when spirit meets science

When Wellness Is Part Of Medicine

I received my Covid booster shot at a hospital yesterday.

While I was waiting with several others in the lounge, I felt a bit nervous. Despite having received hundreds of shots over the years, that moment prior to receiving another one always brings on some anxiety.

A few minutes later, a young nurse arrived at the door. Just the manner in which she walked into the room – soft and gentle with a sweet smile – put me at ease.

“That’s a lovely energy!” I thought to myself.

When it was my turn, she first helped me to relax my hand and said,

“Take a deep breath in Ma’am.”

And I did that.

“You’ll feel a small prick now. Breathe out.”

And I breathed out.

As the needle went further in, she said gently again,

“Another deep breath in…and out…and you’re done!”

And I was like,

“Wow! That hardly hurt.”

I was so excited a wellness practice like breathing was part of a vaccination experience in a hospital.

Isn’t that one way for Spirit to meet Science?

I felt so grateful to this angelic nurse for making this experience of a few seconds a comfortable one for me and thanked her from my heart.

Vaccination is such a simple procedure. It may have hardly mattered even if she hadn’t done it this way. However, to someone like me, these small things make a huge difference.

As they often say in energy healing circles, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

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