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When Love, Approval & Appreciation Don’t Come Your Way

“It’s eating me up from the inside,” she screeched, with tears streaming down her face.

She was breathing rapidly, her face looked pale and she seemed like a helpless child encountering powerful emotions that she didn’t know how to deal with.

“I can’t tolerate this anymore,” she went on, wiping her tears, “I’m done.”

Riya (name changed), a 40 year old woman I have been working with for a while came to see me for a matter that was troubling her greatly.

As a child, this woman and her sister saw her parents grappling with multiple interpersonal issues. There was persistent unrest in the household. As a result, there wasn’t much time or opportunity for her parents to show their love or appreciation to their children. She and her sister spent most of their childhood craving attention from their parents.

As a teenager and young adult, this woman developed an independent personality and chose a unique life path, much against the wishes of her parents. As a consequence, all possibility of appreciation or approval coming from the most important authority figures in her life was eliminated.

This woman is a successful entrepreneur today. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and two sons, who see her as their world. However, the void from childhood continues to bother her. It shows up as a silent monster time and again, and begins to chew away at her self-esteem.

As a consequence, this woman finds that she unconsciously seeks appreciation and approval from people old enough to be her parents, more so, if they are in positions of power and authority.

For several months now, she had been subconsciously seeking love, approval and appreciation from a senior couple (in positions of power) that she knows and looks up to.

She wasn’t sure if they withheld their appreciation intentionally or if they were just too busy to say a kind word to her.

Either way, it began to bother her tremendously. And that’s when she showed up for a healing session and burst out, “It’s eating me up from the inside.”

Considering she was feeling like a wreck, I helped her calm down first.

I personally find the energy healing tool Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) is a great way to defuse strong emotions while accepting our emotions and self completely. We did a few rounds of EFT. The intensity of her emotions dropped significantly.  She felt a peaceful acceptance of herself despite all that was going on.

Acknowledging our emotions is half the work done. Once we come into acceptance of self, we automatically gain clarity on how we could support ourselves further.

She sipped some water and told me, “I can’t possibly rewrite my childhood or replace my parents. This void is something I will have to live with all my life. Isn’t it so Haripriya?”

I said, “ Riya, it is true some things cannot be changed. And we ALL have stuff like that to deal with. However, what can be changed is how you respond to this void and also what you choose to fill it with now.”

She was ready to help herself overcome this challenge. So, we went on to do a combination of healing processes to explore how the void could be filled and transformed into a source of power and strength.

  1. We began by doing some inner child work with a teddy bear that was symbolic of Riya’s inner child. The adult Riya hugged her inner child and told her– “ I see you. I cherish you. I love you. I am proud of you.” She did this exercise until her inner child felt truly seen by the adult and she was satisfied. I recommended she do this exercise for a fortnight and also have the teddy beside her while she slept. This is to aid deeper integration of self love into her being.
  2. We then spent some time meditating in the sun. I guided her to pull some of the sunshine up through her entire body and specifically into her power centre – the Solar Plexus. After feeling like she was being eaten up from the inside, the warmth of the sun felt nurturing to her body and soul. Don’t we all deserve some warmth and love for no reason except for the fact that are who we are? Being out in nature, amidst the trees, flowers, earth and sun can feel deeply healing.
  3. We concluded with a discussion on self-love. Seeing and loving ourselves with all our strengths, drawbacks, wounds and voids is empowering. And if we can love ourselves successfully, we don’t really need anyone to love or appreciate us. Ironically, that’s when the right people also begin to see and love us for who we are! And what about those who don’t? Well, it doesn’t bother us anymore!  And it certainly doesn’t ‘eat away’ at us.

Riya went home feeling lighter and happier. This doesn’t mean she was completely healed and this issue will never bother her again. We are all human and have highs and lows. Deep-rooted issues can come up time and again. But when we are aware and well equipped to handle our ‘stuff,’ there is nothing to be afraid of, for we know we can sail through any challenge that presents itself.

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Pros & Cons Of Being Energy Sensitive

I was on a road trip for three days. While the trip was a refreshing break from routine, it made me reflect on the pros and cons of being energy sensitive and also got me to appreciate the value of home sweet home!

Upon returning home –

The air flowing freely through our well-ventilated space felt uplifting. It felt great to breathe in fresh oxygen after spending plenty of our time in air-conditioned ambiences.

The water tasted fresher.

The food felt lighter and healthier.

The bed felt softer.

And when I lay down to recharge myself with Reiki, the energy felt sweeter too!

Not because Reiki changed in some way at home but because I was so fatigued.

The weather was harsh throughout and the places we went to ( except for one quiet temple) were more crowded than we expected. As a result, my energy was thrown completely out of balance.

As I placed my palms on my body, they grew hot, like they used to in my early days as a Reiki practitioner. I felt so comforted by this gentle heat. It felt like I was literally plugged into a source of love and relaxation. I allowed all the energy I needed to flow into my body, mind, and soul.

After a comforting Reiki session and a good night’s sleep in my own bed, I felt much better.

Is it a good thing to be sensitive to external stimuli?

Not always. Because it tires you out easily and can also make life more difficult for others around you.

But sensitivity also has its pros. Because when you enjoy an experience, you go into the depths of it and take it in with every fibre of your being. For instance-

I enjoyed meditating in a temple we visited. The sounds of the bells and drums playing there helped me drift into a trance-like state and to connect to the Divine in bliss.

The greenery and solitude around the temple left me feeling rejuvenated.

My mind was at peace watching cows graze and flocks of sheep passing by.

The colours and smells of some really unique flowers touched my soul.

The sight of a huge pristine lake helped me connect to my own expansive nature.

Travel challenges me in some ways and uplifts me in other ways. And I have made peace with the fact that this is just how it’s going to be for me and it’s OK.

I am grateful to my husband and to my ten-year-old son for being accepting of me – for giving me the space to be cranky when stimulated and ecstatic when inspired, and for time to bounce back to balance after every trip out of town!

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How I Overcame The Fear Of Ghosts & Evil Spirits

As a child and teenager, I heard several people in my family talk about ghosts and evil spirits.

These people seemed to enjoy their stories and spoke of encountering ghosts like it’s the commonest occurrence in the world!

Being a sensitive person who had not yet developed an ability to think independently, I literally absorbed every ghost story into my bones. This fueled fear and limited me in many ways.

The biggest hurdle presented itself when my ailing grandmother was on the verge of passing over. I heard dear ones say that spirits would arrive at our home to whisk her soul away. One person even said she heard footsteps of the spirits.

This frightened me beyond any of the other stories I had heard. I was filled with dread and couldn’t sleep through the nights in peace. I woke up trembling every night and had no courage to open my eyes! I would pull my blanket over my head, shut my eyes tight, and dare not open them until the break of dawn. I probably thought this would prevent me from seeing a spirit walk past my room into my grandma’s, or funnier still, that it would prevent the spirit from seeing me!

I reached a point where I couldn’t tolerate the fear anymore and the thought of returning home from college began to haunt me even more than a spirit could! I confided in some of my friends and a friend recommended to me that I try connecting to Angels before retiring for the night.

This was my first introduction to Angels. Connecting to Angels before bedtime put my mind at rest. I felt safe and protected and was able to sleep peacefully. I also requested the Angels to help my grandmother transition peacefully and respectfully and dropped the fear of some spirits dragging her soul away in a dramatic manner.

While I overcame this hurdle successfully, plenty of fear was still lingering in my energy field.

After I married Suraj, I was able to work through these residual fears, by adopting a combination of my energy-based practices and my husband’s logical thinking.

1. As energy work became an integral aspect of my life, I discovered that everything is just energy at a fundamental level and that we draw towards us whatever we resonate with at the deepest levels of our consciousness. I experienced this truth firsthand. And my experiences gave me the strength to say a big fat ‘NO’ to anything I did not wish to be part of my life, which included ghosts and evil spirits.

2. When I shared my fears with Suraj, he shared with me some interesting stories from his years of medical training. There were instances when he had to spend nights resting in a tiny room beside the mortuary of his medical college (for lack of better facilities back then). Also, every student was given a study set consisting of bones. He kept this set of bones in his room at home and never viewed it as something to be afraid of. To spice things up even further, there was talk of a ‘haunted corridor’ in the hospital wing of the college. Many staff members chose to avoid this area at night and took longer routes to reach their destinations. However, Suraj felt no fear whatsoever and walked right through the corridor if required. Witnessing life and death is routine for everyone in the medical world. He told me he hadn’t encountered a single ghost in all his years as a medical student and now professional. On a lighter and humorous note, he said that even if a ghost appeared before me, I had the capacity to choose how to respond. Instead of trembling in fear, what if I said hello and spoke to it instead? Why assume the ghost is out to get me? What actually is there to be so afraid of? Though it was meant to be a joke, I found this reasoning and advice deeply healing! And I was like, ” Yeah! Makes sense actually!”

And my fear healed!

Do ghosts and evil spirits exist?

I have no idea because I have never encountered any personally. But even if they do, it doesn’t bother me anymore because I have no interest in having them be part of my life’s experience. And since I have no curiosity or fear around their existence, I know that by virtue of the Law Of Attraction, they shall not be part of my reality.

Much like, some people in my family saw and heard ghosts because they so ardently resonated with them, while another didn’t encounter a single one simply because he wasn’t looking for them and his energy was invested elsewhere!

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Blast From The Past : Life Lessons On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day felt different!

Suraj and I celebrated by going for a walk in the neighbourhood we resided in when we were newly married.

We lived in a simple yet cosy apartment back then.

When we stopped by our old home, we had some sweet reminiscences. We followed that up with some ‘compare and contrast’ to where we stand today.

And here’s what came up-

  1. We had all the time in the world back then! Our work was our primary responsibility. Once I got back from school (where I taught) and he from hospital, we had plenty of time to chat, go on long walks, play board games and do anything we wanted to. Now, with two kids and several responsibilities, uninterrupted time feels like a luxury! We have to seek support from family in order to get quality time together. And while being parents is very rewarding, we agreed we must also continue to be present for each other, like we were in the beginning of our relationship.
  2. In our first home, we enjoyed sipping tea in our tiny balcony that had magnificent trees forming a canopy over it. We continue to enjoy spending time in our current balcony. and have several plants for company.However, we do miss the presence of trees. I personally feel being out in nature is healing to body, mind and spirit and must be made priority. We agreed it would be good to visit our local botanical garden at least once a month and connect to trees. Count yourself lucky if you live in the vicinity of trees!
  3. During our early days, the inside stories of the medical world were new to me and felt much like a thriller movie! Apart from cancer surgery, Suraj also tended to general surgical cases back then and was frequently on call. This meant he had to rush to hospital in the middle of the night in case a patient requiring emergency surgery showed up. Every time his phone rang in the night, I would awaken too and begin to wonder what kind of a case had presented in the Emergency Room! Was it appendicitis? Intestinal obstruction? Trauma? (These were the most common emergencies that showed up). How was the patient? Would he or she become alright? I felt concerned about his patients although I didn’t see or know them. I still ask about how his patients are doing (now they are primarily cancer patients). But after all these years, I know what to expect and everything feels routine. Remembering my wide-eyed, open-eared younger self, brought some of that childlike wonder and innocence back into my being! The next morning, I found myself wondering what would unfold in hospital during the course of the day and how all the patients in the wards were doing! I told myself I must initiate deeper conversations with Suraj about his professional life! Taking interest in what our spouse does can help them feel good and strengthen the relationship.

I believe revisiting the past can be helpful in some ways. We may grow wiser as we age, However, our younger selves also had many strengths and lived through some happy moments. Integrating the good from our past (strengths as well as memories) into our current life and personality can bring more enrichment.

Having relived some good moments, we ended the evening sipping iced tea at a mall that was one of our favourite hangouts from 2007 to 2017.

In 2017, we moved to a different neighbourhood. Life here is very different and I will probably reflect on it in a later post.

It was a Valentine’s Day well spent.

I trust this article will inspire you to honour your unique journey, revisit your past, review your life and unearth some beautiful jewels to bring into your present!

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Celebrating Love : Happy Valentine’s Day!

We all know a sweet energy that is invisible but is the essence of life itself.

This energy defuses difficult situations, heals hearts, and brings hope

It shines in the eyes of animals and is shared effortlessly by young children.

It is felt in the warm embrace of the parent, the sibling, the friend, and the beloved.

Through the years, we may discover that it can be felt in the embrace of pretty much any human being.

It is present in every single heart. If every heart on the planet taps into this essence completely, Earth would likely transform into ‘Paradise.’

It is often misconstrued to be the cause of pain and suffering. But, eventually, we realise it is a balm that heals pain and alleviates suffering.

LOVE – One of the most powerful forces in the Universe!

Love is to be celebrated every single day, yet having a special day to honour this sacred force is wonderful too.

May love heal any pain stored in your heart, bring you joy and lightness and make your life beautiful in infinite ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine = Balanced World

11 a.m on a bright and sunny morning.

I plugged in some music and plopped down on the comfy cane chair in my balcony garden.

I was surrounded by my plant friends and the sun shone down on my feet. The warmth of the sun felt comforting. I pulled some of that warmth up through my body and allowed my whole being to bask in its sweetness.

Sensational news and strong opinions about unpleasant encounters between women and men in the world outside had left me feeling stimulated and irritable.

The company of the sun and plants restored a sense of peace and serenity within me.

As I relaxed, I felt intuitively guided to place one palm on my womb and the other on my heart.

I asked for a healing message and allowed myself to just breathe.

The womb and the heart serve as a portal to connect with our Divine Feminine (Yin) & Divine Masculine (Yang) energies. The messages that came through were spot on and I penned them down!

Healing Messages From The Womb & Heart

  1. A healthy Divine Feminine sees a portion of the Divine Masculine in herself, while a healthy Divine Masculine sees a portion of the Divine Feminine in himself. The more they accept and integrate the opposite energy within them, the more difficult it gets for one to hurt the other.
  2. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine do not intimidate one another. They do not use individual/collective stories or sensational dramas as tools to create further separation between them. They hold a respectful space for each other and strive to lift one another up at all times.
  3. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine see eye to eye. They are equals. They know that if one of them tries to overpower the other, the balance will tilt and chaos will reign. They strive for balance and harmony.
  4. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are complete in themselves and complementary together. They don’t expect one to complete the other.

The integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine or Yin & Yang has to happen within oneself first.

This means you embrace both the Feminine and Masculine energies within you while also knowing that one of them is going to be primary. This Yin-Yang integration within you opens doors to achieve the same with your partner if you wish.

And in case you’re wondering how on Earth you can get your partner or spouse on board with all this woo-woo, the good news is that they don’t have to know any of these theories to come into alignment with you!

They may or may not understand these concepts but they can certainly sense when you shift. And this will spontaneously trigger a shift within them too.

This shall then give birth to a harmonious union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in your relationship. The terms are not important. The outcome is what matters.

And how is harmony in your personal relationship going to help the world?

Any kind of collective transformation always begins with individuals. As each individual shifts, the collective transforms. The results may show up decades or centuries from now. But they can show up only if someone gets the ball rolling in the current time.

The integration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Forces is a powerful approach to solve many issues that plague women and men.

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Movies & TV Shows That Heal: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

The season of love is here and I feel inspired to write about a love story called Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – an Indian movie released in 2008.

On the surface, this movie feels like a typical Bollywood blockbuster packed with music, dance, and romance. However, it also offers value to those who seek more than entertainment in movies.

I have watched this movie at least twenty times! Every time I watched it, my heart healed a little bit more!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is based on the life of a young woman Tani who loses the love of her life on the day of their wedding. She has no mother. Tani’s dying father sets her up with another man – his former student Surinder who he holds in high esteem. He wishes to see her safe and settled with a trustworthy partner before his transition. Surinder falls in love with Tani at first sight. However, Tani is overcome by grief and has no feelings for Surinder. She marries him only to help her father move on peacefully.

To many, this marital arrangement may seem like a ridiculous thing to do. However, if it can be understood as a well-intentioned father simply doing what he thinks is best for his daughter (in a culture where this is considered acceptable), what unfolds next is a treat for the heart and soul!

A cold-hearted Tani moves in with warm-hearted Surinder. Surinder is a sensitive soul and gives her space to come to terms with her challenges. He even moves into a different room and always talks to her with kindness and respect.

After a brief mourning period, Tani makes an effort to open up to Surinder. She beings to take charge of the house but is candid about the fact that she can never love Surinder.

Tani’s distance doesn’t deter Surinder. He continues to love her and does everything in his power to ensure she is happy.

The story takes an interesting twist when a new character Raj enters the scene. I will not give away more about Raj except for the fact that he is a potential threat to the Suri-Tani relationship.

Eventually, Tani finds herself torn between her feelings for Surinder and Raj. She feels obligated to Surinder because he holds an unconditional space for her. However, Raj is like a knight in shining armor!

Tani finally chooses Raj and makes plans to elope with him.

Before this plan can materialize, she happens to accompany Surinder to the Gurudwara- the place of worship for Sikhs. Still feeling unsure about where she is heading in life, she takes the opportunity to surrender to the Divine. She closes her eyes and converses with the Divine from her heart. She asks to be shown the Light.

She receives her answer the moment she opens her eyes!

And with this begins a whole new love story…

Thus, the title, “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” or “A Match Made In Heaven.”

Key Learnings

  1. Unconditonal love is powerful. It comforts, heals and turns situations around in unexpected ways.
  2. Love is not always about knights in shining armours or princesses in flowing gowns! Very often, people who appear ordinary are superheroes in disguise.
  3. We are never alone. When we call out to the Divine from the depths of our hearts, we are certain to receive an answer one way or the other ( as many of us have experienced).

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A Message From Flowers

Plants are my friends. I love them and talk to them. They may not be able to reciprocate like animals, but I feel it is still possible to connect with them in spirit.

Some days back, a pot in my balcony garden had flowers in full bloom. I felt so much love for these flowers and had a conversation with them in meditation!

Their beautiful message applies to everyone. Take it if you resonate! Here’s how it went.

Me: You are in full bloom. You look so beautiful!

Flowers: You are also meant to be in full bloom and to live at your highest potential. You are beautiful exactly as you are.

Me: You bring healing and beauty to the world, irrespective of whether anyone notices you or not. You live your purpose fully.

Flowers: You also bring love and beauty to the world. Continue to be who you are and share your light, with or without approval and acknowledgment from others. Live your purpose completely.

Flowers & Me In Unison: We bow down to the Spirit in one other. We are eternally connected through the Web Of Life. Namaste.

How blessed are we to have flowers, plants, and trees in our world!

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Energy Medicine & Modern Medicine: A Soul-Stirring Conversation

A pleasant evening in November 2017.

The living room reverberated with sounds of laughter.

The aroma of savories and freshly brewed tea wafted through the air.

The happy party included-

Sanjay, a cardiac surgeon, and his wife Sheela, a psychologist.

Tara, a Reiki healer, and her husband Karan, an architect.

My husband Suraj, a cancer surgeon, and I, a Reiki healer.

We had just moved into a new home and chose to celebrate by having some of our good friends over.

It was a relaxed atmosphere. Tara began to talk about a client of hers – a man with a heart ailment who was receiving Reiki sessions from her.

She believed this story would be of special interest to our cardiac surgeon pal Sanjay.

She said, “Guys, you know what? I have a 68-year-old client. He was diagnosed with multiple blocks in the heart and has been coming to me for Reiki. And now he is completely cured.”

Her husband Karan joined in and said supportively, ” Oh yeah! Tara has given her heart and soul to this case.”

Sanjay reciprocated by nodding his head and listening with interest. So did the rest of us.

Sanjay said, “That’s interesting Tara. Did he receive any other treatment too?”

“Yes he did,” said Tara, “He underwent an angiogram following which a cardiac bypass surgery was also done.”

The expression on Sanjay’s face changed suddenly and I caught him flashing a bewildered glance at Suraj.

A flustered-looking Sheela spoke next, “Tara, then how can you say it was Reiki that cured him?”

My heart began to pound. I knew that engaging in this conversation would take all of us to a very uncomfortable place, where our differences could come in the way of our friendship! Besides, I was in no mood for unpleasant exchanges.

Tara looked a bit shaken up.

Sensing his wife’s discomfort, Karan took over for her.

“Actually, what she meant was…” started Karan, when sensitive Sanjay spoke up and changed the topic gently.

He allowed Tara to have her moment.

Tara and Karan left soon after and goodbyes were exchanged amicably.

I was relieved when they left.

I wanted to make sure everything was alright and said to Sanjay immediately,

“Sanjay, I’m sorry if Tara’s story made you uncomfortable.”

He laughed and said, “Hey! Don’t worry.”

Suraj laughed too and said, “Doctors are used to this stuff. Aren’t we Sanjay?”

Sanjay smiled. So did I.

Sanjay heaved a sigh and went on, “But help me here Haripriya. Tara didn’t mention her client took conventional medical treatment until I asked. Somebody else listening to her story will simply assume that Reiki alone cured his heart condition. Can’t such statements be open to misinterpretation?”

I understood where he was coming from.

“I see what you mean Sanjay,” I said.

“What she said felt like Reiki was the force that cured him and surgery was just incidental,” continued Suraj, “If her client also believes the same, I wonder why he would even opt to have surgery.”

“I guess I have no answers,” I said.

Sheela still seemed troubled and pitched in “Sanjay often asks these difficult questions Haripriya. And to be honest, I have come to ponder them too. Why do some people hesitate to acknowledge the role conventional medicine plays in their healing, while they don’t think twice about giving ALL credit to alternative therapies or to themselves?

“You have a point, Sheela,” I said, “Being energy healers, this is something Tara and I ought to contemplate.”

The evening ended on a pleasant note. But the conversation left a deep impact on me.

I love and cherish my energy healer friends. However, I decided I had to stick with whatever felt fair and valid.

As I reflected on our conversation, I deduced the following-

We opt for conventional medical treatment only when we see some value in it, irrespective of whether we acknowledge this value or not.

Why would anyone bother to go under a surgeon’s knife or to swallow pills with potential side effects unless they know deep down that it is going to benefit them?

And if conventional treatment is helping them, why the reluctance to acknowledge the role it played in healing them?

Does this acknowledgment make us lesser healers or human beings?

We are healers, not magicians!

Healing doesn’t always mean curing physical illnesses. It means bringing body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of harmony and balance.

Every system of healing plays a different role. Wisdom lies in knowing how to apply the strengths of each system for maximum benefit, rather than set one up against the other.

I brainstormed this topic for days on end with Suraj until I truly understood how those in the medical community feel when people approach them for help but behave like the medical intervention meant nothing at all!

Some months later, Tara and I had a private conversation. I shared my new insights on health and healing with her. I wasn’t sure how she would respond. Thankfully, she understood and nodded. She looked at me with a soft new light in her eyes. We hugged tight, knowing we had reached a new milestone together.

A sunny afternoon in April 2018.

Our group met again – this time for lunch at Sanjay’s farm.

“So, Tara, how is your client doing?” asked Sanjay, as he handed her a glass of lemonade.

“Who?” said Tara

“The person with the heart condition you treated. Remember you talked about him last time?” said Sanjay smiling.

“Oh yes! He’s doing great. Well, surgery successfully treated his heart. I told you he was coming to me for Reiki treatments. And he loved them. But after recovering from surgery, he trained in Reiki. He now practices it independently. He says Reiki practice helps him stay strong and balanced. He also told me Reiki helped him discover a hidden gift in his illness and he was super thrilled about it!”

“Good for him!” said Sanjay.

“He needs to be on lifelong medication for his heart though,” went on Tara, “Ok Guys, what I am about to share now may sound crazy. But please bear with me because I soooo want to share it.”

“Go on,” said Sheela and listened intently.

I suppressed a giggle. I was certain Sheela was getting ready for another confrontation!

“He also finds great delight in infusing his pills with Reiki before popping them!” burst out Tara with childlike excitement in her voice.

And with that revelation, bellows of laughter echoed through the room!

“Doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. Now, that’s called taking modern medicine to a whole new level!” exclaimed Sanjay.

My heart was at peace.

Every system had taken its rightful place.

Every healer was honored for the gifts they brought.

I winked at Suraj and whispered under my breath “Blessed be the world of healing!”