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Energy Healing Is A Two Way Process

“Let me tune in to your energy before I can say anything.”

“Can you tell me how you are feeling?”

“Let’s just go with the flow and see what shows up for you.”

“Let’s not go against the flow for now. Difficult as it may be, let everything be as it is. Let’s revisit this problem after some time.”

“Whatever is for your highest good is what you can expect from this session.”

“Can we let go and surrender completely to the energy? Let’s allow it to do its work.”

“Breathe energy into every cell in your body.”

“Something doesn’t feel right. The energy feels off. Let’s go deeper and see what comes up.”

“Looks like you’ve absorbed some negative energy. Can you work on clearing it?”

“You’re all high vibe today!”

Most healers are familiar with this kind of ‘Energy Talk.’ After a point in time, it begins to feel natural to talk like this!

I have been offering Reiki sessions for the last 14 years and have worked with a variety of clients. The most memorable sessions amongst these have been the ones I’ve done for other experienced energy healers and also for people who may not be trained energy healers but have had a fair amount of exposure to energy-based healing therapies.

The reasons being-

  1. It is an absolute joy to converse freely with them in ‘Energy Language’ and not have them look at you like – “Have you gone nuts?!”
  2. It is also easier to give them feedback because they know and understand the subtleties of energy work and are well aware of its potential as well as limitations. They don’t expect miracles and magic from the healer, and are ready to do their part to find solutions.

Energy healing, like all other forms of healing, is a two-way process. It’s not about the healer doing something to make a client’s problems disappear. Healers can only offer support by facilitating the process of healing and showing the light.

Barring a few exceptions, recipients of healing are not meant to be passive. They are expected to open their eyes, recognise the light, be in charge and make every effort possible to move in the direction of light. Only then is true healing possible.

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A Message From A Butterfly

I was in a meeting when I had a weird sensation in my head.

It felt like I was conscious of the world around me, yet looking through a haze.

It was a routine school day in 2008. I had just said goodbye to the children in my class and was in a meeting with a co-teacher when these uncomfortable sensations kicked in.

Thankfully, the discussion ended soon and I packed my bag to leave.

I wanted to call Suraj. But I knew he had a long surgery scheduled that day. And unless things got out of hand, I didn’t wish to disturb him while he was operating.   

I headed straight home. I thought eating lunch and resting at home would help me feel better.

But the funny feeling got worse, in spite of being in the comfort of home.

“Something is seriously wrong,” I said to myself.

My mind raced with thoughts and worst-case scenarios popped into my head.

“What if I collapse? There’s no one around to help me! The neighbours are all at work”

“Gosh! What if I die by the time someone realises I need help and takes me to hospital? Oh my God! What do I do now?”

My heart began to pound.

At that moment, I remembered the times during our courtship days when I had waited for Suraj at the hospital. I mostly waited outside the Emergency Room (ER) of the hospital, as it offered comfortable seating under a canopy of trees. Every time I sat there, I observed the activity outside the ER with tremendous interest. I saw cars, auto-rickshaws, and ambulances bringing in sick, unconscious, and injured people every few minutes.

“That’s it!” I said to myself, “The area outside the ER may be the safest place for me to be right now! In case things get worse, I am certain to get some help.”

I sent a text message to Suraj describing what I was going through. I informed him I would be waiting outside the ER until he was free to come and see me.

I rushed to the hospital in fear, praying nothing would happen to me on the way!

I reached safely and found myself a comfortable place to sit underneath the canopy. As I waited, my body was on high alert, ready to run into the ER should my condition deteriorate!

I didn’t get better. But I didn’t get worse either. So, I didn’t feel the need to run in and continued to wait outside!

An hour later, I saw Suraj walking out of the building adjacent to the ER and heaved a sigh of relief.

From his smile, I knew he had read my text message. But I was surprised he didn’t look one bit anxious.

Cool as a cucumber, he came up to me and said, “Did you take your medicine this morning?”

I was on a course of medication for a suspected bacterial throat infection.

I said, “Yes.”

“Did you take the correct pill?” he said.

“Yes. I suppose so,” I said, feeling bewildered, “But why do you ask?”

He checked my pulse and said, “I’ll tell you. Come on, let’s go home.”

I was shocked to hear this and said angrily, “What? I’ve been feeling awful! Something is terribly wrong. I am not going anywhere until I am evaluated thoroughly and declared fine!”

“You ARE fine. I am telling you” he said, “Come on.”

I was frustrated. I felt like he wasn’t taking my symptoms seriously.

I insisted, “How can you dismiss my problem so casually? Don’t you believe me when I say I am seriously unwell?”

“You are NOT seriously unwell. Let’s go home,” he said reassuringly.

I wasn’t convinced but I was left with no choice but to go home.

Once we were home, he checked on the medicines I had been prescribed and waved them at me.

“This is the culprit,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I said, going closer.

“You’ve taken the wrong pill this morning,” he went on, pointing at a strip of pills, “This one was supposed to be taken just once last night. Remember?”

“And this other one was for the morning,” he said, pointing at another strip, “You’ve missed this and taken a second dose of last night’s pill. That’s why the funny feeling in your head.”

When I inspected the medicine, I saw for myself that I had made a mistake. I had been in a hurry that morning and ended up being reckless.

“Oh,” I said, feeling relieved despite my irritation, ”Is that all?”

“Yes,” he said, “Go, get some sleep. You’ll be fine when you wake up.”

I decided not to second guess my symptoms anymore and to trust him instead.  I followed his simple advice and slept soundly for a good two hours.

And sure enough, when I awoke, the unease had disappeared!

My vision was clear and my head felt normal.

I walked out of my room and saw Suraj in the kitchen.

“So, how are you?” he said, looking amused.

“I’m feeling fine,” I said and smiled.

“You’re just in time. I am making tea. Would you like some?” he said.

“Oh yes! I’d love some. Thank you,” I said.

As we sipped tea in the balcony, I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t trust you when you said there was nothing wrong with me. It’s just that I was so scared. I’ve never experienced something like this before and I thought something was seriously off.”

“It’s alright. I understand,” he said.

“But tell me,” I said, “How were you so certain that nothing was wrong?”

“Well, I know your medical background – healthy young woman, no underlying health issues, pulse was fine, face wasn’t flushed, just recovering from an infection, on a pill to decongest the throat, which in excess doses can have unpleasant side effects and multiple other observations of a similar nature. Often, medical evaluation happens in a fraction of a second, especially when we know the patient well.”

“I see. That’s pretty remarkable,” I said, nodding my head, “I didn’t know evaluation could be that quick!”

“Medicine is not just a science,” he said and smiled, “It’s an art too.”

“Yes. Makes sense,” I said.

At that moment, I noticed a yellow butterfly sitting on a potted plant near my feet.

To me, the butterfly is symbolic of lightness, positive change, and transformation.

I knew I had something to learn from this incident.

I whispered to the soul of the butterfly, “What message do you bring, beautiful soul?”

And I heard in my heart –

“Release the need to be in control always. Allow others to take the lead when necessary and trust the path that they show. Lighten your load. Life is built on trust, dear one.”  

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When Your Journal Becomes Your Healer

“I have within me the power to be a strong individual, irrespective of the external forces that seem to disturb my equilibrium so often. I want to be happy and I will be happy, no matter what, for life is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Birds, bees, trees, flowers, clouds, wind, rain – all of these give me a sense of tranquility. Divine, give me the strength to bear the many pains in my life. Kindly give me strength.”

These are words I wrote in my journal in the February of 2007.

My life until August of 2007 was filled with challenges. I was constantly being tossed from one struggle to the next. And I had gotten so used to living this way that it came as no surprise to me when one challenge ended and a new one began!

My grandmother had been a primary source of unconditional love and stability in my life. However, life turned out such that my relationship with her could not be sustained and I was left with a void in my heart that no other adult could fill.

My assessment is that this void was the root cause of many of my troubles.

However, I like to be kind to myself. After all, what could I have done as a child or teenager? How much autonomy or wisdom did I have? Almost nothing.

How could anybody have given to me what they didn’t have within them? Once I set foot on the healing path, I realized that if I had to be free and move forward in life, I had to forgive and release many people. And I did that to the best of my ability.

The silver lining is that years of turbulence transformed me into an empowered individual, who is also able to support others in difficulty today.

My journal was a constant presence through my struggles.

In my early twenties, it became my best friend and healer. I could share my heart and soul with it, with no fear of judgment.

I also felt a sense of deep release after putting my troublesome feelings down on paper. In addition, I developed the inner strength to take charge of my life, constantly assess how I was faring, and take practical steps to create a better life.

And I see how far this practice has brought me. It undoubtedly was one among a few other healing modalities that literally turned my life around!

The process of writing can be extremely healing. You have to experience it to understand the benefits.

If you feel called to write, I would like to cheer you on!

Gift yourself a beautiful journal, pick up that pen and start writing today.

You can use an online platform too. But I would highly recommend writing with a pen, at least at times. The feeling of jotting down your thoughts in your own unique handwriting is worth experiencing!

One beautiful morning in the January of 2008, almost a year after writing that I choose to believe life is beautiful and asking the Universe for help, I sat down to write again.

I quickly read through everything I had written in 2007 and made a new entry-

“Whew! When I look back at my life and my writing, I am shocked. Despite all the odds, I managed to believe that life is beautiful. Thank God for that! Life is undoubtedly beautiful. Everything has changed! Every single thing, including my handwriting! I am so grateful to the Universe. I am proud of myself. I have fought it out and emerged a stronger young lady than ever before! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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Movies & TV Shows That Heal : Bangalore Days

We recently watched the Malayalam movie Bangalore Days on Netflix (with the help of subtitles).

The story revolves around three cousins (two boys and a girl) who share a great rapport.

Living in Bangalore is their shared dream and circumstances pave way for each of them to move to the Garden City.

Each of them has a unique history and personal baggage to deal with.

The life experiences they have in Bangalore force each of them to confront their inner demons, get in touch with who they really are, and build a new life.

It is a feel-good movie that tugs at the heartstrings, while also making you laugh!

What made it even more special was the fact that it was based in Bengaluru.

It was a treat to watch Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, Vidhana Soudha, Commercial Street, City Market, Rasta Cafe, Vikram Hospital, Radio Indigo, NICE Road, and the many malls and IT parks of Bengaluru come alive on screen!

When one of their mothers pays a visit to Bengaluru, the first thing she says is, “It’s so cold!”

That made me reflect on how blessed we are to enjoy Bengaluru’s amazing weather – where just a couple of rain showers transform the city instantly into a hill station!

I love the cosmopolitan nature of this city and the accomodating nature of the people.

Though my ancestors had their roots in Maharashtra, Bengaluru has been home to them for at least a century now. I was born and brought up here and I have always felt like one among the locals here. Kannada is also our mother tongue now. And I love being a Kannadiga!

Though I have seen and experienced life in other places, I have always smiled and heaved a sigh of relief when we returned to Namma Bengaluru. This city, even with its perpetual potholes and maddening traffic, will always have a special place in my heart!

Highly recommend this movie, more so if you are a Bengaluru lover!


The Best Things Happen When You Least Expect Them

We were on a stroll through the city, when it began to pour.

It was around 7:30 p.m.

Suraj pointed at a well-lit juice bar and said, “Let’s wait there until the rain stops.”

The juice bar was a cosy little space stocked with a variety of fresh fruits – oranges, grapes, musk melons, apples, mangoes, pineapples, watermelons, and more.

Two plump men sat together inside and chatted away. From their body language, I guessed one was the owner of the place and another his friend.

Their gaze was fixed on the road.

Apart from watching the rain, it seemed like they were waiting for someone.

Suraj said, “Looks like they are waiting for a customer to walk in and ask for juice.”

I smiled when he said this, thinking it was meant to be humorous!

 But what we heard next confirmed his statement was true.

“Business was good until the rains began,” said the man who I assumed was the owner, “The summer was harsh and customers came in throughout the day. But it’s not been too good the last few days.”

His friend nodded empathetically and said, “We’re all in the same boat, aren’t we? Nothing is guaranteed in life.”

“Yes. But, you know what? I never worry,” said the owner, “Ask me why.”

“Why?” said his friend in a lazy tone of voice.

The owner replied, “When I was ten years old, my grandmother and I were walking in the fields late one night. She pointed at the star-studded sky and said – Son, promise me, no matter where life takes you, you shall trust that you will be cared for by a force much bigger than you. Your only job is to do your best with what you have. The rest is up to God. Don’t stop taking action. Don’t stop trusting. Can you do that for me?”

His friend didn’t comment.

“And to be honest, I do receive everything I need,” he went on, not bothered by his friend’s lukewarm response “I may not get as much as I would like today. Or even tomorrow. But eventually, I do get exactly how much I need. I continue to do my work and thereafter surrender my efforts to the greater force.”

“Well, good for you,” said the friend, sounding neutral.

The owner laughed, got up, and walked towards the counter.

He opened a crate of fresh mangoes and began to arrange them.

He picked up each mango with loving attention and held it softly for a couple of seconds, before placing it down.

It felt like he was in love with the fruits and with his work – never mind if there were customers or no customers!

After arranging the mangoes, he looked at the clock and said to his friend,  “Looks like work is done for the day. I will wind up. Would you like me to drop you home?”

“Yes, please,” replied his friend, who was busy checking his phone now.

Suddenly, a young man dressed in party wear, rushed into the shop, partly drenched and breathless.

“Sir, are you closing? Please, can I have some juice,” he said, “Takeaway please.” 

“Oh, sure,” said the owner, “Which one would you like?”

“Five of watermelon, ten of mango, six of grapes, two of musk melon, three of apple, and seven of pineapple,” he read from a sheet and handed over the list to the owner.

The owner looked astounded and mumbled, “Yes. Yes, of course.”  

His friend looked even more astounded and put his phone away!

Suraj and I also looked at each other and smiled. After what we had just heard, we felt happy for the owner!

The owner said to his friend, “Can you help me?”

The friend said, “Right away,” and got off his chair hurriedly.  

He had seemed so lazy all this while. But now he seemed to have received a sudden burst of energy and began working ardently alongside his friend.

33 cups of juice were packed and ready for takeaway in a span of fifteen minutes!

The man paid the owner and dashed out of the store.

The owner held the money between his palms, looked up, and closed his eyes.  

I guessed he must have expressed gratitude to his grandmother and to the Universe!

The happenings of the evening left my tummy hungry for juice and my soul hungry for more time in this happy place!

Suraj and I ordered some juice too. We were the last customers of the day!

It stopped raining by the time we finished our juice.

I was happy to pay for the refreshing juice made by a person who dearly loved and cared for his fruits and his work.

As he handed us our bill, I whispered silently to his soul, “Happy to have crossed paths with you, Sir. May you be abundant always!”

This evening reinforced my personal belief that we must do our work without attachment to the outcome, and that everything we need (and more) will be provided to us along the wa

Very often, the best things happen when we least expect them.

Or when we don’t care if they do happen or not!

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The Gift Of ‘Seeing’ Yourself & Others

You are walking through a forest on another planet.

The trees are so huge you appear like a dwarf standing beside them.

The butterflies look bigger, brighter, and fly faster than on Earth.

The flowers emanate an intoxicating sweet scent, unlike anything you have smelt before.

Every animal that passes by smiles and greets you in native vocabulary. Never mind that you cannot talk back!

You reach the end of the forest and a pristine lake appears.

The water appears golden in colour and shimmers beautifully in the light of the setting sun.

This planet’s sun looks like a sphere made of glittering diamonds and radiates a pinkish golden light.

You dip your toes in the golden water and immediately feel a sense of peace infusing your body and mind.

An animal that looks like a bunny rabbit appears with a plate full of food that looks like fruit. She hands the plate to you and hops away.

You take a bite. The flavour and freshness of the fruit leave your taste buds tingling!

“What is this paradise of a planet I have landed on?” you say aloud to yourself, “I have never seen such beauty and uniqueness before!”

The bunny appears again, smiles, and sits beside you.

She says to you, “Do you remember a time when you were five years old? You were sitting by a lake on your planet Earth and you spoke to a rabbit passing by?”

You nod in surprise!

“Yes, I do remember,” you say, “But how do you know that?”

“That was me. I was on a tour of your planet back then, like you are on mine right now,” says the rabbit.

You stare open-mouthed!

“You sat with me for a few minutes, patted me on the head, and said you thought I was beautiful,” continued the rabbit, “And I truly felt seen by you at that moment.”

You are so stunned by the rabbit’s revelation, you wonder if it’s all a dream!

You pinch yourself and realise it’s real.

“You know what? says the rabbit and smiles, “I thought you were so beautiful and so was everything on your bluish-green planet! I had never seen anything like that before,”

It dawns on you that you are so accustomed to Earth that the miracles there don’t appear miraculous anymore! However, planet Earth seemed mesmersing to the rabbit, much like her planet appeared to you.

You are deeply moved by this conversation with the wise rabbit. You turn to face her and look into her eyes.

In this state of heightened awareness, you are able to see past her ‘cuteness’ as a bunny. You sense a deeper story hidden in her big bright brown eyes.

At this moment, an Angel appears before you both and says-

Each of you is unique, much like the majestic blue oceans on Earth or the expansive golden lakes on this planet.

But you get so used to the uniqueness – in yourself or in others – that you stop noticing it after a while.

When you see another person for who they are, your ego dissolves.

And I mean truly see someone, not just with your eyes, but with your heart and soul.

And when you see yourself in the same manner, your experience of self shifts to a new level.

And you say to the bunny, “I see you, dear one. I see ALL of you – your story, your joys, your struggles, your strengths, your limitations, your wisdom, and the unique gifts you bring to existence.”

And the bunny says, “I see you too, dear soul. I see ALL of you – your intelligence, your emotions, your creations, your setbacks, your victories, and all the blessings you bring to existence. I bow to the unique being that you are.”

The two of you continue to see and feel into each other’s beings. And this moment is etched eternally into your consciousness.

A week later, you find yourself back on Earth, seated in your backyard, when a dragonfly appears. You smile and see it with new eyes. You see it fully and completely – a unique creation of the Universe.

Your child comes running to sit beside you. You look into her eyes and see her in a whole new light. You see her innocence, playfulness, creativity, mischief, tantrums, love, and everything that makes her who she is.

Your spouse comes home after work. You see him through your heart. You see someone who works hard to provide, loves with his soul, and does a zillion things to see you happy. You also see his troubles, and his shortcomings. But they don’t bother you anymore because your vision now operates on a totally different frequency.

Besides, who amongst us is perfect?

The beauty of life is in the mixture of perfection and imperfection blended together.

And finally, you look in the mirror and see the person you most need to see – yourself!

See the magic in you! See the magic in others!

See the magic all around you!

Seeing someone for who they are is one of the best gifts we can give to another.

And seeing yourself for who you truly are – try it to know what happens!

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Life Lessons From The Divine Masculine

I am impressed by a superpower that many men seem to possess.

This power is not related to their physical strength, machoism, wealth, or status.

It is their ability to-

  1. Be good friends with other males despite disagreements and clashes
  2. Not read too much into another person’s behaviour and to take life at face value

I won’t say all men operate this way but a fairly good number of them do.

Neither will I say women are not like this because many of them are.

However, in my own circles, I have seen more men with ‘bindaas’ (carefree) attitudes, as compared to women. Here I speak only for myself and my observations.

It is not always easy for a woman (including me) to clash with another woman and to instantly feel like nothing ever happened! Many of us women tend to read a bit too much into situations and are also more likely to take another person’s negative behaviour to heart. More often than not, squabbles create at least a temporary distance between women. We may work through our emotions and eventually reconnect as friends. But it usually takes time.

When my husband shares stories of conflicts he has with friends or colleagues, I am, at times, more upset with his friends than he!

He is able to let go easily and can bond with a friend over coffee right after a tiff!

And when I ask, “How can you both enjoy coffee together after what happened? Didn’t it bother you at all? Don’t you need some time to process the incident before you interact with him again?” –

He shrugs and says, “No. What has that got to do with our equation as friends?”

I am mighty impressed by this easygoing attitude, for it doesn’t come naturally to me. I am trying to practise being this way for I know it can make life way easier.

Another example is in the area of invitations to social events and gatherings. More women I know are particular about receiving personal invites from hosts while many men seem to be ok with receiving an informal message as an invite or even with having another member of the family pass on the message.

Tones, choice of words, facial expressions of other people – I know more women who are bothered by these than men. Most men I know either don’t notice these details or even if they do, it just doesn’t feel like a big deal to them. There are positives and negatives to not noticing subtle cues, but here we are focusing only on the positive aspects of it – such as not draining our energy in the process of analysing others’ body language.

These are just observations of different ways of being and operating. No judgment on what is right or wrong. I completely accept myself as I am and encourage everyone to do the same. But, sometimes, learning new attitudes and ways of being from those around us can also help!

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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is my personal ‘mentor energy’ for writing and creative expression.

I prefer to allow my writing to flow freely rather than think it through in my head.

Incidentally, when it flows is when it seems to be most powerful too.

If you wish to tap into the creator in you and kickstart a journey in creative expression, try connecting to Archangel Gabriel.

You may use this invocation if you wish to.

Dear Archangel Gabriel,

With deep gratitude, I now receive the radiance of your creative light.

I breathe it into every cell in my body and every chakra in my energy system.

I allow the ‘Light of the Creator Energy’ to work through me and to make me a channel for the highest creative expression.

May the words I speak and write heal hearts and uplift souls.

May all my energy be focused on the process of creation.

May I be free from attachment to the outcome.

May all cords binding me to the results of my efforts or to expectations of any kind be dissolved.

May I be free.

May I be free.

May I be free.

In this state of freeness, I am a crystal clear channel and all my energy can be directed towards the accomplishment of the Higher Goal.

May the Light empower the mind and heart to work in sync.

And for the hand to move with ease

So, the words that are spun may bring love and healing.

Thank you!

This is an image of a surgery in a blog post on emotional intelligence and sensitivity by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master
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When All You Need Is An Angel

“Something’s wrong,” said the radiologist, sounding alarmed as she moved the ultrasound scanner over my womb.

My heart almost skipped a beat.

“I see a problem with the foetus,” she went on.

Seeing how anxious she was, my heart began to beat even faster.

Suraj, being a doctor, and her colleague, the radiologist explained something to him using medical terminology and told us to go meet my obstetrician immediately.

I was disturbed by how the radiologist had panicked. She probably didn’t realise that her panicking would rub off negatively on me.

I said to Suraj, “Is that how bad news is conveyed to a patient? Isn’t there a more professional and sensitive way to do so?”

But there was no time to discuss this, as the medical problem at hand needed more attention than my inner turmoil at that moment.

The obstetrician checked on me, and while I was still in the examination area behind a curtain, she returned to her desk and began to explain the problem to Suraj.

By then I had had enough!

I was really angry.

“Suraj may be a doctor and the baby’s father. But I am your patient and I am carrying the baby. So, doctor, I have every right to be part of this conversation and to hear from you directly about what is going on here!” I blurted out angrily in my mind.

But I didn’t wish to make a scene. So, I just announced I was feeling anxious and joined her at the desk.

It’s not like I couldn’t hear what was being said on the other side of the curtain. So I never could understand why the obstetrician chose to speak only with Suraj.

When l went into labour, another traumatic episode commenced.

While I struggled in pain, I could hear the nurses laughing and chatting away in the adjacent room. They came in only when they had to check if everything was progressing alright, medically speaking. They may have been used to seeing labouring women day and night, but to the women in pain, labour is not an everyday occurrence. What I most needed at that time was for someone to comfort me a bit, more so because the baby wouldn’t make it.

The only positive in this situation was that my endangered life was saved through timely intervention – thanks to advances in modern medicine and to the skill of all the treating doctors. They may not have been the best at connecting to the ‘human’ in me but they were certainly competent otherwise. And I shall remain forever grateful for that.

When the ordeal was done and I woke up the next morning, I saw a kind young face peering down at me. She was dressed in white and I realised she was a nurse. She adjusted my blanket, stroked my forehead, and comforted me with a few kind words. And I thought to myself, “Here comes an Angel. I really needed to meet one. I wish you had been here last night. But I’m happy to meet you nonetheless. Thank you, God!”

A year after this incident, I landed in the hospital again – this time for the surgical removal of a mole on my face.

This growth on the skin was harmless and I could have just let it be. However, I chose to have it removed.

The surgery was a minor one performed by a senior plastic surgeon under local anaesthesia.

For this super simple procedure, I wasn’t expecting the surgeon to explain much to me or for anyone to comfort me during the surgery! However, this experience turned out to be diametrically opposite to the pregnancy.

This surgeon overlooked the fact that Suraj was present during the consultation and that the two of them were colleagues. He gave me my rightful place as the patient and took enough time to explain the treatment plan to me in layman’s terms.

On the day of the surgery, he walked into the operation theatre with a warm smile – not just for me but for all the staff waiting to assist him.

His calm demeanour put me at ease instantly.

He spoke to me gently and went to great lengths to ensure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. He spoke with much respect and dignity to the theatre nurses and to all the other staff too.

And I was like, “Wow! What a lovely energy! Life is strange though. I could have sailed through this cosmetic procedure without any reassurance. Neither am I afraid, nor in pain or shock. Yet, here is someone going out of his way to keep me comfortable. I needed mental and emotional support during the nightmarish pregnancy and labour. But except for that kind nurse I briefly interacted with, no one in that team was equipped to give it. I wish this gem of a plastic surgeon was a radiologist and obstetrician too! If I had someone like this on my case last year, it would have made that challenge way easier to get through.”

Some people seem to innately know how to connect to the ‘human’ in others, while others need to learn these skills.

The energy someone radiates makes a huge difference – at least to people like me.

I don’t expect life to be all roses but when we encounter thorns, having an Angel around certainly makes the thorns hurt less.

This is an image of a baby and a mother's hand in a blog post on Mama Energy by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

Receiving Mama Energy

The nurturing touch of the mother,

The bubble of safety she offers,

Her sweet scent and comforting lap,

Mama, Amma, Ma, Mom, or Mum – the Feminine motherly force that every one of us sought solace in as children.

Some of us may have had a great relationship with our mothers, while some of us may not have. Yet others amongst us may have grown up without a mother.

The mother’s energy plays a pivotal role in our development as human beings. It builds a sense of safety, strength, stability and trust within us.

But what happens when you may not have received enough Mama energy for some reason?

The bitter truth is that it leaves a void in your heart.

A void that leaves you yearning for Mama.

A void you just learn to accept and live with.

I feel happy when women who are old enough to be my mother talk to me.

My heart soars with joy when they smile and talk to me like they care.

I automatically tune in to the Mama energy they radiate and receive it with gratitude.

They may not be my biological mother, yet the motherly energy they emanate is the same. So, biology doesn’t matter.

I also try to connect to the Divine Mother in her myriad forms to receive my dose of Mama Energy.

Shakti, Mother Mary, or Mama Earth herself – I see all of them as Cosmic Mamas and connect to them whenever I crave Mama Energy.

I believe I (and all of us) deserve to receive the nurturing energy of the Mother. Mama energy gives me immense strength in my weak moments and cheers me on in my empowered moments.

Being a mother myself, I see how my children come to me every now and then to receive their dose of Mama Energy. If I am lost in my own world and don’t heed their signals, they act in ways that make sure their demands are heard! My little one screams and brings the roof down until I pick her up and hold her close to me for a few minutes. My older one sulks and insists he would like me to sit with him or give him a hug. My heart melts when my children claim their dose of Mama energy with no hesitation whatsoever. So, I drop whatever I am doing and give them what they seek.

If I can hear the cries of my children and respond to them, why wouldn’t the Divine Mother hear my cries? Or any of our cries?

She may not hug us physically. But if we are open enough and trust in the process, we may sense her motherly energy warming our hearts.

We may think we are big and strong people that don’t need Mama anymore.

But, if we are honest with ourselves, we will see that almost all of us crave Mama energy – some of us need it more, some less.

The Mother will remain integral to our existence, no matter how old we may be.

And if for some reason we cannot connect to our human Mamas, we always have Divine Mama to embrace!