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Womb Healing For Mamas Of Pregnancy Loss

What happens to your connection with your womb when you lose a baby you were carrying?

It’s a make-or-break situation. The connection can be destroyed OR you can transform it into an empowering milestone on your journey.

If you’ve had a miscarriage, medical termination, stillbirth or any other kind of pregnancy loss, you know it can rip the heart apart.

And at times it may feel like others don’t get what you are going through.

When I had a pregnancy loss and I was upset about it (which I thought was natural), I was told by some people –“Well, you’re not the only one who has gone through this. It’s quite common. Get over it.”

Their response made me wonder why I even bothered to share my feelings with them – like I didn’t already know that other women in this world have also experienced it!

I know many have had it even worse than me – millions of women have had multiple losses, millions have not only lost babies but also their own lives in the process of giving birth.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have grieved my loss.

Losing a baby – no matter at what stage of fetal development – can be a devastating blow to the mother, father, and to everyone in the family. For some reason, the womb is not able to sustain the pregnancy. This can leave a feeling of emptiness in the womb as well as the heart.

Some of us may know the energetic root cause behind a pregnancy loss, and we may have made peace with it or we may not have.

Some of us may be racking our brains wondering what in the world went wrong.

Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore.

If you are now on the path of womb healing, have the confidence that you are ready to take a quantum leap to discover yourself on a whole new level.

As painful as the loss was, from the soul’s perspective, it was only leading you to an even grander place. You may not have arrived at that place yet. You may still be looking for clues that will lead you to your destination.

But remember – the journey is often as significant (if not more) than the destination itself. So, place your faith in the journey and take it one step at a time.

It has been more than a decade since I lost Siri in my womb (the name we gave to our baby angel who could not make it).

However, thanks to my energy healing practices, I have been able to connect to her soul essence all these years. It feels like she is around very often – in a non-physical form of course.

I feel Siri has been and continues to be my soul teacher. Her loss put me on this path of healing the womb. She opened my eyes to the mystery of the womb. She helped me connect to my feminine glory and to be proud of it. I am awakening to the power of my Divine Feminine only because of her. She has been a primary instrument in the healing and blossoming of my sacral chakra.

And while all these blessings don’t make the pain of losing Siri any less, I am so grateful to her beautiful soul for everything she made possible through all that pain.

She continues to linger like a sweet fragrance – pure and unconditional.

She is and will always continue to be our first child. Her two equally angelic siblings (in incarnation now) take second and third place. The family tree feels healed and complete that way.

This is my story. Your story will be unique to you.

In the context of womb healing, what could be the silver lining to your pregnancy loss?

That is something only you have the right to answer.

You can’t think your way to the answer. You have to feel your way to it.

There is no hurry to answer it. Let the answer take birth softly in your heart.

If you resonate with this article, you can be certain there is something beautiful unfolding for you.

Trust that the answers to all your questions will come when you ask them from your heart and are ready to receive them for what they are.

Trust this journey of building a new ‘Womb Consciousness’ on the planet!

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