This is an image of Haripriya Suraj & Suraj Manjunath in a blog post by Haripriya on sensitivity to energy and its pros and cons.

Pros & Cons Of Being Energy Sensitive

I was on a road trip for three days. While the trip was a refreshing break from routine, it made me reflect on the pros and cons of being energy sensitive and also got me to appreciate the value of home sweet home!

Upon returning home –

The air flowing freely through our well-ventilated space felt uplifting. It felt great to breathe in fresh oxygen after spending plenty of our time in air-conditioned ambiences.

The water tasted fresher.

The food felt lighter and healthier.

The bed felt softer.

And when I lay down to recharge myself with Reiki, the energy felt sweeter too!

Not because Reiki changed in some way at home but because I was so fatigued.

The weather was harsh throughout and the places we went to ( except for one quiet temple) were more crowded than we expected. As a result, my energy was thrown completely out of balance.

As I placed my palms on my body, they grew hot, like they used to in my early days as a Reiki practitioner. I felt so comforted by this gentle heat. It felt like I was literally plugged into a source of love and relaxation. I allowed all the energy I needed to flow into my body, mind, and soul.

After a comforting Reiki session and a good night’s sleep in my own bed, I felt much better.

Is it a good thing to be sensitive to external stimuli?

Not always. Because it tires you out easily and can also make life more difficult for others around you.

But sensitivity also has its pros. Because when you enjoy an experience, you go into the depths of it and take it in with every fibre of your being. For instance-

I enjoyed meditating in a temple we visited. The sounds of the bells and drums playing there helped me drift into a trance-like state and to connect to the Divine in bliss.

The greenery and solitude around the temple left me feeling rejuvenated.

My mind was at peace watching cows graze and flocks of sheep passing by.

The colours and smells of some really unique flowers touched my soul.

The sight of a huge pristine lake helped me connect to my own expansive nature.

Travel challenges me in some ways and uplifts me in other ways. And I have made peace with the fact that this is just how it’s going to be for me and it’s OK.

I am grateful to my husband and to my ten-year-old son for being accepting of me – for giving me the space to be cranky when stimulated and ecstatic when inspired, and for time to bounce back to balance after every trip out of town!

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