This image shows the Yin Yang symbol and represents the healthy union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in an article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master
divine feminine divine masculine, when spirit meets science

Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine = Balanced World

11 a.m on a bright and sunny morning.

I plugged in some music and plopped down on the comfy cane chair in my balcony garden.

I was surrounded by my plant friends and the sun shone down on my feet. The warmth of the sun felt comforting. I pulled some of that warmth up through my body and allowed my whole being to bask in its sweetness.

Sensational news and strong opinions about unpleasant encounters between women and men in the world outside had left me feeling stimulated and irritable.

The company of the sun and plants restored a sense of peace and serenity within me.

As I relaxed, I felt intuitively guided to place one palm on my womb and the other on my heart.

I asked for a healing message and allowed myself to just breathe.

The womb and the heart serve as a portal to connect with our Divine Feminine (Yin) & Divine Masculine (Yang) energies. The messages that came through were spot on and I penned them down!

Healing Messages From The Womb & Heart

  1. A healthy Divine Feminine sees a portion of the Divine Masculine in herself, while a healthy Divine Masculine sees a portion of the Divine Feminine in himself. The more they accept and integrate the opposite energy within them, the more difficult it gets for one to hurt the other.
  2. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine do not intimidate one another. They do not use individual/collective stories or sensational dramas as tools to create further separation between them. They hold a respectful space for each other and strive to lift one another up at all times.
  3. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine see eye to eye. They are equals. They know that if one of them tries to overpower the other, the balance will tilt and chaos will reign. They strive for balance and harmony.
  4. A healthy Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are complete in themselves and complementary together. They don’t expect one to complete the other.

The integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine or Yin & Yang has to happen within oneself first.

This means you embrace both the Feminine and Masculine energies within you while also knowing that one of them is going to be primary. This Yin-Yang integration within you opens doors to achieve the same with your partner if you wish.

And in case you’re wondering how on Earth you can get your partner or spouse on board with all this woo-woo, the good news is that they don’t have to know any of these theories to come into alignment with you!

They may or may not understand these concepts but they can certainly sense when you shift. And this will spontaneously trigger a shift within them too.

This shall then give birth to a harmonious union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in your relationship. The terms are not important. The outcome is what matters.

And how is harmony in your personal relationship going to help the world?

Any kind of collective transformation always begins with individuals. As each individual shifts, the collective transforms. The results may show up decades or centuries from now. But they can show up only if someone gets the ball rolling in the current time.

The integration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Forces is a powerful approach to solve many issues that plague women and men.

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