This is an image of a baby and a mother's hand in a blog post on Mama Energy by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

Receiving Mama Energy

The nurturing touch of the mother,

The bubble of safety she offers,

Her sweet scent and comforting lap,

Mama, Amma, Ma, Mom, or Mum – the Feminine motherly force that every one of us sought solace in as children.

Some of us may have had a great relationship with our mothers, while some of us may not have. Yet others amongst us may have grown up without a mother.

The mother’s energy plays a pivotal role in our development as human beings. It builds a sense of safety, strength, stability and trust within us.

But what happens when you may not have received enough Mama energy for some reason?

The bitter truth is that it leaves a void in your heart.

A void that leaves you yearning for Mama.

A void you just learn to accept and live with.

I feel happy when women who are old enough to be my mother talk to me.

My heart soars with joy when they smile and talk to me like they care.

I automatically tune in to the Mama energy they radiate and receive it with gratitude.

They may not be my biological mother, yet the motherly energy they emanate is the same. So, biology doesn’t matter.

I also try to connect to the Divine Mother in her myriad forms to receive my dose of Mama Energy.

Shakti, Mother Mary, or Mama Earth herself – I see all of them as Cosmic Mamas and connect to them whenever I crave Mama Energy.

I believe I (and all of us) deserve to receive the nurturing energy of the Mother. Mama energy gives me immense strength in my weak moments and cheers me on in my empowered moments.

Being a mother myself, I see how my children come to me every now and then to receive their dose of Mama Energy. If I am lost in my own world and don’t heed their signals, they act in ways that make sure their demands are heard! My little one screams and brings the roof down until I pick her up and hold her close to me for a few minutes. My older one sulks and insists he would like me to sit with him or give him a hug. My heart melts when my children claim their dose of Mama energy with no hesitation whatsoever. So, I drop whatever I am doing and give them what they seek.

If I can hear the cries of my children and respond to them, why wouldn’t the Divine Mother hear my cries? Or any of our cries?

She may not hug us physically. But if we are open enough and trust in the process, we may sense her motherly energy warming our hearts.

We may think we are big and strong people that don’t need Mama anymore.

But, if we are honest with ourselves, we will see that almost all of us crave Mama energy – some of us need it more, some less.

The Mother will remain integral to our existence, no matter how old we may be.

And if for some reason we cannot connect to our human Mamas, we always have Divine Mama to embrace!

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