This is an image of heart made with hands in a blog post on Celebrating Love by Haripriya Suraj in her blog When Spirit Meets Science
unconditional love, when spirit meets science

Celebrating Love : Happy Valentine’s Day!

We all know a sweet energy that is invisible but is the essence of life itself.

This energy defuses difficult situations, heals hearts, and brings hope

It shines in the eyes of animals and is shared effortlessly by young children.

It is felt in the warm embrace of the parent, the sibling, the friend, and the beloved.

Through the years, we may discover that it can be felt in the embrace of pretty much any human being.

It is present in every single heart. If every heart on the planet taps into this essence completely, Earth would likely transform into ‘Paradise.’

It is often misconstrued to be the cause of pain and suffering. But, eventually, we realise it is a balm that heals pain and alleviates suffering.

LOVE – One of the most powerful forces in the Universe!

Love is to be celebrated every single day, yet having a special day to honour this sacred force is wonderful too.

May love heal any pain stored in your heart, bring you joy and lightness and make your life beautiful in infinite ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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