she recognized my ‘vibe’ when she met me and it felt right! I am not sure I recognised her ‘vibe’ but I do know I liked her and was delighted to have crossed paths with her.

After we tied the knot, almost everything that needed decision-making as a family had to pass the litmus test of her intuition (feeling) and my logic (thinking).

Thankfully, most major decisions did pass both tests and we were on the same page!

There were instances when each of us was forced to view situations from the opposite perspective. The contrasting perspective helped bring more clarity, especially when we felt stuck with our usual approaches.

Eventually, we realised that though we operated differently, we arrived at similar decisions and solutions – only via different avenues.

Inspired by this journey, I wrote these words in our co-authored book ‘When Spirit Meets Science,’ – “The best logical decision is also the most intuitive one!”

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Womb Healing For Cesarean Birth Mamas

I know a lot of women who are unhappy about the fact that they required a cesarean section to bring their babies into the world.

They usually report feeling angry or inadequate, like they weren’t capable of giving birth naturally.

While it is perfectly normal to feel those emotions, this is a trauma you don’t want to carry in your womb. On the healing path, we have enough to deal with already. For our own well-being, it is best we learn to see things we couldn’t have done much about from higher perspectives so we may be free to move forward.

Womb Healing For Cesarean Birth Mamas

  1. Completely acknowledge the emotions you are feeling. Journal about them or use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The more you acknowledge them, the faster they are neutralized and easier they become to release. This paves way for you to see the same upsetting event from a different perspective and heal yourself in the process.
  2. Reflect on why you needed a cesarean section in the first place. You would have been informed by your medical team about why you required the surgery. This surgery is done when allowing labour to progress naturally poses a risk to the baby or mother. Until several decades back, rates of infant and maternal mortality were pretty high. Women risked their lives in order to give birth. Thanks to advances in medicine that make a timely diagnosis of complications and intervention possible, mortality rates have been brought down significantly. Yes, you were deprived of your natural birthing experience. However, you or your baby also gained something in the process. Acknowledging the benefit you received will help you release the associated trauma faster and may even bring in feelings of gratitude.
  3. Contemplate on feelings of ‘let down’ you may be holding on to. If you feel like your body let you down by not allowing you to birth naturally, ask yourself if that’s true or if it’s just another limiting belief you’ve taken on. A lot of women hold on to the belief that in order to be seen as women they must be perfect in every way – fair, beautiful, slim, blemishless, perfect moms, wives, and daughters and the list goes on. Could it be that you’re harbouring a subconscious belief that says you must also be the perfect ‘birther’ of life?
  4. Nature is perfect and imperfect at the same time. There is nothing like a ‘perfect birther.’ Left to nature, births happen perfectly and imperfectly all the time. Left to nature, some mothers and offspring survive, some don’t. This is the case with animals too, and not just humans. That’s just how nature works on Planet Earth. When seen from this perspective, have you ever considered that it may not even be your fault or your body’s fault that you couldn’t have a perfect natural birth?
  5. Having said that, it’s also equally true (at least for those of us on the healing path) that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. There are times when we know why we manifested a certain experience into our lives. There could be soul lessons to learn, especially if something bothers us more than it should. Looking at an experience from your soul’s perspective may help you find answers to deeper questions you may be asking and bring solace to your body, mind, heart, and soul.

In conclusion, remember, we are at a pivotal point in the story of humanity. Many of us women now have the freedom to awaken to the power of our Divine Feminine and our wombs. Nothing that you experienced – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and medically – can stop you from awakening and connecting to your womb on a whole new level. The only thing that can stop anyone is their reluctance to see events from more balanced perspectives and their unwillingness to let go of stored pain. Accepting life for what it presents while also being open to its mysteries and newer possibilities can bring peace and healing.

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Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

After my first post on ‘Womb Healing,’ I received messages from many of you asking about how you can connect to your womb. I’m very happy to know so many of you resonated with this!

There are many ways to connect to your womb. However, it’s best to start off simple.

In this post, I share a simple meditation to help you get started on this journey into your womb.

Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

Sit or lie down comfortably.

Take a few deep breaths until you feel centered.

Place your palms on your heart chakra and tune in to the frequency of love. Breathe into this love for a minute or two.

When you feel sufficiently tuned in to the love frequency, move your palms to your womb space and let them rest there for as long as you feel guided to. You are now transferring this love energy into your womb.

Notice how this process feels. There is nothing you need to do for now except enjoy this new way of connecting to your womb.

If there is something you feel like saying to your womb, please do so. And if you get a message in return, receive it with gratitude. If you don’t wish to say anything, just connecting in silence is great!

When the process feels complete, express gratitude for this significant milestone on your healing journey. You are now an awakening woman, developing consciousness of her womb and building a brand new high vibrational relationship with it. You are tuning into the power of your Divine Feminine.

Open your eyes and move your body gently.

Remember, in order to connect to your womb, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of womanhood you are in. It doesn’t matter even if your physical womb has been removed for medical reasons. The energetic imprint of your womb shall always remain and you can connect to it energetically.

Enjoy your new ‘Womb Consciousness!’

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Healing The Womb: A Journey Into Your Sacral

I see the womb as a sacred space, a powerhouse.

However, for many, this sacred powerhouse turns into a junkyard that houses trash of varied kinds – negative beliefs around menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and sexuality, and wounds associated with any or all of them. These beliefs and wounds can block their connection to one of the most beautiful energy centers – the sacral chakra.

I did not always see the womb as sacred. Until some years back, I held some very negative beliefs about my womb too. I saw my menstrual cycles as a nuisance and childbirth as something to dread.

Being on the healing path has taught me the significance of the womb and completely shifted how I view it.

The womb houses your creative potential. From an energetic perspective, this creative potential is not restricted to creating new life but to creating anything of value, beauty, or significance.

Connecting to your womb is a healing journey in itself.

Just as Reiki begins to speak to you when you connect to it, the womb also speaks to you when you become quiet enough to tune in to its wisdom.

I will be writing a lot more about this in the future as I explore the depths of womb healing and deepen my understanding of it.

But for now, all I wish to say is –

  1. There is beauty in your menstrual cycles. When you stop seeing them as a ‘nuisance,’ they reveal their splendour to you.
  2. Much like the moon, your cycles get you to travel through different phases – sometimes you are full of energy, sometimes you are low on energy, sometimes you shine bright, sometimes you encounter darkness, sometimes you brim with creative potential and get into ‘doing mode’, sometimes you retreat and need to ‘just be.’ When you are completely in sync with your body, you will know exactly how it is feeling at a given point in your cycle. Our worldly responsibilities may make it impossible for us to live in perfect accordance with the phases of the cycle. However, we can certainly do as much as we practically can. Something is better than nothing!
  3. So also with pregnancy and childbirth – when you see them for the miracle that they are and come into sync with the process unfolding within you, your entire experience of it shifts.
  4. What if you don’t menstruate anymore? What if you’re way past your childbearing years? What if you cannot bear children for some reason? What if you do not wish to bear children? Doesn’t matter. You still have a womb and you can learn to connect to its wisdom. Even if your physical womb has been removed for medical reasons, you still can connect to the energetic equivalent of it – your sacral chakra.
  5. And how could doing all of this help you? Personally, I have found that healing my womb has freed up a lot of stagnant energy and put me in touch with all aspects of my womanhood on a much deeper level. I feel more at ease within my body and enjoy my cycles. I try to live in accordance with the wisdom of my cycles to the extent possible. My creative potential is at its peak and I am able to churn out creative projects effortlessly. I cannot go back to the days of my pregnancy but I am able to connect to the experience energetically, relive it on a whole new level and integrate this new healed energy into my being.

I have a feeling this journey is going to get deeper and reveal more to me with time. I will share it with you as it unfolds. Until then, do see if you would like to embark on this sacred journey of healing your womb. If you feel called to it, you can be certain the path will be revealed to you!

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Movies & TV Shows That Heal: Good Witch

They are about to say ‘I Do.’

Three little letters, two little words.

It’s the simplest part of the day. But there’s nothing simple about the things that will remain unsaid.

‘I Do’ means “I do know I could be hurt. But I’m ready to be healed with you.”

It means “I do want to try even when the fear of failure holds me back, and I do not know the future. But I’m ready to be surprised along the way.”

And ‘I Do’ means “I do want your love. And I do give you mine.”

“And nothing we do will ever be the same because you and I will be doing it all together.”

I thought that was a perfect sermon for two people who were all set to begin a new life together.

Those are words from a Netflix series called ‘Good Witch’ that we are currently watching.

Good Witch is about life in a quaint little town called Middleton. The town has a magical feel to it. People are content with their lives. Everyone gets to follow their heart and do exactly what they like to do. There is abundance for all. There is a strong sense of community and people are mostly loving and kind. Even when their dark sides take over, they are able to work through the darkness and reclaim their light with ease. 

A healer named Cassie lives in Middleton along with her family. She is very intuitive yet balanced and grounded. Her life takes a significant turn when a rational and scientific doctor called Sam Radford moves next door to her. Opposites attract and love blossoms between them.

Apart from Cassie and Sam, there are several other characters who make the storyline interesting – Grace and Nick (children from Cassie and Sam’s previous marriages), Stephanie, who runs a Bistro, Abigail who owns a Flower Shop, Town Mayor Martha, and several other talented actors in smaller roles.

This gem of a series presents several life lessons. A recent episode in which Mayor Martha’s son married the love of his life moved me to tears and inspired me to write about it.

As in a typical Christian wedding, right before the bride and groom could say ‘I Do’ to one another, Martha read aloud some words of wisdom that Cassie had found somewhere and presented to her. These words highlight the significance of the words ‘I Do.’

I have shared those ‘Words Of Wisdom’ at the beginning of this article.

Everyone who has been in steady long-term romantic relationships (including marriage) knows that getting hurt is a possibility. Keeping love and romance alive takes nurturing. It requires a seamless exchange of love to happen between partners. It requires looking past one another’s differences and finding that spark of love buried in a corner of the heart. When the focus remains on love, the couple heals together, loves together, and lives together.

Maybe sharing such words of wisdom with people before they tie the knot can give them a realistic picture of romantic love and prepare them for what can be a challenging (sometimes) yet beautiful journey ahead!

Netflix seems to have understood my taste remarkably well and mostly shows me content that ends up healing and enriching my life in some way!

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Energy Principles: When Resistance Blocks Flow

The minute he saw us, he began the conversation with a snide remark – “What Suraj? How is your practice going? I wish you had been a doctor of natural medicine! I would have come to you for treatment of all my ailments.”

We recently met an Uncle of mine at a family gathering. Something seems to come over him when he sees Suraj. He is ‘anti-modern medicine’ and believes allopathy (modern medicine) is ‘bad medicine.’ He tries to drag Suraj and me into pointless arguments that prove his belief is valid.

Since one cannot reason with Uncle, we try to limit our conversations and excuse ourselves politely as quickly as possible. However, this time around, I decided we had had enough and chose to give him a piece of my mind (with due respect).  

Suraj simply smiled when Uncle began the conversation in a strange manner as always. He is now used to his annoying ways and has stopped participating in these medical discussions. But I said –

“Well, I think Suraj is great doing exactly what he is doing. He’s helping so many cancer-afflicted people live a long and disease-free life.”

Uncle ignored my comment and went on in a judgmental tone.

“Allopathy cannot cure a single disease – diabetes, hypertension, arthritis – you name it. Plus all those side effects to deal with.”

He glanced at Suraj, who chose not to comment. But I couldn’t stop myself.  

“Well, allopathy may not be able to cure many illnesses, including hypertension and diabetes. But applied in the right manner, it can certainly manage them effectively,” I said.

“Well, you are wrong Haripriya,” he said.

“No Uncle, I’m not. So many in our own family are alive today only because, thanks to modern medicine, they have been able to manage hypertension and diabetes well. Mind you – I’m saying ‘manage,’ not cure. And some died miserably because they left those conditions unmanaged. And you know who all these people are,” I said.

“Well, that doesn’t mean anything,” he said.

“What does it mean then? I asked.

“I have always lived in accordance with principles of natural medicine. I believe in preventive medicine. I take only natural medicine for all my ailments. Everyone in our family could have done the same,” he said.

“Uncle, if you have always lived by principles that you believe prevent illnesses, why did you develop so many ailments in the first place?” I asked, “Should you not have been disease-free?”

The expression on his face changed.

“Well, my bad luck probably,” he said, “But it’s my good luck I choose to take natural medicine for my ailments.”

“Then why did you undergo an angioplasty when you were diagnosed with a heart condition?” I asked, “Isn’t that a modern medical procedure too? Couldn’t you heal it the natural way?”

“No choice there dear,” he said

“We always have a choice Uncle. If a treatment is all ‘bad’ and there’s absolutely nothing good about it, why take it at all?” I asked.  

Uncle laughed, “You don’t understand Haripriya.”

“So, help me understand the logic Uncle. What are your current blood pressure and blood sugar readings? You said they were high last year. Are they under control now?” I went on.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that!” he said, sounding hesitant to answer my question and changed the subject, “You talk in favour of modern medicine because your husband is a surgeon. Being a Reiki practitioner, you should be able to understand what I am trying to say.”

“You are mistaken Uncle. I don’t talk this way because Suraj is a surgeon. I talk like this because I have learned to see things from a neutral perspective. Nothing can be all bad. Good sides exist too. Modern Medicine is practiced world over and everyone knows people who have benefited from it one way or the other. To say allopathy is all bad and can’t manage any disease sounds biased to me,” I said.

“Well, you can come talk to my Yoga teacher. He will explain to you in detail about the dangers of allopathy,” he said.

“I can learn all about that from my husband right here Uncle. He is able to explain perfectly well the risks of any modern medicine or medical procedure. But he is also able to explain the benefits offered by the same. All benefits and risks are rigorously documented. Nothing is sugar-coated. Modern medical treatments are meant to be taken only when their benefits outweigh their risks. And when that’s the case, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be taken when genuinely required,” I said. 

“Well, Haripriya, you are blind,” he said and patted me on the head with a smile.

“I’d rather be blind than biased Uncle,” I said, “When I am biased towards anything in life, my energy drops. When I talk bad of something, even if it’s just a form of medicine, life ensures I get a dose of exactly that which I was resisting! But when I am able to see the greater good in everything, while also being aware of the potential negatives, my life flows with ease and I am at peace. I have learned my lessons the hard way.”

“Well, all this sounds like Greek and Latin to me!” he said.

‘It won’t be if you work with energy Uncle,” I said, “Why don’t you get trained in Reiki?”

At that point, another person entered the room, our conversation ended and Uncle walked away.

“Whew! What came over you today?” asked Suraj.

“Nothing! I just spoke my heart,” I said, “Hopefully, we will never have one of these draining conversations with Uncle again!”

“Hmm… Let’s see. Knowing him, you never know!” said Suraj.

Two hours passed and there was no sign of Uncle. As we prepared to leave, he appeared suddenly and said, “Haripriya, I will get in touch with you regarding Reiki. I wish to learn this strange language you speak!”

“You’re most welcome to Uncle. Call me and we’ll plan it out, ” I said.

“God bless,” he uttered and left.

What’s going to happen next? I will know only after I receive that phone call from him! I am certain it will come exactly when he is ready for it – not one moment sooner or later.

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The Joy Of Offering Reiki To Loved Ones

Recently, I offered Reiki to my husband Suraj after a very tiring day he had at work.

He had to perform a complex cancer surgery involving four major organs – the esophagus, stomach, and spleen had to be removed completely, and a portion of the pancreas also had to be removed. A segment of the intestine had to be brought up and converted into a new esophagus.

Just listening to the details of the surgery made me feel overwhelmed and I thought to myself,

“You sure need a lot of stamina, and courage to do this kind of work!”

I could also imagine how tiring it may have been for the surgical team. This extensive procedure required him and his supporting team to be on their feet for almost seven hours at a stretch.

When he returned home, I saw he was super exhausted. His neck and shoulders seemed to be hurting.

He had asked me for Reiki the evening prior to this long surgery. But I was exhausted and promised to do it the next day. Considering how difficult the surgery was, offering Reiki after he was done with it turned out to be of greater benefit.

As I placed my palms over his third eye chakra, his breathing became softer, his body loosened up and he began to relax.

When I had my palms on his throat chakra, he suddenly opened his eyes and flashed a warm smile at me.

No words were required. The smile told me he was enjoying the Reiki.

He closed his eyes and drifted back into a state of deep relaxation again.

I felt grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of Reiki with an individual who is constantly giving to others in need of his services.

As I worked my way through the chakras, I noticed that his shoulders and some other chakras needed extra attention. However, overall, the energy flowed easily and he received all of it with zero resistance. When the session was done, he got up feeling energized and rejuvenated.

One of the gifts of Reiki is being able to share it with those we love and cherish the most.

I have been offering Reiki to my family and friends for years now and I must say those have been among the best sessions. I feel this is because there is an already established exchange of love with the people we are closest to. Sharing Reiki seems to make that bond of love even stronger.

What are your experiences of offering Reiki to those you love? I would love to hear from you!