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What’s The Frequency Of Love?

When I began my healing journey in the year 2007, I attended a healing program that required us to work with the energy of the heart.

A healing session with this particular group meant – trained facilitators would send newbies like me healing energy from their heart space and we had to sit in silence and receive.

I found this concept very vague, because I couldn’t feel energy flowing from them to me. But they told me not to worry about feeling anything and to just be open and receptive to the experience.

When Reiki came into my life, barely four months after this, it felt like I had experienced a quantum leap or something!

I was suddenly able to feel an abundance of energy running through my palms and body.

I do not know how I could shift so quickly from not being able to feel a thing to feeling intense heat, tingling and a myriad of other sensations in my palms and body.

Power of the Reiki Attunement perhaps?

And after 15 years, all one has to say is, “Take a deep breath and drop into your heart space.”

And I am immediately able to feel the pulse of the heart chakra – the beautiful soft frequency of love – the heart feels like a warm cocoon and my eyes tear up as I soak in the ocean of love that lies right within each of us.

All of us feel love for self and others. But to experience love as an independent frequency within the body and the heart chakra is a very unique experience indeed.

I am grateful to be an energy healer. I love that we get to tune into the subtlest of frequencies within us and all around us!

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Energy Healing Is A Two Way Process

“Let me tune in to your energy before I can say anything.”

“Can you tell me how you are feeling?”

“Let’s just go with the flow and see what shows up for you.”

“Let’s not go against the flow for now. Difficult as it may be, let everything be as it is. Let’s revisit this problem after some time.”

“Whatever is for your highest good is what you can expect from this session.”

“Can we let go and surrender completely to the energy? Let’s allow it to do its work.”

“Breathe energy into every cell in your body.”

“Something doesn’t feel right. The energy feels off. Let’s go deeper and see what comes up.”

“Looks like you’ve absorbed some negative energy. Can you work on clearing it?”

“You’re all high vibe today!”

Most healers are familiar with this kind of ‘Energy Talk.’ After a point in time, it begins to feel natural to talk like this!

I have been offering Reiki sessions for the last 14 years and have worked with a variety of clients. The most memorable sessions amongst these have been the ones I’ve done for other experienced energy healers and also for people who may not be trained energy healers but have had a fair amount of exposure to energy-based healing therapies.

The reasons being-

  1. It is an absolute joy to converse freely with them in ‘Energy Language’ and not have them look at you like – “Have you gone nuts?!”
  2. It is also easier to give them feedback because they know and understand the subtleties of energy work and are well aware of its potential as well as limitations. They don’t expect miracles and magic from the healer, and are ready to do their part to find solutions.

Energy healing, like all other forms of healing, is a two-way process. It’s not about the healer doing something to make a client’s problems disappear. Healers can only offer support by facilitating the process of healing and showing the light.

Barring a few exceptions, recipients of healing are not meant to be passive. They are expected to open their eyes, recognise the light, be in charge and make every effort possible to move in the direction of light. Only then is true healing possible.

This image depicts a cancer surgeon's experience of Reiki in an article by Suraj Manjunath on When Spirit Meets Science
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Energy, Vibration & Reiki: A Cancer Surgeon’s Perspective

Energy, frequency, and vibration.

For me, these were words associated with physics and conventional science.

In 2007, I learned that these words also carry a completely different meaning for other people.

They seemed to be an integral part of Haripriya’s vocabulary and she used them frequently in the context of day-to-day life.

Initially, I found myself baffled by the context in which she used these words! It took me quite some time to get used to them and to know exactly what they mean in non-scientific terms.

Be it choosing a home to move into after our marriage or finding a new workplace for her, Haripriya had to first tune in to the place’s ‘vibe.’ If the ‘vibration’ of a place felt right, she would pick it. If not, she wouldn’t. She did this exercise not only for herself but also for me. Thankfully, she pronounced that the vibe of the hospital I was working at when we first met was excellent!

Now, whenever I need to take big decisions, she shares her inputs on how various options ‘feel.’ And I have come to realize that I value her inputs. I weigh her intuitive insights alongside my own logic and base my decisions on the best of both.

Haripriya also introduced me to Reiki. Way back in 2007, she explained to me that Reiki is a form of ‘energy healing’ that helps to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of balance. She said this is done through the laying on of hands over different ‘chakras or energy centers’ associated with the body. These concepts flew over my head as I had a hard time relating to energy in this manner. I told her I would prefer to experience Reiki rather than attempt to understand it with my logical mind.

I have been receiving Reiki from her for years now. I have to say it is a very relaxing experience. I love the soft ambiance that is created with candles and soothing music. I cherish the gentle presence of Haripriya while she works on ‘balancing my chakras!’ I appreciate being encouraged to not think of anything else for a good forty minutes and to just allow myself to relax. I often drift into a peaceful slumber during these Reiki sessions and wake up feeling refreshed.

Peace and healing comfort – this is what Reiki is to me!

My objective and rational temperament is my strength. I cannot think of a scientific explanation for Reiki. But I do know how it makes me feel.

If someone were to ask me what love feels like, I would tell them to try some Reiki!

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Did Santa Knock? Merry Christmas!

2007 was a year of several breakthroughs for me. So, it came as no surprise when the Christmas of that year felt extra special too!

I spent the Christmas of 2007 sauntering in the gardens of St John’s Hospital. The hospital had a beautiful giant crib set up to welcome Baby Jesus. My husband Suraj (then fiance) worked there at that time. Knowing my love for Christmas, he offered to show me around the hospital that was all decked up for the festive season.

My inner child felt excited to be present in that bright and colourful space of health and healing. I soaked up all the good vibes floating around.

As I walked around, a huge decorative star on one of the hospital buildings caught my attention. It had the message ” Peace on Earth” engraved on it.

A wave of peace literally washed over me when I read those words.

Being there in that divine space felt like the best Christmas present I could ever get that year! I often travel back in time to that day in 2007 and my body still warms up in joy and peace.

It’s 2021 now and Christmas is here again.

Life’s circumstances have changed. I have a lot more responsibility now. With two beautiful and active children running around the house, I am so happy but also often exhausted. Besides, a messy house with books and toys strewn all over, leaves me feeling grumpy! To make matters worse, a woman I had employed to help with housekeeping had to quit her job.

I recently appointed another young woman to help me around the house.

She spends a couple of hours here every morning. She walks in flashing a big bright smile and goes about her work with a spring in her step. All instructions I give her are received well and she executes them with sincerity. I thought she was being extra nice to me because I am her new employer. However, I soon realised she is equally nice to everyone. When I hear her talking to family on the phone, she sends out the same sweet vibes.

My grumpy moods heal just by listening to her phone conversations! To me, these kind of people who heal simply through their presence are human angels.

I often wished I would find a house help who would work with a smile on her face and my wish has been granted this Christmas. My inner child would like to believe Santa was the force behind this!

Merry Christmas!

This image shows the birth of a safe world form girls and women in a blog post by Haripriya Suraj in When Spirit Meets Science
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Healthy Sexuality, Safe World

Becoming a mother to a little daughter last year made me very joyful. At the same time, it also brought in a tremendous amount of fear and paranoia. Being a woman myself, I have never been as concerned about my safety in this world as much as I feel for my daughter. These feelings of concern for my baby girl soon extended to include the entire female population.

Every time I picked up my daughter and saw the innocence in her eyes, it began to remind me of the atrocities that have been committed against the female, primary among them, being sexual abuse and assault. Old stories of sexual violence against women reported in the media began to haunt me day and night. I began to feel bitter and resentful and asked questions like-

  1. What kind of an ugly world are we living in?
  2. Is the female an object of pleasure to be used by a male?
  3. What kind of beastly people are the men who have abused and tortured women to satisfy their own primal urges?

Being on the spiritual path, I have always found solace in the philosophy that we create our own reality. However, applying the same philosophy after the arrival of my daughter, particularly to the issue of women’s safety, has been challenging. I still believe we create our own reality. But that doesn’t mean we should be blind to the darkness in the world. On the path of spiritual healing, when something begins to bother us more than it should, it is viewed as a sign that

Something related to the problem needs to be healed within our consciousness – meaning we need to view the situation from a higher perspective and make peace with it in body, mind and spirit.


We have a practical role to play in doing something about the situation rather than waste time and energy in endless worry and anxiety.

While the former was my insight, the latter was shared by my husband Suraj. This was indeed an aha moment for me! I believe both these insights hold valid in my case. Often, we get so caught up in our own thinking, we fail to see problems from other perspectives. In such moments, our family and friends play the role of wisdom bearers and step in to show us the light.

The questions I am now asking have shifted to –

  1. Can I accept that good, bad and ugly coexist in the current world?
  2. How can I do my bit to make the world a safer place for women and also for men?
  3. Can I start by sensitising my own son and help him understand the meaning of healthy sexuality in age appropriate ways?
  4. How can I help create more awareness around matters of healthy sexuality and respectful partnerships between men and women?

While I often dream of a world that is beautiful and peaceful in all ways, I understand we also need to be practical and deal with the reality that is currently in front of us.

Rather than drowning in darkness, I now choose to bring in the Light in little ways and thereafter surrender my efforts to the Universe. I trust the world is becoming a safer place and that the future will certainly see the birth of a new paradigm where healthy, respectful and sacred partnerships are the norm.

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Alchemy With Love

There are two ways to operate in life-



Very often, a given situation will have a completely different feel to it, depending on whether love is the driving force behind it or non-love.

Non-love could be defined as any state of being that makes one feel negative, uncomfortable, anxious, restless etc.

Love brings softness and higher consciousness into the picture. Love can elevate the vibration of even seemingly routine or mundane situations and make them take on a whole new quality.

When you find yourself feeling low, pause and tune in to your heart.

Ask yourself where you are operating from.

Now bring the element of love into the situation and tune in again.

If the emotions you are feeling are very intense, it may not be possible to tune in to your heart without addressing the emotional charge first. I find the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique to be very helpful in bringing down the intensity of difficult emotions. However, different techniques work for different people. So pick a practice that works best for you.

Once emotional intensity drops and you are able to tune in to your heart space, notice what happens.

You are likely to find that your perspective about the situation shifts. This is usually followed by the situation itself transforming for the better.

Remember, love is like a ‘healing balm.’ It can comfort, soothe, uplift and transform, sometimes in an instant.

Let’s invite more love into our lives!

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Bengaluru Diaries: The Magic & Logic of Good Vibes

A Sunday evening walk through the streets of Malleshwaram, a bustling locality in our city Bengaluru (Bangalore), turned out to be a soul-stirring experience. Malleshwaram, is one among a handful of localities, that has kept up with the times yet retains the sweet charm of old Bengaluru.

Being a sensitive person, I rarely enjoy crowded and noisy environments. However, the experience at Malleshwaram always feels different.

Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables are stocked in abundance in every nook and corner. The roads are lined with carts and vendors of all kinds, with everything from simple hairbands to elaborate clothing and footwear being made available to shoppers. The smell of freshly ground coffee powder wafts through the air while friends are seen bonding over chai (tea).

As a bonus, with Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) around the corner, the shops are now brightly lit and seem to be offering a warm welcome to customers.

Despite being amidst hundreds of people that evening, I felt surprisingly peaceful and refreshed at the end of the walk.

I did some energy analysis and attributed the good vibes in the air to the fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. These are considered to be ‘high prana’, meaning their quotient of life force energy continues to be high for quite some time after they are harvested. Logically speaking, there’s something about farm-fresh produce that gives many of us a good feeling. When the streets are occupied by as many flowers, fruits and vegetables as humans, the denser human energy is likely to be balanced by the lighter vibes stemming from the former.

My husband Suraj attributed this good feel to the fact that it may feel refreshing to see many humans together, after the Covid scenario severed our connection with the outside world for more than a year. I agree with this viewpoint too for we humans have an innate need for love and connection.

Humans apart, when you also have colourful and nourishing vegetables, fruits and flowers for company, any place can transform into ‘Paradise on Earth!’ I feel grateful for the abundance of goodness on this beautiful planet.

This is an image of an energy portal in an article on energy portals by Haripriya Suraj in When Spirit Meets Science
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Meditative Spaces Or Energy Portals?

Do you have a place that calls out to your heart and soul?

A place that leaves you feeling peaceful and refreshed when you visit?

It could be a place in nature or someplace else.

While any place in nature helps me feel wonderful, there is another unique space that I feel drawn to.

This is the Bangalore International Airport!

Logically speaking, this doesn’t make any sense! The airport is a concrete structure that has gigantic metallic machines flying in and out every minute. Yet I feel a sense of calm descend on me when I am there.

Very often, I visit the airport only to experience moments of peace and calm.

While there was no necessity to analyse my affinity for the airport, my own curiosity had me reflect on my feelings! And here is what came up –

The Bangalore airport is located way outside the city. The journey outside the hustle and bustle of the city certainly feels refreshing. But this could be so for any destination outside the city, isn’t it? What sets the airport apart from other destinations?

A visit to the airport almost guarantees that you will get to watch a few aircraft taking off and landing. Watching flights in motion brings me joy and peace. Is it possibly symbolic of embarking on journeys that promise growth or of soaring to new heights? May very well be so!

Finally, the airport and the airplanes possibly remind me of our larger connection to the Universe itself! An airplane is closest to what feels like a vehicle in which humans may venture out into space one day!

We may not have a physical vehicle for space travel yet (barring some complex spaceships for astronauts), but we can certainly try to journey into space through the realms of our consciousness. Imagine what it would feel like to be out there, on an adventure through space, among the millions of stars and planets! Watching a flight take off rekindles within me unexplained feelings of euphoria.

I personally believe we are multidimensional beings whose existence spans way beyond this Earth. We may not be conscious of this because we are in a physical human body. But when you look at the marvels of creation and at the power of your consciousness, it certainly feels plausible that our energy or consciousness has a far greater reach than we may believe possible in the current paradigm on Earth.

My husband Suraj gives this ‘airport fantasy’ of mine a humorous twist, saying the area surrounding the airport must be a ‘Portal’ through which my soul was dropped off on Earth! While I enjoy this humour, it has also struck a deeper chord within me.

I know it may sound far-fetched, but on a deeper level, the airport to me is actually like an ‘Energy Portal.’ Spending time there helps me journey to a different dimension of consciousness and to come back to ground reality feeling recharged and refreshed! It doesn’t have to make any logical sense and I choose to enjoy it for what it is.

I wonder if this article will inspire you to contemplate on your own ‘Energy Portals!’

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Energy Body : Meaning & Significance

Working with the ‘Energy Body’ is an integral aspect of wellness therapies like Reiki.

The Energy Body also goes by other names such as aura and energy field.

The Energy Body is typically depicted as an invisible field of energy around the physical body. It is not static. Instead, it is seen as a fluid and dynamic field that intermingles with the physical body.

From a practical standpoint, the Energy Body represents the sum total of an individual’s quality of life. This includes –

  1. Physical Health & Wellness – How healthy an individual is and how good they feel in their body.
  2. Mental Makeup – What kind of thoughts pre-occupy an individual’s mind, how they harness the power of their mind , does their mind mostly work for or against them.
  3. Emotional Wellbeing – How an individual feels and processes their positive as well as negative emotions.
  4. Social Support & Connection – How connected one feels to family, friends and to the world at large, what is the quality of these connections.
  5. Spiritual Strength – How much one is able to tap in to their source of inner strength, what is their level of connection to the Universe (or a higher non-physical power) and their ability to feel supported by the same.

The Energy Body is divided into sub-systems called ‘Chakras’ or ‘Energy Centres.’ Each of the Chakras represents a certain aspect of human life.

Since the Energy Body and its Chakras cannot be seen or measured in a concrete manner, their existence may be labeled a ‘hypothesis,’ when viewed through a scientific lens. Such concepts may also seem illusory to many.

However, before dismissing the hypothesis, it may help to reflect on the inherent wisdom it contains and the potential it holds to help people create well-being in their lives (the significance of each Chakra shall be discussed in detail in future posts).

When we work on a specific chakra, we work on a certain aspect of life and strive to bring it into balance and harmony. In other words, we work on becoming better.

When we work consciously on each of the chakras, we address almost all aspects of human existence and move towards creating a well-grounded and well-rounded life.

This is one of the primary goals of energy based wellness therapies.

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The Meaning of Energy & Vibration in Wellness Therapy

Many energy healing practices fall into the category of wellness therapy. The words Energy and Vibration are part of every energy healer’s vocabulary.

These words are usually associated with conventional science. Many people from a scientific background are baffled when they hear these words being tossed around casually by wellness practitioners!

Bring in talk of quantum physics and assert that its findings are in line with those of energy healing, and wellness practitioners are certain to be dismissed as disillusioned people preaching some kind of pseudoscience!

The goal of this article is to shed light on the words ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ and what they represent in the context of energy healing/wellness therapy.

An understanding of quantum physics isn’t necessary to explain this!

Here goes-

The building block of ALL creation is ENERGY.

This is the core premise of energy healing practices like Reiki and many other wellness therapies.

Energy may manifest as a star, planet, rock, tree, water, fire, air, or human. But at its deepest level, everything in the Universe is seen as some form of energy.

Taking this even further, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the love we share with our dear ones and the way we project ourselves in the world is also seen as energy.

When someone says you have a nice vibe, what they mean is that you are a pleasant person to be around. Your pleasant disposition is the energy you put out into the world.

If someone says you are vibrating at a low frequency, they mean there is a negative pattern or behaviour in you that brings disharmony to you and to those around you. That negative behaviour is the energy you share with the world.

The concept of energy is also fundamental to conventional science but what most scientists mean by energy is radically different from what energy healers mean. There are a few scientists who are open to an inclusive definition of energy but that is their personal definition and belief and is not validated by mainstream science. This is important to understand so as not to mix concepts up and ruffle feathers.

When an energy healer uses the words energy and vibration, it most often means the state of our being at any given point- how good we feel in our body, what we think, how we feel, what we do with our time, how we connect with other beings on the planet and so on.

Going even deeper, sending energy to ourselves or to others (as done in practices like Reiki) can seem incomprehensible too.

What does it mean to send energy to someone? How is that even possible?

Most of us have experienced moments when we think or feel something and the person next to us also expresses the same within a short span of time.

Or we remember someone after a long time and receive a text or call from them soon after.

This phenomenon (called telepathy) is based on the concept that we are connected to everything and everyone in this world and that our energy reaches far and wide to touch others in ways that may not always make logical sense.

There are other times when we have a fleeting vision or desire that comes to pass in mysterious ways.

One can certainly argue that telepathic encounters and other mysterious phenomena are the product of chance and maybe they are at times.

Chance or not, it doesn’t make it any less interesting when it happens!

When we experience life in ways different from what we are accustomed to, it brings in a new dimension to existence.

So, when an energy healer says she is sending energy to someone, it is based on the premise that we are all interconnected. If I am connected to you and I send you love and good thoughts, you can pick that up and receive it to support yourself. Sending energy is the same as consciously sending love, good will or positive intentions to another. All of this may seem illusory and far-fetched, but a certain level of faith, openness and personal experience are required to embrace it. No amount of theory can validate such phenomena as much as personal experience.

In our day-to-day interactions, many of us can decipher who wishes us well and who doesn’t. We know who we can trust and who we cannot. To explain this in terms of energy, we just pick up on the energy of each person we come in contact with and either open up our own energy field to them or protect it from them. At times, we may be vulnerable and allow the negative energies of others to affect us.

The words energy and vibration are meant to help us understand ourselves better, to overcome challenges, to be open to a certain amount of magic to carry us along and to create a wholesome life.

At this point, I would like to make a confession. From my limited understanding, I personally feel there are some interesting parallels between energy healing and conventional science. However, this is my personal belief and I understand I cannot claim it as truth until it can be proven beyond doubt. Till we know better, it may make more sense to stick to the ‘energy’ we know and work with in the field of wellness rather than get our concepts mixed up with conventional science.

If everything is energy at the deepest level, it hardly matters anyway.

All we need is some discernment to know what kind of energy must be applied when!