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Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

After my first post on ‘Womb Healing,’ I received messages from many of you asking about how you can connect to your womb. I’m very happy to know so many of you resonated with this!

There are many ways to connect to your womb. However, it’s best to start off simple.

In this post, I share a simple meditation to help you get started on this journey into your womb.

Womb Love Meditation For Beginners

Sit or lie down comfortably.

Take a few deep breaths until you feel centered.

Place your palms on your heart chakra and tune in to the frequency of love. Breathe into this love for a minute or two.

When you feel sufficiently tuned in to the love frequency, move your palms to your womb space and let them rest there for as long as you feel guided to. You are now transferring this love energy into your womb.

Notice how this process feels. There is nothing you need to do for now except enjoy this new way of connecting to your womb.

If there is something you feel like saying to your womb, please do so. And if you get a message in return, receive it with gratitude. If you don’t wish to say anything, just connecting in silence is great!

When the process feels complete, express gratitude for this significant milestone on your healing journey. You are now an awakening woman, developing consciousness of her womb and building a brand new high vibrational relationship with it. You are tuning into the power of your Divine Feminine.

Open your eyes and move your body gently.

Remember, in order to connect to your womb, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of womanhood you are in. It doesn’t matter even if your physical womb has been removed for medical reasons. The energetic imprint of your womb shall always remain and you can connect to it energetically.

Enjoy your new ‘Womb Consciousness!’

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