Ganesha: The Sweet Elephant Being

One day, a young woman was walking through a village. She had a basket full of stones with her.

She saw a stream and sat down beside it. She placed the basket next to her and closed her eyes.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She seemed to be very sad about something.

Suddenly, she wiped her tears, connected to her pain from the depths of her belly, and shouted out aloud, “Universe, I can’t take this pain anymore. I need help. And I need it NOW!!”

A minute or two later, she heard footsteps approaching.

She turned around and saw a sweet little face peering at her through a thick bush.

The being had big brown eyes, large ears, and also a trunk.

“Hey, that looks like an elephant,” she thought to herself, “But something’s different about this elephant.”

The ‘Elephant Being’ smiled at her and stepped out of the bush.

She noticed that this being only had the head of an elephant. The rest of his body appeared human.

“You have such a sweet smile. Who are you?” she asked.

“I am Ganesha,” replied the Elephant Being.

“Why are you here?” said the woman.

“I heard a cry for help and I thought it was you,” said Ganesha.

“Yes, it was me asking the Universe for help,” said the woman, “I don’t understand why you are here.”

“The Universe has different ways of sending help,” said Ganesha, “And I am one of its sources.”

The woman appeared bewildered.

Ganesha walked up to her and sat down beside her.

He placed her basket on his lap and began to toss one stone at a time into the stream.

“Hey Ganesha, what are you doing?” screamed the woman, “Those stones belong to me.”

“I know,” said Ganesha, “But you asked for help remember? I am helping you clear your basket.”

“I asked for help with my life,” said the woman, sounding annoyed “Not help to clear my basket!”

“How can you make space for anything new, dear one, unless you clear the clutter you have collected? Allow me to help,” said Ganesha kindly.

The woman was quiet. Ganesha’s words seemed to have struck a chord deep within her.

After a couple of minutes, she smiled and joined Ganesha in clearing the stones from her basket.

As she tossed each stone into the stream, her basket grew lighter and lighter. Finally, it was empty.

Ganesha patted her on the back, handed the basket back to her, and said, “Well done!”

The woman closed her eyes again. She seemed to be at peace now.

“Now that you are empty, dear one, all possibilities in the Universe are open to you. Open your arms and prepare to receive when the Universe delivers,” said Ganesha.

“I will,” said the woman, eyes still closed.

She had her eyes closed for almost an hour with Ganesha sitting patiently by her side.

Suddenly she smelt a beautiful fragrance and opened her eyes.

She looked down and saw that her basket was full of fresh flowers – of many varieties, colours, and fragrances!

“Wow!” exclaimed the woman, “How in the world did these flowers appear?”

“You manifested them,” said Ganesha.

“I don’t understand,” said the woman.

“You let go of the stones (clutter from your inner world). And you received flowers (blessings in the outer world),” explained Ganesha.

“Oh my! This is incredible!” said the woman, “Thank you Ganesha.”

“You’re welcome!” said Ganesha, “I supported you. But I could have helped only up to a point. You had to pitch in too. It’s your life after all. So, congratulations for choosing to empty your basket!”

The woman stood up and hugged Ganesha tight.

After sharing a warm embrace, Ganesha said goodbye to the woman and left.

The woman picked up her basket of flowers and raced through the village until she reached her home.

She placed the flowers on her altar.

She then brought out paper and paint and created a magnificent picture of Ganesha.

Her sister appeared and said, “Hey, what is this you’re painting? An elephant?”

“He’s my new friend!’ replied the woman in glee, “He’s the sweetest, kindest, and the most helpful soul I have met. He looks like a cute little elephant on the outside but underneath that cuteness lay hidden immense wisdom and power.”

“Wow!” said her sister, “He looks divine.”

“He is,” replied the woman and hung the painting near the altar.

Now, every time she sees the painting, she knows she has someone to reach out to when she feels stuck.

But more importantly, she is reminded to live the wisdom Ganesha helped her unearth!

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Happy International Women’s Week!

Happy International Women’s Week!

I love being a woman.

I love my hormones and my cycles.

I love my intuition, creative potential, and ability to flow with life.

For several years, I falsely believed I was inferior because I was a woman.

I was told that some people in my family were disappointed because I wasn’t born a boy.

I was told some of our ancestors believed that the birth of a girl didn’t call for as much celebration as the birth of a boy.

As a young adult, I was looked down upon because I chose a more nurturing profession and asserted that becoming a high-flying career woman was not my calling.

I have shed tears over these hurtful revelations and judgments – not just for me, but for women at large. However, I was able to let all the pain go when I set foot on the healing path.

I was also able to forgive everyone who I allowed to hurt me. They must have had their reasons for adopting such beliefs. If they were given an opportunity to explore the depths of womanhood or manhood, they most likely would not have taken on such limiting beliefs.

Becoming a healer and learning from several spiritual teachers along the way helped me realise how blessed I am to be born a woman! Not to say that men aren’t blessed. The Divine Masculine is equally unique too.

As a woman, I now see how beautiful it is to be an intuitive, a creator, and a nurturer.

I marvel at the womb space within my body and the fact that it feels like a miniature creative powerhouse of the Universe.

I have learnt to celebrate my hormones and the roller coaster ride they kickstart every month.

I have learnt to honour my cycles rather than groan about how terrible they feel.

I experience great delight in being a channel for creative inspiration and projects.

I experience the subtle sweetness of the Divine Feminine in my roles as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, healer, and teacher.

I celebrate every aspect of my womanhood today and feel proud to be a woman.

I wish you a very happy International Women’s Week and Women’s Day on March 8th !

Remember – You are beautiful, powerful, and magical in more ways than one.

You are a living breathing embodiment of the Divine Feminine!

This image shows a human meditating and enveloped in light in a post by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, on overcoming fear of ghosts and evil spirits

How I Overcame The Fear Of Ghosts & Evil Spirits

As a child and teenager, I heard several people in my family talk about ghosts and evil spirits.

These people seemed to enjoy their stories and spoke of encountering ghosts like it’s the commonest occurrence in the world!

Being a sensitive person who had not yet developed an ability to think independently, I literally absorbed every ghost story into my bones. This fueled fear and limited me in many ways.

The biggest hurdle presented itself when my ailing grandmother was on the verge of passing over. I heard dear ones say that spirits would arrive at our home to whisk her soul away. One person even said she heard footsteps of the spirits.

This frightened me beyond any of the other stories I had heard. I was filled with dread and couldn’t sleep through the nights in peace. I woke up trembling every night and had no courage to open my eyes! I would pull my blanket over my head, shut my eyes tight, and dare not open them until the break of dawn. I probably thought this would prevent me from seeing a spirit walk past my room into my grandma’s, or funnier still, that it would prevent the spirit from seeing me!

I reached a point where I couldn’t tolerate the fear anymore and the thought of returning home from college began to haunt me even more than a spirit could! I confided in some of my friends and a friend recommended to me that I try connecting to Angels before retiring for the night.

This was my first introduction to Angels. Connecting to Angels before bedtime put my mind at rest. I felt safe and protected and was able to sleep peacefully. I also requested the Angels to help my grandmother transition peacefully and respectfully and dropped the fear of some spirits dragging her soul away in a dramatic manner.

While I overcame this hurdle successfully, plenty of fear was still lingering in my energy field.

After I married Suraj, I was able to work through these residual fears, by adopting a combination of my energy-based practices and my husband’s logical thinking.

1. As energy work became an integral aspect of my life, I discovered that everything is just energy at a fundamental level and that we draw towards us whatever we resonate with at the deepest levels of our consciousness. I experienced this truth firsthand. And my experiences gave me the strength to say a big fat ‘NO’ to anything I did not wish to be part of my life, which included ghosts and evil spirits.

2. When I shared my fears with Suraj, he shared with me some interesting stories from his years of medical training. There were instances when he had to spend nights resting in a tiny room beside the mortuary of his medical college (for lack of better facilities back then). Also, every student was given a study set consisting of bones. He kept this set of bones in his room at home and never viewed it as something to be afraid of. To spice things up even further, there was talk of a ‘haunted corridor’ in the hospital wing of the college. Many staff members chose to avoid this area at night and took longer routes to reach their destinations. However, Suraj felt no fear whatsoever and walked right through the corridor if required. Witnessing life and death is routine for everyone in the medical world. He told me he hadn’t encountered a single ghost in all his years as a medical student and now professional. On a lighter and humorous note, he said that even if a ghost appeared before me, I had the capacity to choose how to respond. Instead of trembling in fear, what if I said hello and spoke to it instead? Why assume the ghost is out to get me? What actually is there to be so afraid of? Though it was meant to be a joke, I found this reasoning and advice deeply healing! And I was like, ” Yeah! Makes sense actually!”

And my fear healed!

Do ghosts and evil spirits exist?

I have no idea because I have never encountered any personally. But even if they do, it doesn’t bother me anymore because I have no interest in having them be part of my life’s experience. And since I have no curiosity or fear around their existence, I know that by virtue of the Law Of Attraction, they shall not be part of my reality.

Much like, some people in my family saw and heard ghosts because they so ardently resonated with them, while another didn’t encounter a single one simply because he wasn’t looking for them and his energy was invested elsewhere!

This is an image that depicts soul mates and twin flames in an article by Haripriya Suraj -When Spirit Meets Science

Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are common buzz words in New Age circles.

While there are varied definitions to these terms, the most commonly accepted ones are-

Soul Mates are souls with whom we share a warm and loving relationship. These relationships are generally smooth and easy and help partners grow together in joy. Soul Mates may share common interests and bond through their similarities. There is a deep understanding between partners and the relationship is most often peaceful.

Twin Flame relationships are also based on love but it isn’t the kind of love that comes easy. It is love that must manage to stay alive through challenges. This is seen as a more intense relationship in which partners act as triggers and mirrors to each other. If you share a close relationship with someone who triggers you in areas you are most sensitive about and also mirrors back to you your vulnerabilities, they could be labeled a ‘Twin Flame.’ The relationship is based on strong attraction and great tension at the same time!

On the surface, it can seem like twin flame partners are very different from one another, almost opposites one could say. But if they can manage to bring their opposing forces together, it can give birth to a whole new paradigm; a paradigm in which their seemingly opposing energies transform into one complementary force. This combined energy holds the potential for deeper growth and evolution within the partnership.

The Twin Flame relationship is seen as a roller coaster ride that has the potential to crash yet manages to go steady and eventually witnesses the blossoming of unconditional love.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames can also be non-romantic partnerships, such as those we share with parents, siblings, friends or co-workers. However, very often, they are romantic in nature. It is a known fact that the people we are most intimate with are also the ones we are more likely to clash with!

At times, soul mate and twin flame partnerships can also serve a larger purpose, meaning their growth together proves to be rewarding not just to their relationship but also to many others in the world.

It is important to note that the concepts of Soul Mates and Twin Flames are fluid. They represent the dynamic of a relationship and are not static labels that define a relationship. A given relationship can be based on the soul mate dynamic at times and the twin flame dynamic at other times. However, it may lean more towards one or the other dynamic.

These labels are meant to help us understand the energy dynamics that may be playing out in our partnerships. It is important not to get too caught up in definitions and put the people we love in boxes. These concepts are meant to help us become aware of areas of growth and inspire us to create better quality relationships.

I trust this article will inspire you to experience a deeper connection with the Soul Mates and Twin Flames in your life!

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Energy Body : Meaning & Significance

Working with the ‘Energy Body’ is an integral aspect of wellness therapies like Reiki.

The Energy Body also goes by other names such as aura and energy field.

The Energy Body is typically depicted as an invisible field of energy around the physical body. It is not static. Instead, it is seen as a fluid and dynamic field that intermingles with the physical body.

From a practical standpoint, the Energy Body represents the sum total of an individual’s quality of life. This includes –

  1. Physical Health & Wellness – How healthy an individual is and how good they feel in their body.
  2. Mental Makeup – What kind of thoughts pre-occupy an individual’s mind, how they harness the power of their mind , does their mind mostly work for or against them.
  3. Emotional Wellbeing – How an individual feels and processes their positive as well as negative emotions.
  4. Social Support & Connection – How connected one feels to family, friends and to the world at large, what is the quality of these connections.
  5. Spiritual Strength – How much one is able to tap in to their source of inner strength, what is their level of connection to the Universe (or a higher non-physical power) and their ability to feel supported by the same.

The Energy Body is divided into sub-systems called ‘Chakras’ or ‘Energy Centres.’ Each of the Chakras represents a certain aspect of human life.

Since the Energy Body and its Chakras cannot be seen or measured in a concrete manner, their existence may be labeled a ‘hypothesis,’ when viewed through a scientific lens. Such concepts may also seem illusory to many.

However, before dismissing the hypothesis, it may help to reflect on the inherent wisdom it contains and the potential it holds to help people create well-being in their lives (the significance of each Chakra shall be discussed in detail in future posts).

When we work on a specific chakra, we work on a certain aspect of life and strive to bring it into balance and harmony. In other words, we work on becoming better.

When we work consciously on each of the chakras, we address almost all aspects of human existence and move towards creating a well-grounded and well-rounded life.

This is one of the primary goals of energy based wellness therapies.


The Marvels of Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine is one of the greatest offerings of Science.

As a child, I looked up to modern medicine. I loved being checked on gently by my kind-hearted physician. I knew that a visit to his clinic would often involve receiving a bottle of colourful potion, drinking which would help me feel better!

I watched my grandparents with multiple health problems lead long lives of fairly good quality, while the generation prior to theirs succumbed to simple illnesses in their forties and fifties. Thanks to the support of modern medicine, my grandparents lived into their eighties.

My own life was saved by modern medicine when I developed a pregnancy-induced life-threatening condition. Had I developed the same condition a century ago, I would have been one among millions of women who lost their lives to pregnancy.

Much of what we take for granted today posed a huge threat to our ancestors – smallpox, typhoid, cholera, rabies, snakebites, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and the list goes on.

Appendicitis meant death in the past whereas today it is no big deal at all!

Anaesthesia for surgical procedures is another feather in the cap. It’s hard to imagine how terrifying it may feel to be cut open without being put to sleep!

The life-saving measures offered by modern healthcare, both in the form of medicine and surgery, are one of its greatest contributions to humanity.

Certain common health conditions like diabetes and hypertension may not have a cure yet but they can certainly be managed well through a combination of medicine and lifestyle measures.

Vaccinations are another significant contribution of medical science. All of us reading this have witnessed the havoc caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While some are not for vaccines, the fact remains that vaccination has been a safe and reliable solution for several million people in the last few decades and more recently during the Covid outbreak.

I am sometimes asked why science must focus on the remedies to illness. Why not teach people to be well so we can prevent illness from developing in the first place?

My answer is that illness is part of the world we live in.

As wellness practitioners, we can certainly teach people about how to stay well.

But does that guarantee that illness will disappear?

All of us need the support of healthcare from time to time, even if just for simple health concerns.

Let’s intend and work towards creating a safe and disease-free world.

Let’s work towards helping people embrace wellness.

At the same time, it is important to be awake to the fact that illness is as much a part of the current world as wellness.

Opposites co-exist on this plane of duality called Planet Earth.

For as long as this is the case, healthcare is required.

Wellness can go hand in hand with medical care (where required).

Medicine has always been part of humankind’s history.

The Native Medicine of the past has evolved into the Modern Medicine of today.

When we take a moment to see how far we have come due to the progress made by medical science, we may find ourselves feeling grateful for it.

Thank you, Science!


Your Body Is More Than A Machine

The human body is one of the greatest marvels of creation.

It is so close to us that we often take its magic for granted!

Spend some time contemplating the groundbreaking work your body accomplishes every moment and you may just find a renewed sense of appreciation for it.

Your body is bubbling with intelligent life!

You are able to experience this beautiful creation, thanks to your body.

Are you able to see the vivid colours around you?

Say thanks to your eyes.

Are you able to smell the fresh rain-kissed mud?

Say thanks to your nose.

Are you able to eat and drink?

Say thanks to your digestive system.

Do you walk, run or dance?

Express gratitude to your legs.

Are you able to understand and process the information you are reading here?

Express gratitude to your brain.

The list can go on and on….

Every part, organ and system in your body works tirelessly to keep you alive and well.

It is hard to even comprehend how the body manages to accomplishes such a feat!

The body is not just a mechanical system. We may be so used to its presence that we begin to view and treat it like a machine. In truth, the body is a brilliant work of science and art and it deserves love and care from the one inhabiting it.

Take a minute each day to express your appreciation for your body.

Send love to your body.

Do whatever it takes to support your body. No excuses!

Eating a wholesome diet, exercising, taking time to rest well – all of these are common sense but can feel like a big deal to achieve in today’s fast-paced world.

Who wants to spend time connecting to the body when there are more important things to do?

But remember you are able to do the more ‘important’ things only because your body is supporting you.

All it takes is a twisted ankle or swollen eye to appreciate the remarkable gift of good health the body strives to maintain in each moment.

When you begin to recognise the invaluable contribution made by your body, you develop a love and reverence for it. Neglecting or abusing it in any way becomes impossible. Wellness practices like Reiki and meditation can also help you connect with your body.

The body is a gift of the Universe to you.

Honour it. Bless it. Love it!

This is an image in an article by Haripriya Suraj that describes what energy and vibration mean in the context of energy healing - When Spirit Meets Science

The Meaning of Energy & Vibration in Wellness Therapy

Many energy healing practices fall into the category of wellness therapy. The words Energy and Vibration are part of every energy healer’s vocabulary.

These words are usually associated with conventional science. Many people from a scientific background are baffled when they hear these words being tossed around casually by wellness practitioners!

Bring in talk of quantum physics and assert that its findings are in line with those of energy healing, and wellness practitioners are certain to be dismissed as disillusioned people preaching some kind of pseudoscience!

The goal of this article is to shed light on the words ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ and what they represent in the context of energy healing/wellness therapy.

An understanding of quantum physics isn’t necessary to explain this!

Here goes-

The building block of ALL creation is ENERGY.

This is the core premise of energy healing practices like Reiki and many other wellness therapies.

Energy may manifest as a star, planet, rock, tree, water, fire, air, or human. But at its deepest level, everything in the Universe is seen as some form of energy.

Taking this even further, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the love we share with our dear ones and the way we project ourselves in the world is also seen as energy.

When someone says you have a nice vibe, what they mean is that you are a pleasant person to be around. Your pleasant disposition is the energy you put out into the world.

If someone says you are vibrating at a low frequency, they mean there is a negative pattern or behaviour in you that brings disharmony to you and to those around you. That negative behaviour is the energy you share with the world.

The concept of energy is also fundamental to conventional science but what most scientists mean by energy is radically different from what energy healers mean. There are a few scientists who are open to an inclusive definition of energy but that is their personal definition and belief and is not validated by mainstream science. This is important to understand so as not to mix concepts up and ruffle feathers.

When an energy healer uses the words energy and vibration, it most often means the state of our being at any given point- how good we feel in our body, what we think, how we feel, what we do with our time, how we connect with other beings on the planet and so on.

Going even deeper, sending energy to ourselves or to others (as done in practices like Reiki) can seem incomprehensible too.

What does it mean to send energy to someone? How is that even possible?

Most of us have experienced moments when we think or feel something and the person next to us also expresses the same within a short span of time.

Or we remember someone after a long time and receive a text or call from them soon after.

This phenomenon (called telepathy) is based on the concept that we are connected to everything and everyone in this world and that our energy reaches far and wide to touch others in ways that may not always make logical sense.

There are other times when we have a fleeting vision or desire that comes to pass in mysterious ways.

One can certainly argue that telepathic encounters and other mysterious phenomena are the product of chance and maybe they are at times.

Chance or not, it doesn’t make it any less interesting when it happens!

When we experience life in ways different from what we are accustomed to, it brings in a new dimension to existence.

So, when an energy healer says she is sending energy to someone, it is based on the premise that we are all interconnected. If I am connected to you and I send you love and good thoughts, you can pick that up and receive it to support yourself. Sending energy is the same as consciously sending love, good will or positive intentions to another. All of this may seem illusory and far-fetched, but a certain level of faith, openness and personal experience are required to embrace it. No amount of theory can validate such phenomena as much as personal experience.

In our day-to-day interactions, many of us can decipher who wishes us well and who doesn’t. We know who we can trust and who we cannot. To explain this in terms of energy, we just pick up on the energy of each person we come in contact with and either open up our own energy field to them or protect it from them. At times, we may be vulnerable and allow the negative energies of others to affect us.

The words energy and vibration are meant to help us understand ourselves better, to overcome challenges, to be open to a certain amount of magic to carry us along and to create a wholesome life.

At this point, I would like to make a confession. From my limited understanding, I personally feel there are some interesting parallels between energy healing and conventional science. However, this is my personal belief and I understand I cannot claim it as truth until it can be proven beyond doubt. Till we know better, it may make more sense to stick to the ‘energy’ we know and work with in the field of wellness rather than get our concepts mixed up with conventional science.

If everything is energy at the deepest level, it hardly matters anyway.

All we need is some discernment to know what kind of energy must be applied when!


Healing The Clash Between Energy Medicine & Modern Medicine?

As a Reiki healer, my work involves applying principles of energy healing to create wellness for myself and also to help others who are seeking the same.

So why am I choosing to write about modern medicine?

Over the years, I have witnessed an unhealthy clash develop between the worlds of energy and modern medicine. I feel this clash is uncalled for and arises from misconceptions that have formed around modern medicine.

In the year 2007, Reiki synchronistically opened doors for me to view and understand the system of modern medicine and to appreciate the possibilities for healing it brings to this world.

Taking a peek into the world of modern medicine and liking what I saw was not easy. It meant having to periodically clash with the viewpoints of my dear friends in the energy healing community. This was not fun at all, for my energy healer friends are my kind of people, my tribe! They are beautiful souls I can be myself with. I can show my flawed human self to them without fear of judgment and they can do the same with me. We share a bond cemented by unconditional love. Therefore, clashing over a topic like medicine felt rather painful.

Having understood the principles of medical science thoroughly, I could no more find a valid enough reason to be critical of it or to compare it with energy healing. This isn’t to imply that medicine is always practised perfectly. It just means I developed a sense of appreciation for the foundation on which modern medicine is based. As in every other profession, it requires a competent and compassionate healthcare professional to execute it well.

Being an energy healer, it is hard for me to make statements like-

“Modern Medicine treats only the manifestation of the illness and not the root cause.”

“Pharmaceuticals must be avoided because they have side effects.”

Medicine may treat only the manifestation of illness but that doesn’t make it any less significant. Very often, the manifestation of an illness has to be addressed on priority. Modern Medicine is life-giving and life-saving. And this isn’t only in the case of emergencies like heart attacks or accidents. If we look closely into our own households, we can see that it spans way beyond that. Almost all of us know someone who is alive or healthy today only because modern medicine helped them manage a ‘non-emergency’ health condition effectively.

Pharmaceuticals have side effects. But do they deliver the results they are expected to? Almost always!

The side effects of every pharma drug are rigorously documented. There is no sugar coating or guessing game. Besides, these drugs are meant to be prescribed only when their benefits are much greater than their risks. They aren’t meant to be consumed for pleasure, like chocolate! They must be taken when required and this is not something to be ashamed of or looked down upon. Several energy healers feel they are letting their body down if they so much as pop one pill. I personally feel it isn’t necessary to punish ourselves with these beliefs.

Comparing the two streams of healing is similar to comparing a tiger with a cow! It doesn’t make sense to say a tiger is bad and a cow is good or vice versa. It also isn’t fair to compare these creatures without understanding the larger purpose each of them serves in the ecosystem.

The strength and alertness of the tiger are as appreciable as the gentleness and calm of the cow!

So why compare and clash?

It is possible to drop all judgment and be empty.

Let us honour each path for exactly what it offers!


Reiki – A Doorway to Spirit

Reiki is a form of energy healing that aids relaxation and well-being.

However, it is also so much more than that.

If one goes deep into Reiki practice, it can also act as a portal that offers a glimpse into the world of Spirit.

As palms lay gently on or over the body, they warm up. This gentle warmth permeates the body and feels like a blanket of comfort.

The breath becomes deep and calm. The body becomes still.

The mind soon follows suit. Thoughts begin to recede into the background and a sweet silence takes over.

In this meditative silence, one is completely in tune with oneself. This state of being opens the doorway to go within and connect with the subtle world of Spirit.

It is hard to describe in words what connecting with Spirit means. It is best experienced rather than explained theoretically. Besides, there are innumerable ways to experience Spirit and it simply cannot all be put into one box.

Reiki practice helps one to connect with Spirit in a calm, loving and expansive energetic space.