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Why Heal The Womb?

Wounds of the Womb – especially those related to one’s emotions and sexuality run deep. These wounds do not constrict the sacral chakra alone but also impact several other chakras. Lomg-standing and unhealed grief, anger, and resentment shrink the heart chakra. If someone believes their sexuality is sinful, fulfilling their sexual needs can bring on…

Movies With A Message: Jab We Met

This is a guest post by Ashwini Chube. Ashwini is a Reiki Grandmaster, Angel Teacher & Whisperer, Tarot Card Reader & Teacher, Runes Reader & Teacher, Akashic Records Reader & Healer, Access Consciousness Practioner Bars Facilitator, a CFMW & Consciousness Coach & a Zumba Instructor. She is the founder of Unicorn Insight – a company…

What’s The Frequency Of Love?

When I began my healing journey in the year 2007, I attended a healing program that required us to work with the energy of the heart. A healing session with this particular group meant – trained facilitators would send newbies like me healing energy from their heart space and we had to sit in silence…

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