womb healing

Why Heal The Womb?

Wounds of the Womb – especially those related to one’s emotions and sexuality run deep.

These wounds do not constrict the sacral chakra alone but also impact several other chakras.

Lomg-standing and unhealed grief, anger, and resentment shrink the heart chakra.

If someone believes their sexuality is sinful, fulfilling their sexual needs can bring on guilt. Guilt in turn closes the heart.

If someone has been sexually violated, there is pain and shame. These close the heart. Abuse can also bring on feelings of stress and anxiety and block the root chakra.

Sexual abuse also means that someone has been stripped of their power. This blocks the solar plexus.

If someone is not allowed to express their creative energies, it can block the throat.

And so on…

Wounds develop over years (if not lifetimes) and take up a lot of space within one’s energy field. Left unhealed, they have a draining effect on the aura.

This can block an individual from blossoming to their complete potential.

When we heal the womb, we heal some of the deepest wounds we may be carrying – wounds not restricted to the womb alone but ones that have spread and also impacted several other chakras.

Healing the womb automatically frees up several other energy centres.

And this in turn frees us up to live at our highest potential.

This is the promise of the ‘Womb Healing Journey.’

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