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Life Lessons From The Divine Masculine

I am impressed by a superpower that many men seem to possess.

This power is not related to their physical strength, machoism, wealth, or status.

It is their ability to-

  1. Be good friends with other males despite disagreements and clashes
  2. Not read too much into another person’s behaviour and to take life at face value

I won’t say all men operate this way but a fairly good number of them do.

Neither will I say women are not like this because many of them are.

However, in my own circles, I have seen more men with ‘bindaas’ (carefree) attitudes, as compared to women. Here I speak only for myself and my observations.

It is not always easy for a woman (including me) to clash with another woman and to instantly feel like nothing ever happened! Many of us women tend to read a bit too much into situations and are also more likely to take another person’s negative behaviour to heart. More often than not, squabbles create at least a temporary distance between women. We may work through our emotions and eventually reconnect as friends. But it usually takes time.

When my husband shares stories of conflicts he has with friends or colleagues, I am, at times, more upset with his friends than he!

He is able to let go easily and can bond with a friend over coffee right after a tiff!

And when I ask, “How can you both enjoy coffee together after what happened? Didn’t it bother you at all? Don’t you need some time to process the incident before you interact with him again?” –

He shrugs and says, “No. What has that got to do with our equation as friends?”

I am mighty impressed by this easygoing attitude, for it doesn’t come naturally to me. I am trying to practise being this way for I know it can make life way easier.

Another example is in the area of invitations to social events and gatherings. More women I know are particular about receiving personal invites from hosts while many men seem to be ok with receiving an informal message as an invite or even with having another member of the family pass on the message.

Tones, choice of words, facial expressions of other people – I know more women who are bothered by these than men. Most men I know either don’t notice these details or even if they do, it just doesn’t feel like a big deal to them. There are positives and negatives to not noticing subtle cues, but here we are focusing only on the positive aspects of it – such as not draining our energy in the process of analysing others’ body language.

These are just observations of different ways of being and operating. No judgment on what is right or wrong. I completely accept myself as I am and encourage everyone to do the same. But, sometimes, learning new attitudes and ways of being from those around us can also help!

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Happy International Women’s Week!

Happy International Women’s Week!

I love being a woman.

I love my hormones and my cycles.

I love my intuition, creative potential, and ability to flow with life.

For several years, I falsely believed I was inferior because I was a woman.

I was told that some people in my family were disappointed because I wasn’t born a boy.

I was told some of our ancestors believed that the birth of a girl didn’t call for as much celebration as the birth of a boy.

As a young adult, I was looked down upon because I chose a more nurturing profession and asserted that becoming a high-flying career woman was not my calling.

I have shed tears over these hurtful revelations and judgments – not just for me, but for women at large. However, I was able to let all the pain go when I set foot on the healing path.

I was also able to forgive everyone who I allowed to hurt me. They must have had their reasons for adopting such beliefs. If they were given an opportunity to explore the depths of womanhood or manhood, they most likely would not have taken on such limiting beliefs.

Becoming a healer and learning from several spiritual teachers along the way helped me realise how blessed I am to be born a woman! Not to say that men aren’t blessed. The Divine Masculine is equally unique too.

As a woman, I now see how beautiful it is to be an intuitive, a creator, and a nurturer.

I marvel at the womb space within my body and the fact that it feels like a miniature creative powerhouse of the Universe.

I have learnt to celebrate my hormones and the roller coaster ride they kickstart every month.

I have learnt to honour my cycles rather than groan about how terrible they feel.

I experience great delight in being a channel for creative inspiration and projects.

I experience the subtle sweetness of the Divine Feminine in my roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, healer, and teacher.

I celebrate every aspect of my womanhood today and feel proud to be a woman.

I wish you a very happy International Women’s Week and Women’s Day on March 8th !

Remember – You are beautiful, powerful, and magical in more ways than one.

You are a living breathing embodiment of the Divine Feminine!

This image shows the Yin Yang symbol and represents the healthy union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in an article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master
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Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine = Balanced World

11 a.m on a bright and sunny morning.

I plugged in some music and plopped down on the comfy cane chair in my balcony garden.

I was surrounded by my plant friends and the sun shone down on my feet. The warmth of the sun felt comforting. I pulled some of that warmth up through my body and allowed my whole being to bask in its sweetness.

Sensational news and strong opinions about unpleasant encounters between women and men in the world outside had left me feeling stimulated and irritable.

The company of the sun and plants restored a sense of peace and serenity within me.

As I relaxed, I felt intuitively guided to place one palm on my womb and the other on my heart.

I asked for a healing message and allowed myself to just breathe.

The womb and the heart serve as a portal to connect with our Divine Feminine (Yin) & Divine Masculine (Yang) energies. The messages that came through were spot on and I penned them down!

Healing Messages From The Womb & Heart

  1. A healthy Divine Feminine sees a portion of the Divine Masculine in herself, while a healthy Divine Masculine sees a portion of the Divine Feminine in himself. The more they accept and integrate the opposite energy within them, the more difficult it gets for one to hurt the other.
  2. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine do not intimidate one another. They do not use individual/collective stories or sensational dramas as tools to create further separation between them. They hold a respectful space for each other and strive to lift one another up at all times.
  3. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine see eye to eye. They are equals. They know that if one of them tries to overpower the other, the balance will tilt and chaos will reign. They strive for balance and harmony.
  4. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are complete in themselves and complementary together. They don’t expect one to complete the other.

The integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine or Yin & Yang has to happen within oneself first.

This means you embrace both the Feminine and Masculine energies within you while also knowing that one of them is going to be primary. This Yin-Yang integration within you opens doors to achieve the same with your partner if you wish.

And in case you’re wondering how on Earth you can get your partner or spouse on board with all this woo-woo, the good news is that they don’t have to know any of these theories to come into alignment with you!

They may or may not understand these concepts but they can certainly sense when you shift. And this will spontaneously trigger a shift within them too.

This shall then give birth to a harmonious union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in your relationship. The terms are not important. The outcome is what matters.

And how is harmony in your personal relationship going to help the world?

Any kind of collective transformation always begins with individuals. As each individual shifts, the collective transforms. The results may show up decades or centuries from now. But they can show up only if someone gets the ball rolling in the current time.

The integration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Forces is a powerful approach to solve many issues that plague women and men.

This is an image of a gurudwara in a blog post on movies and tv shows that heal (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) by Haripriya Suraj,Reiki Master
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Movies & TV Shows That Heal: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

The season of love is here and I feel inspired to write about a love story called Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – an Indian movie released in 2008.

On the surface, this movie feels like a typical Bollywood blockbuster packed with music, dance, and romance. However, it also offers value to those who seek more than entertainment in movies.

I have watched this movie at least twenty times! Every time I watched it, my heart healed a little bit more!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is based on the life of a young woman Tani who loses the love of her life on the day of their wedding. She has no mother. Tani’s dying father sets her up with another man – his former student Surinder who he holds in high esteem. He wishes to see her safe and settled with a trustworthy partner before his transition. Surinder falls in love with Tani at first sight. However, Tani is overcome by grief and has no feelings for Surinder. She marries him only to help her father move on peacefully.

To many, this marital arrangement may seem like a ridiculous thing to do. However, if it can be understood as a well-intentioned father simply doing what he thinks is best for his daughter (in a culture where this is considered acceptable), what unfolds next is a treat for the heart and soul!

A cold-hearted Tani moves in with warm-hearted Surinder. Surinder is a sensitive soul and gives her space to come to terms with her challenges. He even moves into a different room and always talks to her with kindness and respect.

After a brief mourning period, Tani makes an effort to open up to Surinder. She beings to take charge of the house but is candid about the fact that she can never love Surinder.

Tani’s distance doesn’t deter Surinder. He continues to love her and does everything in his power to ensure she is happy.

The story takes an interesting twist when a new character Raj enters the scene. I will not give away more about Raj except for the fact that he is a potential threat to the Suri-Tani relationship.

Eventually, Tani finds herself torn between her feelings for Surinder and Raj. She feels obligated to Surinder because he holds an unconditional space for her. However, Raj is like a knight in shining armor!

Tani finally chooses Raj and makes plans to elope with him.

Before this plan can materialize, she happens to accompany Surinder to the Gurudwara- the place of worship for Sikhs. Still feeling unsure about where she is heading in life, she takes the opportunity to surrender to the Divine. She closes her eyes and converses with the Divine from her heart. She asks to be shown the Light.

She receives her answer the moment she opens her eyes!

And with this begins a whole new love story…

Thus, the title, “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” or “A Match Made In Heaven.”

Key Learnings

  1. Unconditonal love is powerful. It comforts, heals and turns situations around in unexpected ways.
  2. Love is not always about knights in shining armours or princesses in flowing gowns! Very often, people who appear ordinary are superheroes in disguise.
  3. We are never alone. When we call out to the Divine from the depths of our hearts, we are certain to receive an answer one way or the other ( as many of us have experienced).

This ia an image of Radha Krishna and depicts unconditional love in an article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Bangalore on her blog 'When Spirit Meets Science'
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Radha-Krishna: Divine Mentors In Unconditional Love

Radha and Krishna – a divine couple that is symbolic of Higher Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

In February 2020, we were at a temple of Lord Krishna. I was drawn to a little idol of Radha & Krishna that was up for sale at the temple shop. I brought this home and placed it in my room.

Energy works in mysterious ways and I have no logical explanation to offer for how certain phenomena work. But simply having the energy of Radha-Krishna around me seems to have accelerated my growth in unconditional love.

I began walking the path of unconditional love in 2018. It deepened when I co-authored the book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’ with my husband Suraj in 2019. While Suraj had mastered unconditional love, I still had more work to do.

In hindsight, I feel bringing Radha-Krishna into my home also played a role in helping me make huge strides towards unconditional love.

It is hard to explain or theorize unconditional love. Though I knew what it meant on paper, I didn’t know how to embody it.

By the summer of 2020, life unfolded such that I was able to fully recognize and acknowledge the unconditional love that was present in my life and also give it back.

Dr. Newton Kondaveti, one of my very revered teachers of metaphysics, was presenting at a conference held some years back, when someone in the audience asked him a question-

“Does such a thing as ‘unconditional love’ actually exist in this world?”

His reply has stayed with me to this day. He said-

‘Love is always unconditional. Such is the nature of love. Conditional love is our erroneous creation.’

So, the question we must be asking is “Does conditional love actually exist?”

Deconditioning from the shackles of ‘conditional love’ and moving towards unconditional love was not easy for me. Challenges and tests were part of the journey. Unhealed wounds had to be dealt with and tears had to be shed. It often felt like my world was crashing down on me and all forms of love would disappear from my life. But it didn’t.

Now that I have reached destination ‘Unconditional Love’ successfully and continue to evolve, it feels like –

“Whoa! What a journey! What a feeling!”

All the turbulence I had to confront right from childhood feels worth it, considering where it brought me.

Unconditional love feels intoxicating in some ways and calming in other ways!

Words cannot do justice to it. Only experience can.

As I continue to explore the depths of unconditional love, I wish you a rich and rewarding journey into the realms of unconditional love within your heart!

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Protecting The Beautiful Divine Feminine

Ever since my daughter came into my life, I have felt inspired to take up the cause of the ‘girl child.’

I believe every woman is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine – creative, nurturing, soft yet strong. Unless the Divine Feminine is on par with the Divine Masculine, the world will always remain in a state of imbalance.

If she has to be on par, the least she needs is a safe world.

Unless the primary needs of safety and security are met, how can she ever blossom? A lot of her energy shall be spent watching out for predators who may view her with hunger, or worse still turn her into their prey.

My heart goes out to all the little girls( and women) who do not experience safety and security, not just in the outside world, but even within the walls of their own home. Child sexual abuse is not uncommon at all. I wish we could rescue each girl child who is a victim of abuse and keep her safe. I wish we could do something so the innocence of the Young Divine Feminine remains untouched.

What would it take to create a safe world for the Divine Feminine?

Is awareness sufficient? Is sensitisation the answer?

Yes, these are great first steps, to begin with.

But are they enough?

Unlike perpetrators of sexual crimes, many others may be trained to be respectful to women on the outside but the world within them speaks a different story. Just putting on a facade of respectfulness while one’s inner world is consumed by confusion, suppression or lust isn’t the solution either.

Can we go deeper than just training to behave in a socially acceptable manner?

Can we create an inner shift that fosters a more sacred connection to one’s own sexuality?

When sex is viewed and practiced as a sacred act, it evolves to something more than fulfilling primal urges with random mates, who may not be interested or worse still when it is forced upon them (as in abuse).

Sacred sexuality is about a respectful partnership between two souls, who put their creative energies to use in a conscious manner.

Such a goal may seem too far-fetched to achieve in the imperfect problem-filled world we live in. Who has the time for all this when there are so many more pressing issues to address?

In truth, several of these more pressing issues will also be resolved when the Divine Feminine is allowed to blossom to her highest potential in a safe world. The wisdom she brings has the potential to heal many of the world’s troubles.

We may not have the time to work on such seemingly big goals but change always starts from within.

For change to be lasting and effective, it must occur at the level of collective human consciousness.

For this to happen, at least those of us who have the time and inclination can begin to practice and teach these concepts. As more and more of us start living it, we kickstart the process of evolution of consciousness.

We, humans, are blessed with impressive intelligence. And we always have a choice as to how we wish to use it – to nourish or to destroy. Let’s choose to use it to create a better planet!

Note: The Divine Feminine Energy is not restricted to women, though it is naturally the primary energy operating in many of them. Men also have a component of the Divine Feminine energy in them. However, in the context of this particular article, the word ‘Divine Feminine’ refers primarily to women.