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Energy Works In Mysterious Ways

I love the mysterious ways in which energy works.

In the years 2006-2007, I often traveled past a hospital in Bangalore.

Every time I passed by the hospital, my attention was drawn to that space and I found myself looking at it until I passed the entire stretch it occupied. I felt a sense of peace when I saw it.

When I met Suraj in 2007, he told me he worked for that hospital and had been there since 2006.


Not sure.

I believe we have ways of picking up on certain vibes, without knowing immediately what they may mean.

Similarly, exactly a week before I met Suraj, I was walking out of home, while he was entering an office space adjacent to my home for some work.

And how do I know this?

When I met him the following week, he offered to drop me back home. And when he saw where I lived, he told me he had been right next door exactly a week back. And when we traced this even further back in time, we realised that the time I walked out and he walked in was almost the same!

I loved a buzzing neighbourhood in our city and often dreamt of living there someday. At the same time, I also loved coffee plantations and the solitude of nature. Post our marriage, circumstances got us to move into this neighbourhood I always dreamt of living in. And a year after living in an apartment, we were offered accommodation at the residential campus of the hospital located in the same neighbourhood.

And guess what?

This campus, despite being bang in the middle of the city, was Paradise On Earth. It was lush green and had varieties of exotic trees and birds. Things began to feel even more magical when I discovered that the house we were allotted also had a coffee plant in its backyard! The doctor who had stayed there prior to us hailed from a plantation family. So, he planted the coffee, apart from several other beautiful plants and trees, including an orange tree!

I can create a long list of such sweetly mysterious experiences that I have had.

However, I will stop at this.

Sure, it may all just be a string of coincidences. Even assuming it is nothing more than coincidence, I think it still is pretty amazing!

I personally believe we attract whatever matches our vibe and our deepest desires, and that if we look close enough, we will see an invisible thread of energy running between us and everything that is in our life.

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When All You Can Do Is Surrender To The Divine

Every time I pass by a construction site, I see a couple of four-year-old girls and a one year old baby girl playing together. As is a common scene on Indian construction sites, the parents work at the site and are mostly indoors, while their children are most often outdoors by themselves.

These little girls smile and greet me whenever I walk past. I feel really happy when I see their smiling faces, yet a part of me feels anxious.

The hard truth is that it is not always a safe world out there. Even children as young as one and four are not spared at times.

Every time I see these little girls, I say a silent prayer, ” Dear God, please let these little ones be safe. They are so trusting and innocent. I don’t want any predator male to lay his ugly eyes or hands on their tender innocent beings.”

I don’t usually prefer to use strong words like ‘ugly.’ But, sometimes, the human in me feels the pain of the Collective Feminine that has been violated over centuries and wants to have a voice. So, I give in and let it be. After allowing her to express her anger, I switch back to neutral.

Women’s safety in this world has become a concern for me, more so after becoming a mother to a daughter.

And there is a constant tug of war between the Human Me and the Soul Me.

The Human Me is shocked, pained, and disgusted every time I hear of a woman or child that was sexually violated.

And the Soul Me is more neutral, knowing that both light and darkness are part of this world at the moment. And while things are certainly getting better, we still have a long way to go as a species. The Soul Me reminds the Human Me that drowning in pain and worry does nothing constructive to help make the world a better place.

So, then I say, ” Alright. So, show me what I must do so I can be more constructive in bringing about positive change.”

Sure, I can write more on this topic and hope it will help contribute in some way towards greater sensitisation.

But will it reach those who most need to be sensitised – the perpetrators of sexual crimes?

Followed by those who may not engage in crime yet have perverted tendencies that can be damaging in less brutal ways?

And even if it does reach them, will it have any impact at all?

What should I do?

What should I do?

What should I do?

I have often been plagued by this question.

I am at a point where I feel called to do something yet don’t know what exactly I must do.

Hence, I have decided to surrender my struggle to the Divine, trusting that if I am meant to effect positive change in this area, I will be shown the right avenues.

And today, my prayer is just this-

Dear Divine,

Please use me as an instrument of Light and help me serve this cause in whatever way may be best.

Please help me stay neutral so I can channel more energy into positive action rather than let it all dissipate in negativity.

Lead me to the right avenues.

Open some big doors.

You know what my strengths and talents are. Please help me put them to the best use in service to the Divine Feminine.

Please help me channel my energy to bring in higher consciousness, which appears to be the best solution to many problems we face as a society.

I surrender and let go of all the anxiety and struggle.

I trust that when the inner calling is strong enough, I will be shown the way and the Light in perfect timing.

In deep gratitude

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Places With Great Vibes: Phoenix, Arizona

Hills and palm trees wherever I looked.

A quaint little cafe that whipped up unique meals packed with taste and nutrition.

The large window in the housing complex that offered a breathtaking view of flights landing at the airport nearby.

This was at Phoenix, Arizona in March 2014.

The vibe at this city felt healing and comforting. And I felt at peace.

I was doing plenty of inner child work on myself back then. The time spent at Phoenix helped me to integrate this healing even deeper. Apart from helping my inner child, the healing that occurred during this visit also helped me become a more conscious parent to my son who was just two years old at that time. I sensed a big positive shift within me upon returning to India.

Some years later, I got to know that Arizona ( Sedona in particular) is considered to be a spiritual power spot.

I am not certain if the energy there also played a role in my healing. But considering that energy works in mysterious ways and I did get a wonderful feeling there, I would like to believe that the energy of the land contributed to my growth in some little way!

Over the years, I have noticed that being in certain places feels healing. And it isn’t always a spiritual power spot or someplace in nature. It could even be a random cafe, airport, or street. Some places just feel so wonderful and the logical mind has no clue why! During such times, soaking in the vibes with gratitude and allowing the experience to unfold without necessarily understanding it may be best.

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Tired & Sleepy? – I See You

Before becoming a mother, I often wondered why my friends with young children seemed to hesitate when I proposed certain plans – plans that required them to step out of home with their tiny tots.

Most of them thought twice before committing to any activity.

I thought they were being overly fussy and making a big deal of nothing.

However, now that I am also a mom to two children, I am able to empathise with all moms and dads.

In hindsight, it feels like my son was easy to care for (it didn’t feel so when he was little!). He relished any meal we whipped up for him and slept soundly through most nights. I didn’t realise what huge blessings those were until my daughter arrived!

My little Miss is a picky eater and a light sleeper.

She is a toddler now. Yet she awakens at odd hours of the night and ensures all of us are up with her as well!

As a result, I always feel like I am sleep-deprived and snooze frequently through the day.

And when someone proposes an outdoor activity, I hesitate too.

Outings for a couple of hours within the city feel manageable. But if it requires that we travel with food, milk, a pile of clothes, and an energetic toddler, my body begins to ache even before the trip!

The thought of going on holiday and not being able to enjoy quality sleep feels challenging.

I’d rather enjoy time with my little angel in the comfort of home.

I know this is a temporary phase and nights of restful sleep will soon be reality again!

However, I do now completely understand the challenges faced by many mothers and fathers of young children.

I see you ALL.

I know how it feels.

And I’m sorry I didn’t understand .your challenges back then.

Now your children must be more independent and you are most certainly sleeping well through the nights.

I will be there soon too. Hopefully by next year!

Meanwhile, let me make the most of the rewarding aspects of the younger years – playfulness, innocence, hugs, cuddles, and the privilege of Mama being the centre a a child’s world!

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When Schools Turn Into Temples Of Learning

Soft tiny hands that reached out with love,

Big bright eyes that radiated wonder and innocence,

Joyful hearts and playful spirits,

Young children brought delight to my life when I began my journey as an Early Childhood Teacher in 2006.

Over the years, I worked in different kinds of schools – Conventional, Montessori, and Integrated Models.

While I enjoyed every minute spent with the little ones, I was miserable as a teacher.

Most schools did not give teachers the freedom to tailor their lessons to meet the student’s needs.

Free creative expression in children was a big no-no.

In one of the schools I worked at, the management performed a check on the books of the children every term. Based on what was seen in the books, they provided feedback to teachers on their performance as educators.

Lessons had to be taught strictly as per the curriculum and within pre-determined time frames. However, there was a growing awareness in educational circles that children learn in different ways and in their own time. In this light, it didn’t feel right that we continue to impose rigid approaches and timelines upon children. But the system was still evolving and many educators still preferred the old school way of working. So, I couldn’t do much about the scenario in this particular school.

However, I thought some free expression could be allowed at least in areas like art ( more so in the early years). Therefore, I permitted the children in my class the liberty to explore art freely.

If a child chose to colour the sun green instead of yellow, I just let it be!

Very often, the artwork of children appeared vague and illogical. But when I asked them about what they had created and they explained, it made perfect sense.

This approach of mine was not received well by the school.

During one book check season, I was summoned to the principal’s chamber.

“Haripriya, what is this I see in the art books of the children?” said the principal, looking alarmed.

I tried to explain to her the child’s perspective of art. However, she wasn’t convinced.

“We cannot allow this dear. What will happen to the reputation of the school?” she went on.

I was taken aback.

What was she talking about?

Is getting four and five-year year-olds to create picture-perfect artwork a way to build the school’s reputation?

My eyes welled up with tears. I felt like I was going insane.

However, I suppressed my tears and managed to appear normal.

I soon saw that this was the trend in many schools. They all pretended to have adopted new and innovative ways of teaching and learning. But what unfolded within the walls of the classroom was a totally different story.

I reached a point where I began to hate going to school.

I cried at home every evening and told Suraj it was impossible for me to suppress the free spirit and spontaneity of the little ones.

I eventually realised I was done working for the conventional and so-called integrated schools. I moved to a Montessori school. While I wouldn’t say the Montessori schools were perfect, that system felt way better. At least, no one insisted children must colour every tree and apple perfectly!

However, something was still missing…

I often dreamt of a school that prepared children for life, with academics also being an important feature. A school that did not suppress the free spirit of children and allowed them to blossom into the most authentic and empowered version of themselves.

I felt like such a school was out there but that I was yet to discover it.

My colleagues at work often laughed and told me I was living in fantasy land! They didn’t think such a school existed. But I continued to long for such a school. The longing became stronger when I became a mother to an adorable baby boy.

I believe our deepest desires are always granted by the Universe.

Synchronicity came into play and I was led to the school of my dreams!

And our son is part of this amazing learning environment today.

It is a space where-

  1. He learns spellings without ever mugging up a single one. He doesn’t even know the meaning of mugging up yet!
  2. He learns math not like a robot that applies formulas mechanically but through ingenious application that calls for a deeper understanding of numbers.
  3. He explores art with joy and freedom.
  4. His education is so much more than spellings, math and science. It is also about life skills, emotional intelligence and some age-appropriate spiritual grounding. And all this without ever compromising on academic learning.
  5. He is allowed to cry when sad and to reveal his authentic self, without fear of being judged or ridiculed.
  6. He receives unconditional love and acceptance from his teachers.
  7. Teachers embody their role fully and work with the sole objective of helping each child achieve their highest potential.
  8. Feedback for improvement is given in loving and constructive ways, without crushing the spirit of the child or the parents.
  9. And much much more…..

Eventually, our son will move to college and there is no guarantee he will enjoy a similar environment there. At the moment, he insists his goal is to become a doctor like his father. If he feels the same even at 16, he will be required to adapt to other ways of studying. He will also have to be willing to take on a lot more pressure in the form of competitive exams and at least a decade of medical training after that. And preparation for all of this will have to begin well before he turns 16.

However, I believe the well-rounded education he is receiving during these foundational years is empowering him to hold himself steady in the outside world, no matter what career path he chooses. I trust he will carry the strengths he is developing here to build a life of his choice and also to pass them on to others he will be associated with in future.

His journey may not always be easy but it does feel like it would be worth it!

It is my prayer that more and more children receive an education that helps them blossom to their highest potential in body, mind and spirit!

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Modern Medicine & Reiki For Diabetes & Hypertension

“Modern medicine is not advanced enough. It can’t cure my diabetes and hypertension,” she complained.

I was lost for words when she made this statement.

An aunt of mine came to me for a Reiki session way back in 2015.

She was overweight.

She ate unhealthy and processed foods every other day.

She hardly moved her body, forget exercise.

Even after being diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, she didn’t make any effort to adopt healthier lifestyle measures.

And she expected that modern medicine should be advanced enough to cure her!

Talk about not taking responsibility for our own lives and choices.

She looked at Suraj and went on, “You are a doctor. Tell me why I should take medicine for hypertension or diabetes? I am never going to be cured. Isn’t it so? So, what is the point in me popping all those pills every day?”

Suraj said, “Aunty, the medicine may not be able to cure the disease at the moment. But it does help prevent the potential complications of the disease – heart disease, kidney failure, gangrene to name a few. Isn’t that good enough reason for you to take it?”

“But along with the medicine, you also have to be mindful of your lifestyle. The two go hand in hand,” he went on.

She made a smug face and nodded, almost like it was Suraj’s fault modern medicine didn’t have an easy cure for her yet!

And then, she said to me, “Haripriya, please do something with your Reiki. Please cure me of these troubles.”

I said, “Aunty, I can support you with Reiki. But you will have to take your pills properly and adopt whatever lifestyle measures have been advised to you. Energy needs to flow freely within the body Aunty, and I can’t make it happen without your active involvement in the process. Reiki can help you connect to your body. So, making positive changes to your lifestyle may feel easier.”

She gave me a smug look too.

I could almost hear her thoughts, “What a good-for-nothing couple! Neither can do anything to cure me!”

After she left, I said to Suraj, ” I’m sorry if she annoyed you.”

He said, “It’s alright. We are used to people having unreasonable expectations of doctors and medicine.”

I said, “Isn’t it the same for Reiki? My hands can’t do anything when someone isn’t willing to lift their own finger to take charge of their life!”

Our answers obviously did not convince her. She never returned for Reiki.

Four years passed. In 2019, she was diagnosed with kidney failure and landed in the ICU.

Her family told us she eventually stopped taking her medicines and switched to a form of alternative medicine. Those medicines helped with certain health conditions, but they couldn’t keep hypertension and diabetes under control. As a result, the disease progressed and wreaked havoc on her kidneys. The extent of damage to her body was so high that she needed to be on even more modern medication to keep it functioning.

We were sorry she was having a hard time. What made it worse was the fact that the progression of the disease could have easily been prevented, had she been willing to view it through a different lens.

Some incidents in life are hard to digest. But I guess everyone has the right to create their destiny – even when that means bringing misery to oneself.

In such situations, all we can do is pray for people and wish them well.

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Ho’oponopono & Medicine: Dealing With Difficult People

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

These are the four phrases of Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian prayer and healing practice. I chanted them repeatedly because I overheard a disturbing conversation one morning.

I was rambling on cheerfully about something important to me when Suraj’s phone rang. It was a call from the hospital.

Suraj was eating his breakfast and put his phone on loudspeaker.

The anxious voice of a staff member on the other end said, ” Sir, the patient, and his family are being very difficult. They have been throwing tantrums ever since he got admitted. They complained that the blanket is not soft enough, the TV doesn’t offer enough entertainment, and the coffee in the cafeteria tastes awful. They yell constantly and none of us is able to reason or communicate with them.”

And all this just a couple of hours before being wheeled into the operation theatre for surgery.

As per hospital protocol, only one person is allowed to be in the room with a patient. But several family members managed to throw their weight around and barged in. And each person had their own complaints and demands.

Suraj hurried through his remaining breakfast and prepared to leave. I knew he had some challenging folks to deal with that day and decided my story had to be reserved for another time.

My stories are filled with kind people, angels in disguise, love, gratitude, healing, sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns! Darkness is part of my energy healing world too. Accepting and transforming the darkness within ( and helping others do the same) is part of every healer’s journey. But staying stuck in darkness and drama is not.

Healing and angels are part of the medical world too. However, they have to be excavated from within the predominantly heavy energy pool of illness, tantrums, aggression, and entitlement. And in the worst-case scenario – violence.

More so, with several hospitals offering star hotel-like facilities and services today, doctors are held responsible for even the coffee not being up to the patient’s taste! Like they personally picked the coffee powder!

The drama that unfolds in the medical world appears black and white to me. A large number of people who come seeking medical assistance are either complete angels, complete demons, or indifferent like robots. Unlike in the energy healing world, the chance of someone being a demon in a difficult moment and then transcending the darkness to discover the angel within seems less!

I found myself growing angry while I overheard this phone conversation. I don’t like the fact that someone I love has to deal with a handful of haughty people almost every day. And not just deal with them verbally, even operate on them!

Imagine having to cut open someone who is argumentative, fussy, rude, and demanding. How much more fussy would they be through their recovery period? How much more complaining and blaming would they indulge in and make life miserable for everyone attending to them?

Why does life have to be so complicated?

Why can’t people be more considerate of others’ feelings and emotions?

What is a bigger priority for patients and their families – that the surgery goes well and the patient recovers, or that a temporary tv and coffee match their needs perfectly?

Even if the patient isn’t happy with a facility in the hospital, isn’t there a courteous way to express discontent?

What is this attitude of, “We are paying money. So, we have every right to break all protocols, be rude to every staff member we encounter, and behave as we want!”

My mind was whirling with these disturbing thoughts and questions. I stopped and told myself that, practically speaking, there was nothing much I could do about this situation.

The world is how it is.

All I could do was be empathetic to my partner, offer to do some Reiki to help him clear the garbage he picks up energetically at work, and clear my own negative feelings about the situation. That’s when I began to chant the Ho’oponopono prayer.

In energy healing circles, we chant this prayer when we find ourselves in emotionally charged or challenging situations. The belief is we are ALL part of a larger web of energy and are connected on some level. Therefore, clearing our inner turmoil first is the key to the resolution of outer conflicts or challenges. Once our mind and heart are clear, we are either able to resolve a conflict harmoniously or the negative behaviour of another doesn’t bother us anymore.

With my steadfast faith and positive experiences with Ho’oponopono, I chanted it and let my anger go.

I then invested the same energy into envisioning a world where we can communicate with fellow humans without pulling their energy and spirit down. And followed it up by offering a quiet recharging Reiki session to Suraj later that evening.

I appreciate everyone who has to work in challenging setups and deal with difficult people and situations every day. It is no easy job. You all are Angels in disguise!

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The Unfolding Of When Spirit Meets Science

As I meditated on a cold winter morning in December 2018, I felt a gentle tingling in the region of my third eye.

I took a deep breath and knew something was unfolding.

An image of a book appeared in my vision, “When Spirit Meets Science.”

I was at an energy healing conference earlier that month. Some speakers at the conference expressed that their work will not be accepted in the mainstream, because unlike modern medicine, which is rigorously tested and documented, their success stories are mostly based on anecdotes.

When I shared this with Suraj, he said research and documentation are not restricted to modern medicine. They are open to everyone in the world. He even offered to teach interested healers about how they can take up research projects to support and validate their work.

I was contemplating how best this initiative could be taken forward. And I received my answer in meditation – “Write a book.”

I knew I could only write one half of this book. I needed an expert in science and research to write the other half. I wasn’t sure if Suraj, with his busy schedule, would feel like taking up more work. But I took a chance and asked him anyway. He agreed immediately!

I then shared this idea with Reiki Rays, a global platform for Reiki teachers and practitioners and asked if they would publish it. They immediately agreed too.

I felt very grateful. I believe when the Universe gives you an idea, it also gives you the support you need to accomplish it.

And thus began this book, which was completed in less than a month. It felt like the content just flowed and all we had to do was pen it down.

Our own journey through the realms of spirit and science, both as individuals and as a couple, certainly made the process of co-creating this book a breeze!

The book is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Intuitive Ms. Feminine & Rational Mr. Masculine

Part 2 : Science In Alternative Therapies – An Evidence Based Approach

Part 3 : Empowered Medicine

Here’s a peek into Part 1 of this book. The chapter titles below give a fair idea of how our journey unfolded and of how we managed to blend two contrasting paths into one.

Part 1: Intuitive Ms. Feminine & Rational Mr. Masculine

The Seed Of Reiki – The Seed Of Science

When Reiki Comes Knocking At The Door – Medicine Calling

The Magic Of New Beginnings – The Logic Of New Beginnings

A Peek Into The World Of Physical Science & Rationality – A Peek Into The World Of Spirit

Conflicting Stories Lead to Inner Dilemmas – Conflicting Stories Lead to Inner Turmoil

Is It Reiki Vs Modern Medicine?

Modern Medicine To The Rescue – Comfort In Reiki

Year 2012

Reiki Takes Centre Stage – Intuition In Everyday Life & Medicine

Unconditional Love: The Merging Of The Rational Masculine & Intuitive Feminine

We both were perfectly happy in our own little worlds and often clashed over the contrast presented by the opposite world until life gradually revealed to us that –

  1. There is beauty and value on both sides of the coin. In the context of this book, the two sides are Energy Healing & Modern Medcine.
  2. Subjectivity is one kind of strength while objectivity is another. Obective studies help to achieve widespread acceptance and application, especially when one wants to apply energy based therapies to attain specific medical outcomes. It also lends more credibility to one’s work. At the same time, everything in life cannot be objective. Feelings and perspectives count too. Wisdom lies in knowing when to be subjective and when to be objective, or when to be a combination of both.
  3. Being different from each other is no obstacle to the blossoming of unconditional love in a romantic partnership. Love comes first. Everything else is secondary.
  4. Differences between partners can bring them closer together. While each partner honours their core strength, they also learn to integrate the opposite polarity that the other reflects. This makes them stronger as individuals and closer as a couple.
  5. Unconditional love is freeing and liberating. Once you reach this state, all struggle dissipates. Only love remains. And this elevated love creates whole new possibilities.

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Happy International Women’s Week!

Happy International Women’s Week!

I love being a woman.

I love my hormones and my cycles.

I love my intuition, creative potential, and ability to flow with life.

For several years, I falsely believed I was inferior because I was a woman.

I was told that some people in my family were disappointed because I wasn’t born a boy.

I was told some of our ancestors believed that the birth of a girl didn’t call for as much celebration as the birth of a boy.

As a young adult, I was looked down upon because I chose a more nurturing profession and asserted that becoming a high-flying career woman was not my calling.

I have shed tears over these hurtful revelations and judgments – not just for me, but for women at large. However, I was able to let all the pain go when I set foot on the healing path.

I was also able to forgive everyone who I allowed to hurt me. They must have had their reasons for adopting such beliefs. If they were given an opportunity to explore the depths of womanhood or manhood, they most likely would not have taken on such limiting beliefs.

Becoming a healer and learning from several spiritual teachers along the way helped me realise how blessed I am to be born a woman! Not to say that men aren’t blessed. The Divine Masculine is equally unique too.

As a woman, I now see how beautiful it is to be an intuitive, a creator, and a nurturer.

I marvel at the womb space within my body and the fact that it feels like a miniature creative powerhouse of the Universe.

I have learnt to celebrate my hormones and the roller coaster ride they kickstart every month.

I have learnt to honour my cycles rather than groan about how terrible they feel.

I experience great delight in being a channel for creative inspiration and projects.

I experience the subtle sweetness of the Divine Feminine in my roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, healer, and teacher.

I celebrate every aspect of my womanhood today and feel proud to be a woman.

I wish you a very happy International Women’s Week and Women’s Day on March 8th !

Remember – You are beautiful, powerful, and magical in more ways than one.

You are a living breathing embodiment of the Divine Feminine!

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Can Modern Medicine Be Holistic?

Can Modern Medicine be holistic?

I often contemplated this question after I became a Reiki practitioner.

From infancy to adulthood, I was cared for by a kind and gentle family physician Dr. Vasudev. His prescriptions were also as gentle as him! For symptomatic relief, he often prescribed paracetamol – a very mild and safe drug. And thanks to the body’s innate healing mechanism, the most common infections I got as a child healed on their own.

Dr.Vasudev prescribed antibiotics only when indicated. Over the two decades that I consulted him, he must have prescribed antibiotics a maximum of three times!

In my early twenties, Reiki came into my life.

I came down with the flu right after my Reiki training class.

My temperature was very high. However, in the Reiki class, we were told to avoid modern medicines since Reiki was considered holistic healing.

After struggling with fever and extreme fatigue for a couple of days, I told my teacher I couldn’t take it anymore and took paracetamol to support myself.

Once I got better, I began contemplating the meaning of ‘holistic.’

Sure, I practice Reiki now. But does that mean I must not take modern medicines when required?

This question gave birth to an internal struggle and I was determined to find an answer. Every time I remembered Dr. Vasudev, I felt there was absolutely nothing wrong even if I chose to take modern medicines. I wasn’t popping them for pleasure! I took them only when I genuinely needed them.

The Universe must have heard my cry. Less than a month later, I crossed paths with Suraj.

When I looked into his eyes for the first time, I recognised a hidden light. He felt very familiar and my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know yet that he was a doctor.

I told the Universe, “Looks like I found my soulmate! Universe, please tell me my intuition is correct.”

And the Universe whispered, “Wait and watch.”

When Suraj revealed he is a surgeon, my eyes almost popped out of my head!

“This sure is no coincidence,” I thought.

In spite of our contrasting backgrounds, we clicked.

Our subsequent union in marriage answered my question – “Can Modern Medicine be holistic?”

I soon saw that much like Dr. Vasudev, Suraj’s prescriptions were also very gentle. The drug he recommended most often was paracetamol too.

He prescribed an antibiotic for me just once. This was for a suspected bacterial infection, where the use of antibiotics was indicated. In the fourteen years that we have been together, I have needed antibiotics just once and he not even once!

He has told me repeatedly, “Most minor infections resolve on their own, irrespective of whether you choose to take medicine or not. In such cases, medicine is primarily for symptomatic relief. “

On the same note, he insisted, ” But if it’s a major infection or other health condition that requires your body to take external medical support, don’t you dare tell me you will not take it! I don’t care if you are a Reiki practitioner. Go ahead and do all the Reiki you want. But if your body genuinely needs support, I am not going to allow you to take any risks and you will take whatever treatment is required.”

And I was like, “Wow! You actually are another Dr. Vasudev!”

In our co-authored book “When Spirit Meets Science,” Suraj writes “Allowing the body to heal naturally when it can is a sign of strength while turning to external support when it cannot is a sign of wisdom.”

When I had episodes of acid reflux after our second baby arrived and my lifestyle took a hit, he didn’t tell me to blindly pop antacids!

He said antacids were only a temporary solution (I confess I took them when symptoms were severe).

He pointed out exactly where I was going wrong in my eating habits and asked me to become more mindful.

This advice made me reflect on my eating. I realised I was stuffing myself with food for emotional reasons! I worked on addressing my emotions and became more mindful in my eating. This made a positive difference to the health of my gut. This approach requires more effort than just popping an antacid and feeling fine right away. But in my particular case of acid reflux, this was the holistic way towards long-term healing.

Seeing my husband practice medicine ( not just with me but also with his own patients) gave me the conviction that modern medicine can also be ‘holistic.’

On the rare occasions that Suraj prescribes a medical treatment, I know in my bones that if he is recommending it, then I (or anyone in our family) ought not to think twice about it.

And when he says, “Just give it time. The body will heal itself,” I know that’s perfect advice too, and take it easy.

Reiki is present for me either way – calming, balancing, and softly supporting the remarkable human body in its process of healing!