This is an image of an energy portal in an article on energy portals by Haripriya Suraj in When Spirit Meets Science
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Meditative Spaces Or Energy Portals?

Do you have a place that calls out to your heart and soul?

A place that leaves you feeling peaceful and refreshed when you visit?

It could be a place in nature or someplace else.

While any place in nature helps me feel wonderful, there is another unique space that I feel drawn to.

This is the Bangalore International Airport!

Logically speaking, this doesn’t make any sense! The airport is a concrete structure that has gigantic metallic machines flying in and out every minute. Yet I feel a sense of calm descend on me when I am there.

Very often, I visit the airport only to experience moments of peace and calm.

While there was no necessity to analyse my affinity for the airport, my own curiosity had me reflect on my feelings! And here is what came up –

The Bangalore airport is located way outside the city. The journey outside the hustle and bustle of the city certainly feels refreshing. But this could be so for any destination outside the city, isn’t it? What sets the airport apart from other destinations?

A visit to the airport almost guarantees that you will get to watch a few aircraft taking off and landing. Watching flights in motion brings me joy and peace. Is it possibly symbolic of embarking on journeys that promise growth or of soaring to new heights? May very well be so!

Finally, the airport and the airplanes possibly remind me of our larger connection to the Universe itself! An airplane is closest to what feels like a vehicle in which humans may venture out into space one day!

We may not have a physical vehicle for space travel yet (barring some complex spaceships for astronauts), but we can certainly try to journey into space through the realms of our consciousness. Imagine what it would feel like to be out there, on an adventure through space, among the millions of stars and planets! Watching a flight take off rekindles within me unexplained feelings of euphoria.

I personally believe we are multidimensional beings whose existence spans way beyond this Earth. We may not be conscious of this because we are in a physical human body. But when you look at the marvels of creation and at the power of your consciousness, it certainly feels plausible that our energy or consciousness has a far greater reach than we may believe possible in the current paradigm on Earth.

My husband Suraj gives this ‘airport fantasy’ of mine a humorous twist, saying the area surrounding the airport must be a ‘Portal’ through which my soul was dropped off on Earth! While I enjoy this humour, it has also struck a deeper chord within me.

I know it may sound far-fetched, but on a deeper level, the airport to me is actually like an ‘Energy Portal.’ Spending time there helps me journey to a different dimension of consciousness and to come back to ground reality feeling recharged and refreshed! It doesn’t have to make any logical sense and I choose to enjoy it for what it is.

I wonder if this article will inspire you to contemplate on your own ‘Energy Portals!’