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What’s The Frequency Of Love?

When I began my healing journey in the year 2007, I attended a healing program that required us to work with the energy of the heart.

A healing session with this particular group meant – trained facilitators would send newbies like me healing energy from their heart space and we had to sit in silence and receive.

I found this concept very vague, because I couldn’t feel energy flowing from them to me. But they told me not to worry about feeling anything and to just be open and receptive to the experience.

When Reiki came into my life, barely four months after this, it felt like I had experienced a quantum leap or something!

I was suddenly able to feel an abundance of energy running through my palms and body.

I do not know how I could shift so quickly from not being able to feel a thing to feeling intense heat, tingling and a myriad of other sensations in my palms and body.

Power of the Reiki Attunement perhaps?

And after 15 years, all one has to say is, “Take a deep breath and drop into your heart space.”

And I am immediately able to feel the pulse of the heart chakra – the beautiful soft frequency of love – the heart feels like a warm cocoon and my eyes tear up as I soak in the ocean of love that lies right within each of us.

All of us feel love for self and others. But to experience love as an independent frequency within the body and the heart chakra is a very unique experience indeed.

I am grateful to be an energy healer. I love that we get to tune into the subtlest of frequencies within us and all around us!

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The Gift Of Sacred Sexuality

One day, a woman who was walking through a little wood lost her way.

As sunset approached, the woman felt anxious about finding a way out quickly before darkness could befall.

As she struggled to find a solution, she heard footsteps some distance away.

She was relieved. She thought she would soon be in the company of a human who would help her.

However, she was wrong.

A man appeared and she asked him for help.

When this man saw she was a lone helpless soul, a sudden darkness took over him.

Instead of assisting her, he began to make sexual advances at her.

This woman realised something was wrong. Not knowing what to do, she called to the Goddess Energy from the depths of her heart.

As her call bellowed through the woods, a gigantic hissing snake appeared from a bush nearby.

The snake appeared angry and ferocious.

The man, who was petrified of snakes, shivered in fright, while the woman believed the snake was an answer to her prayer. So, she turned the other way and ran for her life, when she heard a booming sound behind her.

She stopped in her tracks and when she turned around, she saw the snake burning up and a misty orange light appear.

The man continued to tremble, as an other-worldly couple, much like a God & Goddess, stepped out of the mist.

They looked calm yet had a firmness about them. They didn’t say a word to the man but began to beam a bright orange light from their third eyes. They directed the light to his sacral region.

The man screamed as this light penetrated his energy body and the woman looked stunned beyond words, as she wondered what in the world was going on. The man tried to escape but the light was simply too powerful in its grasp.

After a while, the light stopped flowing. The man dropped to his feet in exhaustion.

The Divine Couple then turned to the woman and asked her to come closer.

The woman walked up and stood beside them, facing the man.

The God said to the man, “Look at this woman. What do you feel now?”

The man said, “Respect, Reverence, Devotion, Tenderness, and Purity.”

And the Goddess said to the woman – “Look at this man. What do you feel now?”

She uttered, ”Safety in addition to Respect, Reverence, Devotion, Tenderness and Purity.”

The Goddess said- “Very good! Because in the new paradigm, that’s how women and men will feel in the presence of one another. And you both just got a glimpse of it.”

The God said to the man, “The Light cleared the sexual garbage in your sacral and empowered you to rise to a higher vibration – one where you could see a woman through totally different eyes. You will now go your way and pass on your learning to others in need. Teach them to purify and master their sexual energy for the greater good and to harness it NOT like a demon, but like a God in partnership with Goddess.”

The man, totally transformed in consciousness, bowed and said, “Yes, Divine Father.”

And the Goddess said to the woman – “And you shall teach women to respect and honour their bodies, to nurture their wombs, and to also learn to master their sexual energy, like a Goddess in partnership with God.”  

The woman also bowed and said –“Yes, Divine Mother.”

The woman and man parted ways.

Three years later, this woman was passing through the woods again, when she bumped into the same man.

Their eyes met and they stopped like lightning had struck them.

What they saw in each other now was a very different energy – as compared to what they previously were – unconscious man and fearful woman.

Now, both of them had clean and clear sacral chakras.

They had mastered their sexual energy and knew how to harness it at the frequencies of love, respect, devotion, tenderness, safety, and purity.

They knew they had a purpose to fulfill together.

They went on to become a couple and taught the art of ‘Sacred Sexuality’ to many in their village and beyond. These couples then went on to teach more couples.

As this teaching spread far and wide, sexual energy began to be viewed as natural, pure, powerful, sacred, and also as a form of love. As a result, the incidence of sexual violence in the population dropped and sexual perversions dissolved.

Safety, love, and freedom prevailed.

And Light illuminated the bodies, minds, and hearts of women and men.

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Science Vs Airy Fairy

For several years, I despised the words ‘Research and Evidence.’

Life is full of mystery and sweetness. Many things are incomprehensible to the logical mind. Existence would be very mechanical and boring if we required research to validate every aspect of it.

Yet, there are certain areas of life that bring large-scale benefits only when they are backed by strong evidence.

It took at least a hundred debates with Suraj, years of prolonged discussion, putting the ego aside, and finally compiling everything together in our book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’ to truly understand the meaning of ‘Research and Evidence.’

It all started way back in 2008-09 when some of my healer buddies told Suraj they had cured people of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension through energy work. He told them he needed convincing evidence for the same – not just a link to a website, an article claiming a cure, or a testimonial from a client. He wanted proper objective documented evidence.

I took it personally whenever he said he needed evidence – it felt like a rejection.

Until I realised one day that he was neither rejecting my friends, nor energy healing, nor me.

He was only living up to the high standards that are the norm in science and medicine.

And the fact is that these are the standards that have helped science advance by leaps and bounds today.

Science often fails too. But scientists accept their failures and try again. They don’t decide beforehand that an experiment ought to be a success at any cost and create evidence based on their desires and preferences. They detach from their personal preferences and objectively see if an experiment actually turns out to be a success or not.

He wrote this in our co-authored book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’-

“The willingness to fail is part of research efforts. More often than not, various trials in science and medicine do not fetch the results hoped for. A large number of drug-related trials fail to generate the expected outcome. A drug that showed promising results in the lab may not work when tested on actual patients. When an experiment fails, it is important not to feel disheartened. In spiritual terms, this would amount to not being attached to the outcome. It is crucial to persist with ongoing research.”

On another note, he wrote –

“When a therapy is used as a personal choice to facilitate emotional healing or spiritual growth, it may NOT need research to validate it. However, research is required when something needs to be executed with exacting standards. It is most certainly required to validate a therapy before it is offered as medical treatment.”

Now, it is clear to me that strong evidence is required when we make very specific claims that have the potential to impact the life of a person in significant need.

Today, Reiki and other forms of energy healing are offered as complementary support in some hospitals across the world. At the moment, energy healing therapies may seem too subjective and airy-fairy. Yet, many patients look forward to receiving these airy-fairy therapies because they see the value it brings them in terms of overall healing.

Those who receive Reiki or any other form of energy healing, know that something shifts within them – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually – and such shifts cannot always be explained logically.

And that’s the whole beauty of this kind of healing – experiencing deeper expansive healing without necessarily having to explain how it occurred.

Just as there is value in objectivity, there is value in subjectivity too. Knowing when to be objective and when to be subjective is perhaps what we must discern.

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The Miracle Of Acceptance: Mental Health Breakthroughs

Earlier this year, I received a call from a Reiki student of mine. She said she was ready to do her Master Level Training.

This woman had been diagnosed with a major mental health challenge in 2015. It was so severe that she was hospitalized for some days and received psychiatric treatment.

After she regained some stability and normalcy, she approached me for Reiki training.

Soon after she received her Level 1 attunement, she had some breakthroughs in her personal and professional life.

She dropped by one day to share her happiness with me.

As we chatted and laughed together, her face suddenly turned grim.

She said, “Haripriya, I feel so blessed. I bounced back to normalcy pretty quickly after this mental health crisis. And then Reiki came into my life and I experienced such wondrous shifts.”

“That’s so good for you, isn’t it?” I said, wondering why she looked serious.

“Yes. But I really don’t like the fact that psychiatric treatment is going to be a permanent part of my life. I know I risk a relapse if I discontinue treatment. And I don’t like this one bit! I wish I had been cured for good. But I know there isn’t a cure for this condition at the moment. Can you help me here?” she said.

Since I have no medical background, I felt I ought not to offer random advice.

So, I said, “I understand your feelings. Please give me some time. I will get back to you with some insight into this. Meanwhile, please continue with whatever medical treatment you may be on and do keep up with your Reiki practice too.”

I then spoke to a couple of psychiatrists I know well.

I understood from them that-

1. While some people with mental health challenges need just simple short-term treatment, others require ongoing longer-term treatment.
2. Many people fear the side effects of psychiatric drugs but don’t understand that the risks of not taking them when medically indicated are far worse than any side effect they may experience. Some others view a psychiatric diagnosis as a ‘stigma’ and have a hard time accepting the challenge they are faced with.
3. Many people give in to fear or misconception midway and abruptly stop treatment. This then puts them at a risk for relapse. And treatment gets more difficult with every episode of relapse. Patients then place the blame on the treatment itself, saying it didn’t help, remaining blind to the fact that they were not patient enough to stick with it, and discontinued midway (or modified treatment as they deemed fit).
4. The best outcomes are experienced by people who move forward with a sense of trust, who abide by medical advice from a professional they trust, and who are consistent in their effort to get better.

After I had a thorough understanding of this, I called my student over for a discussion and explained everything I had understood to her.

She broke down.

“This is exactly what I am going through,” she wept, “I simply cannot accept the fact that I have this problem. I feel like I am a crazy woman or something.”

I held her hand and said, “I understand. It’s OK to be upset. And you aren’t a crazy woman. Please trust me when I say this. Do allow yourself some time to grieve. But whenever you are ready, do you think you can come to an acceptance of the situation? I can help you if you require support.”

She said, “I will try.”

She called me after four months.

Even before I could ask her a question, she said excitedly, “Haripriya, I have been practicing Reiki every day without missing a single day in between. I feel this has helped me accept my situation as it is and I am feeling WAY lighter. This acceptance has also helped me look at the positive side. My medical treatment is helping me lead a near-normal life. I am no longer the pale woman I used to be. I have a lot more energy and zest for life. I am motivated enough to take care of myself. I spend time in nature after work every day. I have joined a weekend aerobic class and I also took swimming lessons last month! I even managed to attend a high school reunion yesterday. This would have been impossible for my previous self! I so hated meeting people when I was affected by that condition. And the icing on the cake is that I even received a promotion at work! My doctor says I am making excellent progress and that if I continue this way, my need for medication and therapy would be tailored accordingly.”

Her voice was reverberating with excitement and I held back from saying anything until she had poured her heart out.

She finally finished with the sentence – “My ability to accept my situation for what it is and keeping up with treatment brought about these miraculous shifts!”

I said, “Wow, wow, wow! I am so very happy for you. Keep shining like a star!”

She went on to do Reiki Level 2 in 2016. And she is now a Reiki 3A practitioner!

She is doing great. When required, she has no hesitation in revealing that she is on long-term psychiatric treatment for a condition that has no cure at the moment.

She has accepted her life as it is and does everything in her power to support herself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and also medically.

She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her anymore for she is so busy living her life to the fullest.

She no longer sees herself as a broken lunatic. She sees herself as an empowered woman who has risen like a phoenix from the ashes!

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What’s In A Blue Sapphire?

“A blue sapphire would work best for you,” said the gemologist, as he pointed at a beauty of a blue sapphire sparkling in the glass display.

He had spent almost an hour reading through my birth chart and pointing out my strengths and challenges.

At the end of a detailed analysis and discussion, he said a blue sapphire would be one of the best gemstones for me.

This was in the June of 2007.

I was at a point where I was keen to make some positive changes in my life.

Though I knew what kind of changes had to be made, I didn’t know how exactly to implement them. This was because I had grown up with the belief system that there is nothing much we can do by ourselves – that everything is pre-determined by forces outside of us.

But something about this belief system never resonated with me.

Yes, there are some things in life we cannot do much about but there are many other things that we certainly CAN do something about.

And saying, “It’s my destiny to suffer” for every difficulty under the sun didn’t feel good at all.

Since I didn’t know how to create a new belief system with the power of my mind alone, the best I knew back then was to take support of forces that I believed could help me change my mind – such as the blue sapphire.

And sure enough, soon after I began wearing this beauty, life began to shift.

New opportunities presented themselves.

OR maybe I began to notice opportunities that I may not have noticed before?

And because I believed I was being supported by a power bigger than any conditioning I may have absorbed and one that wanted me to be happy – I had the courage to take action steps to build a new life.

Someone had once asked me if it was the blue sapphire itself that had helped me shift my belief systems or my faith in it.

And I had replied, “A bit of both.”

I do believe gemstones have their own energy and consciousness and wearing them can bring about subtle shifts in one’s energy. However, the bigger force probably was my choosing to align with the power of the gemstone and wanting to create positive change.

Either way, I am so very grateful for this little ornament, for it was one of the very first healing instruments that supported me at a time when I most needed it.

Now I know how to harness the power of my mind and my energy to shift beliefs. But, back then, I couldn’t have done it without support from this piece of magic.

I love you, my blue sapphire!


The Magic Of A Reiki Recharge

After a busy couple of days on my feet, I was feeling tired and grumpy.

My head felt heavy and my muscles ached.

My energy was dropping by the minute.

I knew that if I continued feeling this way, I would lash out at the next person who said a word to me.

So, I dropped everything I was doing and told myself it was time for some Reiki.

The moment I placed my palms on my third eye, I felt an intense heat over that region.

This is the kind of heat I felt in my palms and body when I was a new Reiki practitioner. And I remember how much I loved that feeling back then!

Apart from the third eye, tons of energy also flowed into my solar plexus. I could almost feel my solar plexus heave sighs of relief as it was replenished!

As every chakra was recharged by Reiki, stress and fatigue dissolved and harmony returned to my body.

It is only when I miss some days of practice that I realise how much of a positive difference Reiki makes to me and my body.

When I practise every day, Reiki feels routine and the experience is subtle. I feel a mild warmth or tingling at the most.

When I practise after a while, the experience is dramatically different. I feel intense heat and my hands stay stuck to the most depleted chakras for longer periods of time.

I so love this magical feeling of shifting from low energy to high energy in a matter of minutes.

How blessed are we to have the gift of Reiki in our lives!

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Conscious Conception

Conception – A miraculous act of two forces coming together to create a third force.

Just think about it – how intelligent is this biological process that fuses the sperm and egg together and facilitates the creation of the zygote, which then goes on to become an embryo, a foetus, and finally a baby in the arms.

Very often, conception happens unconsciously, which means-

  1. There is no intention to conceive and the pregnancy turns out to be an accident.
  2. There is an intention to conceive but there isn’t complete alignment with the intention, which means – one or both partners aren’t ready to conceive but they decide to start a family anyway.

On the other hand, Conscious Conception is the act of preparing to conceive consciously, which means –

  1. There is a clear intention to conceive and the pregnancy is not a surprise.
  2. Both partners are in alignment with the intention and feel ready to invite a new soul into the womb and into their family.

If you fall into the latter category, keep going! The ‘Conscious Conception’ Meditation shared below may support you.

If you fall into the former category, don’t worry. You had your own journey and lessons to learn. Honour your experiences, no matter how less than ideal they may seem.  Also, the ‘Reframe Your Conception’ Meditation shared in this post can help you shift the energy around your conception experience if you so wish to.

Conscious Conception Meditation (for people trying to conceive)

When you embark on a journey of Conscious Conception, you choose to offer your womb consciously to a soul who is looking to incarnate on Earth.

You extend a conscious invitation to the Soul Realms and are prepared to accept a soul who chooses you and your partner as parents. You then let go and allow conception to happen in Divine timing.

Intimacy becomes meditative in nature as you see sexual intercourse as an means to create a body for the chosen soul.

You can choose to do this meditation once a week or so when you begin your Conscious Conception journey. You may do this alone or with your partner. Bear in mind that for you to benefit from this process, it isn’t mandatory for your partner to meditate. You doing it is sufficient. 

Meditation Process

  1. Light a candle/lamp
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable space.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  4. When you feel centered, place your palms on your heart chakra and tune into the frequency of love.
  5. Now place your palms on your womb and set an intention to transfer the love from your heart into your womb space.
  6. See your womb filling up with love and shining bright. See it as a warm inviting cocoon for a spirit baby to reside in.
  7. In this state of higher consciousness, extend an invitation to a Spirit Baby – “Dear Spirit Baby, I invite you to take residence in my womb when you feel ready. I am ready to support your intention to incarnate on Earth. I am willing to offer my womb to you so you can develop a strong and healthy body before you set foot into the physical world. I send you my love and look forward to meeting you.”
  8. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let go.
  9. When the process feels complete, open your eyes gently and drink some water if you feel like.

Reframe Your Conception Experience

If you are already a parent to a child and wish to transform the conception of your baby into a ‘Conscious Conception’ experience, you can go back in time and reframe the experience through this meditation. The difference is that in this meditation, you skip the part that invites a soul into the womb and instead welcome the baby at the time you discovered you were pregnant.

  1. Light a candle/lamp
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable space.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  4. When you feel centered, place your palms on your heart chakra and tune into the frequency of love.
  5. Now place your palms on your womb and set an intention to transfer the love from your heart into your womb space.
  6. See your womb filling up with love and shining bright. See it as a warm inviting cocoon for a spirit baby to reside in.
  7. Now go back in time to the moment you discovered you were pregnant and say – “My Dearest Baby Angel, welcome to my womb. I am so happy to receive you. I intend to keep you warm and comfortable in my womb. You are safe here. I love you, little one.” Feel these words in your heart as you say them. That makes them even more powerful.
  8. Be with this process for as long as you wish to. Notice how it makes you feel. When it feels complete, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let go.
  9.  When you feel ready, open your eyes gently and drink some water if you feel like it.
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The Warrior Within You

“Tap into the strength, resilience, and positive attitude of your younger self,” whispered my inner voice.

This was a message I received after a very intense meditation session this morning. It was an aha moment indeed.

I have been trying to work through a tricky situation for a few days now and was looking for clarity. I knocked on some doors to receive support. But for some reason, most of them didn’t open. Maybe the Universe wants me to figure this out on my own or maybe it will open some doors eventually.

But the message from my intuition was very clear. She said –

“You have been through much worse. Your life until the age of 22 was hell. Nothing worked for you for so many long years. Yet you persisted with a fierce determination. You poured your heart into your journal. You dabbled with the magic of crystals. You tossed your limiting beliefs into the raging fire of transformation. You boldly adopted new beliefs that shifted your reality in dramatic ways. You danced until your heart let out its sorrows and reverberated with joy. And you learned to love yourself so fiercely that the Universe was left with no choice but to bring you outcomes that matched your unstoppable energy. That’s the powerful spirit you had at a tender age! While you may be older now, the spirit of that invincible warrior within you is still alive. Connect to her for inspiration, guidance, and wisdom. And you will receive all you need and more.”

I was truly shaken up by this message. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

But I thought it contained profound truth.

If I could confront pitch darkness with zero life experience and minimal human support, I can certainly work wonders again, from the place I stand in today.

I just have to believe in myself – like my younger self so effortlessly did.

If you are struggling with something today, know that you also have it within you to find solutions.

You may not always receive the kind of support you expect. But when you trust with all your heart and do whatever best you can, the Universe will respond one way or the other.

Never lose hope. Stand tall and shine bright!

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Moon Time – The Significance Of Menstruation

Menstruation – The time of the month that almost every second woman in today’s world sees as a pain.

A time that makes you want to retreat and not do much – provided you are in tune with your body.

Women in many indigenous cultures are said to have been so in tune with their bodies that they had no trouble retreating into a quiet space during menstruation and returning to the world of activity when their bleeding stopped.

They also saw a correlation between the menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon. The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days which is a similar span of time as a moon cycle (27 to 29.5 days).

They also believed that the moon has an impact on women’s menstrual cycles, and that if a woman is in sync with the moon, the pivotal points in her cycle coincide with the full and new moons. Some women may ovulate around the full moon. And if conception doesn’t happen, their uterine lining sheds, and they bleed around the new moon. And for others, it may be reversed – they ovulate around the new moon and bleed around the full moon.

For this reason, the menstrual cycle is often referred to as the ‘Moon Cycle’ and the days of bleeding are referred to as ‘Moon Time.’

I am not certain this ‘Moon Cycle’ theory would be validated by science.

However, I personally connect to it and I know a lot of other women do as well.

Ever since I began my ‘Womb Healing’ journey, I have observed some resonance between my menstrual cycles and the cycles of the moon.

I won’t say my cycles are perfectly in sync with the moon every single month. But very often, they are.

I like to believe I am connected to the moon through my cycles for I see the healing value it brings to me.

Now, this brings us another question to ponder.

Is the practice of retreating during menstruation possible in today’s faster-paced world?

It may be possible for some women. But for others, it may be harder.

Here’s why-  

  1. We are disconnected from the body – Being inactive is not always seen as a positive thing in today’s world. With more and more women taking on different roles in the outside world, long days packed with activity have become a normal part of life for many of us. So, any phenomenon that hinders the flow of activity is seen as a nuisance.
  2. Practical Constraints – Even those amongst us who recognise the value of taking time off every month may not always be able to implement it with ease. We may have full-time jobs that support us financially. So, taking days off every month may not be practically possible. Also, with families becoming more nuclear in nature, it may not be feasible for a woman to retreat completely during her moon time. Her presence may be required at least for some part of the day or even for most of the day if she has children that are dependent on her.

Let’s look at some simple ways in which we can address these challenges so we can come into greater harmony with our moon cycles in the modern era that we are a part of.

Connection to Body

Connecting to our body requires us to first drop the notion that inactivity is futile.

We all have Masculine and Feminine energies within us and we tap into each of them at different times. While the Masculine energy represents ‘doing,’ the Feminine represents ‘Being.’ In order to achieve wholeness, we must see and understand that there is value in doing and there is value in being.

As women, being in tune with our bodies and our cycles requires us to tap into our Feminine and to recognise the value in just ‘Being’ at times.

Retreating is a quality of being. Silence is a quality of being.

If we can just ‘be’ when required, we feel more energised when the time arrives for us to ‘do’ again – just like a good night’s sleep recharges us and equips us to take on a new day with tons of energy.

Imagine what would happen if you never allowed yourself to sleep.

Beyond a point, you would become unproductive and not be able to accomplish much.

So also with ‘Being’ and ‘Doing.’

When you learn to ‘Be,’ ironically, you also get to ‘Do’ so much more!

For women who menstruate, this time of the month provides an opportunity to connect to the Being state.

Your body is naturally low on energy when you bleed and calls out for you to take it easy. So, this is a great time to practice the art of ‘Being.’

This is the essence of connecting to your body – honouring the body’s messages and living in accordance with its needs.

Practical Constraints – The Art Of Doing Your Best

If you recognise the value of retreating during your moon time but cannot do it fully because of your life’s circumstances, don’t worry.

The solution is simple – just do your best.

Cannot take an entire day to be by yourself?

Take at least an hour, two hours, or whatever works best for you, depending on your unique life situation.

Slow down wherever you can.

Maybe the laundry can wait a day longer?

Maybe you can skip your morning walk for a couple of days and stay in bed longer?

Maybe you can prepare simple meals instead of the elaborate three-course meals you always cook?

If you have friends or family nearby, maybe you can ask them to watch over the kids for a couple of hours while you rest?

Maybe you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the local spa?

There are many ways in which you can just be, for some time of the day, no matter how busy your schedule may be.

A lot can be accomplished in as less as an hour – healing-wise. And you doing your best is sufficient.

Be easy on yourself, stay flexible, and go with the flow.

There are no hard and fast rules here.

Menstruation Is Dirty: Breaking The Myth

Many people have the belief that menstrual blood is dirty and that women are impure when they bleed. This is the reason some societies require women to be isolated during their Moon Time.

I myself grew up in an orthodox family that believed in this practice of isolation.

Ever since I moved out of my ancestral home, I don’t practise isolation during Moon Time.

I have never been able to resonate with the belief that menstrual blood is dirty or that women are impure when they bleed. To be sure, I checked with experts in science and medicine and they confirmed there is nothing dirty or impure about menstrual blood.

While everyone is free to believe as they choose and I respect the choice of anyone who isolates, I personally feel the notion that women must isolate because they are impure when they bleed is not very helpful. While this belief may prove to be harmless for some women, it can bring on feelings of shame and stigma for others.

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The Sacred Marriage

A Sacred Marriage (or equivalent romantic relationship) has varied definitions.

This is how I describe it-

  1. In a Sacred Marriage, both partners are in love with themselves before they fall in love with each other. Or, they learn to love themselves as they journey together. There is no question of one partner completing the other with their love. Both partners are whole and complete in themselves, and this whole and complete love is shared and enjoyed.
  2. The energy of ex-romantic partners (if any) is cleared, so it doesn’t interfere with the energy dynamics between the couple. When exes linger in the energy field, it blocks a couple from achieving their highest potential together. When old energy is cleared, the field is fertile for new possibilities to take birth.
  3. The primary focus of a Sacred Marriage remains on love. When love is first priority, differences don’t feel like a big deal anymore. Partners may even grow to love one another’s differences. They recognise the strength their differences bring to the relationship.
  4. The longer couples are together, the more each partner gets to see the good, bad, and ugly in the other partner. However, since love seals the relationship, the relationship remains alive even after the passing of the honeymoon phase- when we feel so intoxicated we notice only the good! It is possible to sustain that feeling of intoxication provided one is willing to vibrate at the higher frequency of unconditional love! I can’t explain how exactly this works but when you love unconditionally, the romance feels as alive as it did when you first met. It’s possibly just the power of love at work.
  5. Love becomes the foundation of sexual connection. Intimacy ceases to be a primal or mechanical activity to be checked off one’s to-do list. It evolves into a sacred platform to share and experience the depths of love with another soul.

Unconditional love – for self and for the other – is integral to the building of a Sacred Marriage.

Don’t let this list intimidate or discourage you! The purpose of sharing this is to put forth the perspective of love being the building block in a Sacred Marriage.

Don’t worry if your partner doesn’t understand this kind of stuff. Just do your part.

To be honest, though I am the energy healer here, it was my husband who demonstrated the true meaning of unconditional love to me. He didn’t worry if I would ever get it! He just loved for the sake of love.

Over years, I learnt from who he was and the capacity to love unconditionally was awakened within me too. So, all you have to do is work on yourself and not worry about whether your partner is working as hard as you or not.

Remember, your soul has picked a specific person to be your partner for a reason. Honour your soul’s choice without comparing yourself to other couples. You are exactly where you are meant to be. And when you do your inner work, the Universe pitches in to support you in every way possible.

If you resonate with this article, it means there is every possibility you have it in you to build a Sacred Marriage. Or you are already in one and you just have to recognise it.

I wish you love, joy, and peace!

P.S: This does not apply to relationships that are abusive in nature. No one must put up with abuse of any kind. Seek professional help if you are in a toxic relationship.