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The Meaning of Energy & Vibration in Wellness Therapy

Many energy healing practices fall into the category of wellness therapy. The words Energy and Vibration are part of every energy healer’s vocabulary.

These words are usually associated with conventional science. Many people from a scientific background are baffled when they hear these words being tossed around casually by wellness practitioners!

Bring in talk of quantum physics and assert that its findings are in line with those of energy healing, and wellness practitioners are certain to be dismissed as disillusioned people preaching some kind of pseudoscience!

The goal of this article is to shed light on the words ‘energy’ and ‘vibration’ and what they represent in the context of energy healing/wellness therapy.

An understanding of quantum physics isn’t necessary to explain this!

Here goes-

The building block of ALL creation is ENERGY.

This is the core premise of energy healing practices like Reiki and many other wellness therapies.

Energy may manifest as a star, planet, rock, tree, water, fire, air, or human. But at its deepest level, everything in the Universe is seen as some form of energy.

Taking this even further, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the love we share with our dear ones and the way we project ourselves in the world is also seen as energy.

When someone says you have a nice vibe, what they mean is that you are a pleasant person to be around. Your pleasant disposition is the energy you put out into the world.

If someone says you are vibrating at a low frequency, they mean there is a negative pattern or behaviour in you that brings disharmony to you and to those around you. That negative behaviour is the energy you share with the world.

The concept of energy is also fundamental to conventional science but what most scientists mean by energy is radically different from what energy healers mean. There are a few scientists who are open to an inclusive definition of energy but that is their personal definition and belief and is not validated by mainstream science. This is important to understand so as not to mix concepts up and ruffle feathers.

When an energy healer uses the words energy and vibration, it most often means the state of our being at any given point- how good we feel in our body, what we think, how we feel, what we do with our time, how we connect with other beings on the planet and so on.

Going even deeper, sending energy to ourselves or to others (as done in practices like Reiki) can seem incomprehensible too.

What does it mean to send energy to someone? How is that even possible?

Most of us have experienced moments when we think or feel something and the person next to us also expresses the same within a short span of time.

Or we remember someone after a long time and receive a text or call from them soon after.

This phenomenon (called telepathy) is based on the concept that we are connected to everything and everyone in this world and that our energy reaches far and wide to touch others in ways that may not always make logical sense.

There are other times when we have a fleeting vision or desire that comes to pass in mysterious ways.

One can certainly argue that telepathic encounters and other mysterious phenomena are the product of chance and maybe they are at times.

Chance or not, it doesn’t make it any less interesting when it happens!

When we experience life in ways different from what we are accustomed to, it brings in a new dimension to existence.

So, when an energy healer says she is sending energy to someone, it is based on the premise that we are all interconnected. If I am connected to you and I send you love and good thoughts, you can pick that up and receive it to support yourself. Sending energy is the same as consciously sending love, good will or positive intentions to another. All of this may seem illusory and far-fetched, but a certain level of faith, openness and personal experience are required to embrace it. No amount of theory can validate such phenomena as much as personal experience.

In our day-to-day interactions, many of us can decipher who wishes us well and who doesn’t. We know who we can trust and who we cannot. To explain this in terms of energy, we just pick up on the energy of each person we come in contact with and either open up our own energy field to them or protect it from them. At times, we may be vulnerable and allow the negative energies of others to affect us.

The words energy and vibration are meant to help us understand ourselves better, to overcome challenges, to be open to a certain amount of magic to carry us along and to create a wholesome life.

At this point, I would like to make a confession. From my limited understanding, I personally feel there are some interesting parallels between energy healing and conventional science. However, this is my personal belief and I understand I cannot claim it as truth until it can be proven beyond doubt. Till we know better, it may make more sense to stick to the ‘energy’ we know and work with in the field of wellness rather than get our concepts mixed up with conventional science.

If everything is energy at the deepest level, it hardly matters anyway.

All we need is some discernment to know what kind of energy must be applied when!