When Spirit Meets Science

When Earth Meets Sky

When Intuition Meets Logic

When Feminine Meets Masculine

When Right Brain Meets Left Brain

When Yin Meets Yang

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A Tribute To Older Women

This post is a tribute to the beautiful older women in our world. Very often, society is more focused on the attractiveness of younger women. Older women are encouraged to do everything possible to look 25 at the age of 55. I think older women are beautiful exactly as they are. And by beautiful, I… Continue reading A Tribute To Older Women

The Sacred Marriage

A Sacred Marriage (or equivalent romantic relationship) has varied definitions. This is how I describe it- Unconditional love – for self and for the other – is integral to the building of a Sacred Marriage. Don’t let this list intimidate or discourage you! The purpose of sharing this is to put forth the perspective of… Continue reading The Sacred Marriage

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