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Why Heal The Womb?

Wounds of the Womb – especially those related to one’s emotions and sexuality run deep.

These wounds do not constrict the sacral chakra alone but also impact several other chakras.

Lomg-standing and unhealed grief, anger, and resentment shrink the heart chakra.

If someone believes their sexuality is sinful, fulfilling their sexual needs can bring on guilt. Guilt in turn closes the heart.

If someone has been sexually violated, there is pain and shame. These close the heart. Abuse can also bring on feelings of stress and anxiety and block the root chakra.

Sexual abuse also means that someone has been stripped of their power. This blocks the solar plexus.

If someone is not allowed to express their creative energies, it can block the throat.

And so on…

Wounds develop over years (if not lifetimes) and take up a lot of space within one’s energy field. Left unhealed, they have a draining effect on the aura.

This can block an individual from blossoming to their complete potential.

When we heal the womb, we heal some of the deepest wounds we may be carrying – wounds not restricted to the womb alone but ones that have spread and also impacted several other chakras.

Healing the womb automatically frees up several other energy centres.

And this in turn frees us up to live at our highest potential.

This is the promise of the ‘Womb Healing Journey.’


The Magic Of A Reiki Recharge

After a busy couple of days on my feet, I was feeling tired and grumpy.

My head felt heavy and my muscles ached.

My energy was dropping by the minute.

I knew that if I continued feeling this way, I would lash out at the next person who said a word to me.

So, I dropped everything I was doing and told myself it was time for some Reiki.

The moment I placed my palms on my third eye, I felt an intense heat over that region.

This is the kind of heat I felt in my palms and body when I was a new Reiki practitioner. And I remember how much I loved that feeling back then!

Apart from the third eye, tons of energy also flowed into my solar plexus. I could almost feel my solar plexus heave sighs of relief as it was replenished!

As every chakra was recharged by Reiki, stress and fatigue dissolved and harmony returned to my body.

It is only when I miss some days of practice that I realise how much of a positive difference Reiki makes to me and my body.

When I practise every day, Reiki feels routine and the experience is subtle. I feel a mild warmth or tingling at the most.

When I practise after a while, the experience is dramatically different. I feel intense heat and my hands stay stuck to the most depleted chakras for longer periods of time.

I so love this magical feeling of shifting from low energy to high energy in a matter of minutes.

How blessed are we to have the gift of Reiki in our lives!

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Of Magical Blankets, Healing Naps, Divine Mothers & Soul Sisters

As the body rests in the warmth of the magical blanket –

Sadness is replaced by the Joy of the Mother.

Anger is replaced by the Love of the Mother.

Weakness is replaced by the Strength of the Mother.

Hopelessness is replaced by the Promise of the Mother.

Yesterday afternoon, I cuddled up under a warm blanket alongside my little one, played a guided healing meditation on my phone, and fell asleep midway through the process.

As I slept like a bear, my phone rang and the TV blared in the living room. But I didn’t hear a thing.

This was an unexpected stroke of luck for my son! With mom not reminding him that TV time was up, he enjoyed watching TV well past the allotted time.

I didn’t wake up even when my husband returned home and came into the room to check on me.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was very disoriented. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was happening.

When I walked out of the room, my husband told me I had been sleeping like a log – very unusual for someone like me who rarely naps during the day.

The same happened this morning. I am usually up early. But today I woke up at 7:45 am – far exceeding my normal requirement of 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep a night.

These episodes of hibernation seem to be helping my body process something that I am unable to process while I am awake. So, I am allowing myself this luxury.

A compassionate healer friend of mine tuned into my energy field and told me I am needing extra warmth during this time. She recommended I drink warm teas and receive love and warmth in different ways. I thought this insight so perfectly coincided with my warm blanket hibernation episodes.

Considering I have been connecting to the Divine Mother for a while now, the blanket, to me, represents the nurturing warmth of the Mother Energy.

I trust in the Divine Mother with all my heart.

And the Mother has sent me a few Soul Sisters – one who has provided me immense support with her insight and wisdom. And another who has supported me without even knowing she was doing so! She came to me for healing support and in the process of helping her, I received support myself.

You both know who you are!

I love you and am truly grateful to you.

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The First Reiki Attunement

I fondly remember the afternoon of my very first Reiki attunement in the November of 2007.

As I sat in the sacred space my Reiki teacher had created, I was in complete surrender to the Universe and open to all possibilities.

I did not see lights or feel very different during the attunement. It just felt like a quiet meditative experience.

However, as I made my way back home after the class, I developed a running nose.

This was followed by a high temperature that lasted four days.

My teacher said I had so much pain and darkness to clear from years gone by that my body had reacted strongly to the Reiki attunement and subsequent self-healing practice.

I intuitively felt she was right.

Years of pain and darkness – in the form of terror, anxiety, worry, imaginary ghosts, and manipulative humans who were a pain in the neck- pushed me to have a spiritual awakening.

When I suddenly came in contact with the higher frequency of Reiki, I believe the lower energies stored in my system were shaken up. And that’s why I experienced a healing crisis in the form of the flu.

Once the flu settled, I began to enjoy my Reiki practice.

I felt strong sensations of heat in my palms and also in my body. My palms often felt stuck to particular chakras and I remember heaving huge sighs of relief as energy flowed to them. Most of my chakras were in real need of strength and nourishment back then.

As Reiki flowed through me, I soon saw how it felt to breathe easy instead of tremble in fear.

I saw how it felt to co-create with the Universe rather than try to control every aspect of life.

I experienced the touch of a loving Higher Power rather than one that is inclined to instill fear.

I also developed the unshakable belief that I deserved nothing but the best in the area of human relationships – no more attracting fake friendships, manipulators, and tricksters – only people who are steady, simple, sincere, and authentic. And that is exactly what I ended up receiving.

Every Reiki attunement I have received has been significant in its own way and led to exponential growth. But the first one was truly a game-changer!

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Womb Healing For Mamas Of Pregnancy Loss

What happens to your connection with your womb when you lose a baby you were carrying?

It’s a make-or-break situation. The connection can be destroyed OR you can transform it into an empowering milestone on your journey.

If you’ve had a miscarriage, medical termination, stillbirth or any other kind of pregnancy loss, you know it can rip the heart apart.

And at times it may feel like others don’t get what you are going through.

When I had a pregnancy loss and I was upset about it (which I thought was natural), I was told by some people –“Well, you’re not the only one who has gone through this. It’s quite common. Get over it.”

Their response made me wonder why I even bothered to share my feelings with them – like I didn’t already know that other women in this world have also experienced it!

I know many have had it even worse than me – millions of women have had multiple losses, millions have not only lost babies but also their own lives in the process of giving birth.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have grieved my loss.

Losing a baby – no matter at what stage of fetal development – can be a devastating blow to the mother, father, and to everyone in the family. For some reason, the womb is not able to sustain the pregnancy. This can leave a feeling of emptiness in the womb as well as the heart.

Some of us may know the energetic root cause behind a pregnancy loss, and we may have made peace with it or we may not have.

Some of us may be racking our brains wondering what in the world went wrong.

Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore.

If you are now on the path of womb healing, have the confidence that you are ready to take a quantum leap to discover yourself on a whole new level.

As painful as the loss was, from the soul’s perspective, it was only leading you to an even grander place. You may not have arrived at that place yet. You may still be looking for clues that will lead you to your destination.

But remember – the journey is often as significant (if not more) than the destination itself. So, place your faith in the journey and take it one step at a time.

It has been more than a decade since I lost Siri in my womb (the name we gave to our baby angel who could not make it).

However, thanks to my energy healing practices, I have been able to connect to her soul essence all these years. It feels like she is around very often – in a non-physical form of course.

I feel Siri has been and continues to be my soul teacher. Her loss put me on this path of healing the womb. She opened my eyes to the mystery of the womb. She helped me connect to my feminine glory and to be proud of it. I am awakening to the power of my Divine Feminine only because of her. She has been a primary instrument in the healing and blossoming of my sacral chakra.

And while all these blessings don’t make the pain of losing Siri any less, I am so grateful to her beautiful soul for everything she made possible through all that pain.

She continues to linger like a sweet fragrance – pure and unconditional.

She is and will always continue to be our first child. Her two equally angelic siblings (in incarnation now) take second and third place. The family tree feels healed and complete that way.

This is my story. Your story will be unique to you.

In the context of womb healing, what could be the silver lining to your pregnancy loss?

That is something only you have the right to answer.

You can’t think your way to the answer. You have to feel your way to it.

There is no hurry to answer it. Let the answer take birth softly in your heart.

If you resonate with this article, you can be certain there is something beautiful unfolding for you.

Trust that the answers to all your questions will come when you ask them from your heart and are ready to receive them for what they are.

Trust this journey of building a new ‘Womb Consciousness’ on the planet!

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Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

After my first post on ‘Womb Healing,’ I received messages from many of you asking about how you can connect to your womb. I’m very happy to know so many of you resonated with this!

There are many ways to connect to your womb. However, it’s best to start off simple.

In this post, I share a simple meditation to help you get started on this journey into your womb.

Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

Sit or lie down comfortably.

Take a few deep breaths until you feel centered.

Place your palms on your heart chakra and tune in to the frequency of love. Breathe into this love for a minute or two.

When you feel sufficiently tuned in to the love frequency, move your palms to your womb space and let them rest there for as long as you feel guided to. You are now transferring this love energy into your womb.

Notice how this process feels. There is nothing you need to do for now except enjoy this new way of connecting to your womb.

If there is something you feel like saying to your womb, please do so. And if you get a message in return, receive it with gratitude. If you don’t wish to say anything, just connecting in silence is great!

When the process feels complete, express gratitude for this significant milestone on your healing journey. You are now an awakening woman, developing consciousness of her womb and building a brand new high vibrational relationship with it. You are tuning into the power of your Divine Feminine.

Open your eyes and move your body gently.

Remember, in order to connect to your womb, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of womanhood you are in. It doesn’t matter even if your physical womb has been removed for medical reasons. The energetic imprint of your womb shall always remain and you can connect to it energetically.

Enjoy your new ‘Womb Consciousness!’

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Reiki: Magic Minus The Flamboyance

Oh, beautiful Reiki

Of rainbow colours bright.

What a wonder you are,

Though nowhere in sight!

This little poem is from the first chapter of our book ‘When Spirit Meets Science.’

My first encounter with Reiki happened when I was a child. I was playing with a friend at her home when I saw her mother standing beside a plant, with her palms over it, eyes closed and keenly focused.

When I asked my friend what was going on, she told me her mother was practicing something called ‘Reiki’ and sending good energy to the plants.

This scene struck a chord deep within me. It felt very natural to me that someone should be doing this.

“Wow! How nice to be able to send good energy to a plant,” I thought to myself.

I believe a Reiki seed was gently planted in my consciousness that day.

Little did I know back then that this act of sending and sharing ‘good energy’ would become my purpose in life one day.

Around a decade later, in the year 2007, Reiki came into my life.

And this time around, it came in like a whirlwind.

I developed a strong calling to experience Reiki.

I was in a difficult phase in life and each day was a struggle. My soul pushed me to expand and to connect to something much larger than the ‘human struggling me.’

And Reiki training helped me achieve this connection successfully.

Soon after the training, life began to flow – whatever wasn’t working well for me made its way out of my life and positive new circumstances took birth, almost as if by magic.

Synchronicity kicked in and re-arranged my life, one step at a time.

I just took whatever practical action I had to take at each step and thereafter surrendered to an ‘Intelligence’ much bigger than me, trusting that everything I needed would come to me.

And it did. Even beyond my wildest expectations.

And if someone asks what the logic behind this magic is, I cannot answer – for Reiki is not concrete.

It cannot be seen or measured.

Its many possible effects are best experienced.

To me, Reiki is a subtle sweet force that works silently, offers support on different levels, and pushes you to become more of who you are.

Reiki is magical, without appearing flamboyant.

And this magic, which has been the very foundation of my growth and success, inspired me to begin the book with a poem dedicated to Reiki.

Thank you Reiki for everything you do for me and for everyone whose lives you touch!

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Energy Healing Is A Two Way Process

“Let me tune in to your energy before I can say anything.”

“Can you tell me how you are feeling?”

“Let’s just go with the flow and see what shows up for you.”

“Let’s not go against the flow for now. Difficult as it may be, let everything be as it is. Let’s revisit this problem after some time.”

“Whatever is for your highest good is what you can expect from this session.”

“Can we let go and surrender completely to the energy? Let’s allow it to do its work.”

“Breathe energy into every cell in your body.”

“Something doesn’t feel right. The energy feels off. Let’s go deeper and see what comes up.”

“Looks like you’ve absorbed some negative energy. Can you work on clearing it?”

“You’re all high vibe today!”

Most healers are familiar with this kind of ‘Energy Talk.’ After a point in time, it begins to feel natural to talk like this!

I have been offering Reiki sessions for the last 14 years and have worked with a variety of clients. The most memorable sessions amongst these have been the ones I’ve done for other experienced energy healers and also for people who may not be trained energy healers but have had a fair amount of exposure to energy-based healing therapies.

The reasons being-

  1. It is an absolute joy to converse freely with them in ‘Energy Language’ and not have them look at you like – “Have you gone nuts?!”
  2. It is also easier to give them feedback because they know and understand the subtleties of energy work and are well aware of its potential as well as limitations. They don’t expect miracles and magic from the healer, and are ready to do their part to find solutions.

Energy healing, like all other forms of healing, is a two-way process. It’s not about the healer doing something to make a client’s problems disappear. Healers can only offer support by facilitating the process of healing and showing the light.

Barring a few exceptions, recipients of healing are not meant to be passive. They are expected to open their eyes, recognise the light, be in charge and make every effort possible to move in the direction of light. Only then is true healing possible.

This image depicts a cancer surgeon's experience of Reiki in an article by Suraj Manjunath on When Spirit Meets Science
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Energy, Vibration & Reiki: A Cancer Surgeon’s Perspective

Energy, frequency, and vibration.

For me, these were words associated with physics and conventional science.

In 2007, I learned that these words also carry a completely different meaning for other people.

They seemed to be an integral part of Haripriya’s vocabulary and she used them frequently in the context of day-to-day life.

Initially, I found myself baffled by the context in which she used these words! It took me quite some time to get used to them and to know exactly what they mean in non-scientific terms.

Be it choosing a home to move into after our marriage or finding a new workplace for her, Haripriya had to first tune in to the place’s ‘vibe.’ If the ‘vibration’ of a place felt right, she would pick it. If not, she wouldn’t. She did this exercise not only for herself but also for me. Thankfully, she pronounced that the vibe of the hospital I was working at when we first met was excellent!

Now, whenever I need to take big decisions, she shares her inputs on how various options ‘feel.’ And I have come to realize that I value her inputs. I weigh her intuitive insights alongside my own logic and base my decisions on the best of both.

Haripriya also introduced me to Reiki. Way back in 2007, she explained to me that Reiki is a form of ‘energy healing’ that helps to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit into a state of balance. She said this is done through the laying on of hands over different ‘chakras or energy centers’ associated with the body. These concepts flew over my head as I had a hard time relating to energy in this manner. I told her I would prefer to experience Reiki rather than attempt to understand it with my logical mind.

I have been receiving Reiki from her for years now. I have to say it is a very relaxing experience. I love the soft ambiance that is created with candles and soothing music. I cherish the gentle presence of Haripriya while she works on ‘balancing my chakras!’ I appreciate being encouraged to not think of anything else for a good forty minutes and to just allow myself to relax. I often drift into a peaceful slumber during these Reiki sessions and wake up feeling refreshed.

Peace and healing comfort – this is what Reiki is to me!

My objective and rational temperament is my strength. I cannot think of a scientific explanation for Reiki. But I do know how it makes me feel.

If someone were to ask me what love feels like, I would tell them to try some Reiki!

Mindful eating in a blog by Haripriya Suraj in When Spirit Meets Science
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Life Lessons in Mindful-Scientific Eating

Thanks to Reiki, I took to the practice of ‘mindful eating’ quite effortlessly and practiced it for years. Reiki helped me tune in to my body completely, knowing exactly how much I ought to feed it and when to stop.

Of late though, the responsibilities of parenting a young child have thrown me off track. I have not been practicing mindful eating and my body has been acting up. I have been trying to schedule my meals around my little one’s nap times so I can enjoy eating in silence. This need to enjoy solitude at any cost has taken a toll on my body. I have had episodes of acid reflux and have needed to pop antacids to soothe my tummy.

My husband Suraj, who has been observing my lifestyle for a while now, brought my attention to the fact that my eating habits have become less than ideal – both from the scientific as well as energetic perspective.

Some points that came forth from the discussion include –

Eating Small and Frequent Meals – I had gotten into the habit of allowing myself to go hungry until my baby slept. The hidden unconscious agenda behind this was that I could relish huge meals at one go (without needing to attend to anything else). I was helped to understand that this strategy isn’t working in my favour and that smaller, more frequent meals are best for the tummy. Eating up to 80% of the stomach’s capacity at a given meal time and leaving some room was recommended to me.

Relaxed and Mindful Eating – As I reflected on Suraj’s observations and suggestions, I also realized I had been eating in a state of hurry and worry. I was constantly anxious to finish eating before my little one could wake up. Add to this the fact that I was gulping down large meals, anyone looking would think I was deprived of food! From an energetic perspective, anxiety isn’t the best energy to put into your body while you nourish it with food.

I am so grateful these insights were brought into my awareness.

I recently resumed the practice of ‘mindful-scientific’ eating. Since I was very mindful, I noticed initially that every time I got ready to eat, my hands tensed up in preparation to grab and my tongue salivated at the mere sight of food on the plate. I realized I must have been approaching meal times in this unconscious manner for the last year or so.

When I became aware of the way my system was responding to food, I took a deep breath and told myself that I have all the food I need. I told myself I will be alright even if my little one wakes up in the middle of my meal. I stopped eating when my stomach was 80% full and ended the meal with a word of gratitude. My tummy feels light now and so does my mind.

Very often, we are unable to see our own blind spots. It is OK for others around us – family and friends- to show us the light!