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What’s The Frequency Of Love?

When I began my healing journey in the year 2007, I attended a healing program that required us to work with the energy of the heart. A healing session with this particular group meant – trained facilitators would send newbies like me healing energy from their heart space and we had to sit in silence… Continue reading What’s The Frequency Of Love?

The Gift Of Sacred Sexuality

One day, a woman who was walking through a little wood lost her way. As sunset approached, the woman felt anxious about finding a way out quickly before darkness could befall. As she struggled to find a solution, she heard footsteps some distance away. She was relieved. She thought she would soon be in the… Continue reading The Gift Of Sacred Sexuality

Science Vs Airy Fairy

For several years, I despised the words ‘Research and Evidence.’ Life is full of mystery and sweetness. Many things are incomprehensible to the logical mind. Existence would be very mechanical and boring if we required research to validate every aspect of it. Yet, there are certain areas of life that bring large-scale benefits only when… Continue reading Science Vs Airy Fairy

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