When Spirit Meets Science

When Earth Meets Sky

When Intuition Meets Logic

When Feminine Meets Masculine

When Right Brain Meets Left Brain

When Yin Meets Yang

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The Human Touch

The big brown eyes seemed to hold deep wisdom.  Even while I was talking with her mother, six-year-old Gowri’s (name changed) gaze never left my face. She appeared to be assessing me. “Oh yes, she understands all that we say,” her mother said, “But she doesn’t talk to strangers.” Throughout her pre-operative evaluation over the… Continue reading The Human Touch

Intuition In Medicine

What is this mysterious inner knowing? That seems to keep life flowing. When rationality does not find a way, Intuition steps in with secrets to say. The word ‘intuition’ is rarely used in medical terminology. But considering that medicine is both a science and an art, practitioners frequently use their intuition, irrespective of whether they… Continue reading Intuition In Medicine

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