This image shows flowers in a garden in a blog post by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master in her blog 'When Spirit Meets Science.'
when spirit meets science

A Message From Flowers

Plants are my friends. I love them and talk to them. They may not be able to reciprocate like animals, but I feel it is still possible to connect with them in spirit.

Some days back, a pot in my balcony garden had flowers in full bloom. I felt so much love for these flowers and had a conversation with them in meditation!

Their beautiful message applies to everyone. Take it if you resonate! Here’s how it went.

Me: You are in full bloom. You look so beautiful!

Flowers: You are also meant to be in full bloom and to live at your highest potential. You are beautiful exactly as you are.

Me: You bring healing and beauty to the world, irrespective of whether anyone notices you or not. You live your purpose fully.

Flowers: You also bring love and beauty to the world. Continue to be who you are and share your light, with or without approval and acknowledgment from others. Live your purpose completely.

Flowers & Me In Unison: We bow down to the Spirit in one other. We are eternally connected through the Web Of Life. Namaste.

How blessed are we to have flowers, plants, and trees in our world!

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