This image shows a human meditating and enveloped in light in a post by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, on overcoming fear of ghosts and evil spirits

How I Overcame The Fear Of Ghosts & Evil Spirits

As a child and teenager, I heard several people in my family talk about ghosts and evil spirits.

These people seemed to enjoy their stories and spoke of encountering ghosts like it’s the commonest occurrence in the world!

Being a sensitive person who had not yet developed an ability to think independently, I literally absorbed every ghost story into my bones. This fueled fear and limited me in many ways.

The biggest hurdle presented itself when my ailing grandmother was on the verge of passing over. I heard dear ones say that spirits would arrive at our home to whisk her soul away. One person even said she heard footsteps of the spirits.

This frightened me beyond any of the other stories I had heard. I was filled with dread and couldn’t sleep through the nights in peace. I woke up trembling every night and had no courage to open my eyes! I would pull my blanket over my head, shut my eyes tight, and dare not open them until the break of dawn. I probably thought this would prevent me from seeing a spirit walk past my room into my grandma’s, or funnier still, that it would prevent the spirit from seeing me!

I reached a point where I couldn’t tolerate the fear anymore and the thought of returning home from college began to haunt me even more than a spirit could! I confided in some of my friends and a friend recommended to me that I try connecting to Angels before retiring for the night.

This was my first introduction to Angels. Connecting to Angels before bedtime put my mind at rest. I felt safe and protected and was able to sleep peacefully. I also requested the Angels to help my grandmother transition peacefully and respectfully and dropped the fear of some spirits dragging her soul away in a dramatic manner.

While I overcame this hurdle successfully, plenty of fear was still lingering in my energy field.

After I married Suraj, I was able to work through these residual fears, by adopting a combination of my energy-based practices and my husband’s logical thinking.

1. As energy work became an integral aspect of my life, I discovered that everything is just energy at a fundamental level and that we draw towards us whatever we resonate with at the deepest levels of our consciousness. I experienced this truth firsthand. And my experiences gave me the strength to say a big fat ‘NO’ to anything I did not wish to be part of my life, which included ghosts and evil spirits.

2. When I shared my fears with Suraj, he shared with me some interesting stories from his years of medical training. There were instances when he had to spend nights resting in a tiny room beside the mortuary of his medical college (for lack of better facilities back then). Also, every student was given a study set consisting of bones. He kept this set of bones in his room at home and never viewed it as something to be afraid of. To spice things up even further, there was talk of a ‘haunted corridor’ in the hospital wing of the college. Many staff members chose to avoid this area at night and took longer routes to reach their destinations. However, Suraj felt no fear whatsoever and walked right through the corridor if required. Witnessing life and death is routine for everyone in the medical world. He told me he hadn’t encountered a single ghost in all his years as a medical student and now professional. On a lighter and humorous note, he said that even if a ghost appeared before me, I had the capacity to choose how to respond. Instead of trembling in fear, what if I said hello and spoke to it instead? Why assume the ghost is out to get me? What actually is there to be so afraid of? Though it was meant to be a joke, I found this reasoning and advice deeply healing! And I was like, ” Yeah! Makes sense actually!”

And my fear healed!

Do ghosts and evil spirits exist?

I have no idea because I have never encountered any personally. But even if they do, it doesn’t bother me anymore because I have no interest in having them be part of my life’s experience. And since I have no curiosity or fear around their existence, I know that by virtue of the Law Of Attraction, they shall not be part of my reality.

Much like, some people in my family saw and heard ghosts because they so ardently resonated with them, while another didn’t encounter a single one simply because he wasn’t looking for them and his energy was invested elsewhere!

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