when spirit meets science

The Warrior Within You

“Tap into the strength, resilience, and positive attitude of your younger self,” whispered my inner voice.

This was a message I received after a very intense meditation session this morning. It was an aha moment indeed.

I have been trying to work through a tricky situation for a few days now and was looking for clarity. I knocked on some doors to receive support. But for some reason, most of them didn’t open. Maybe the Universe wants me to figure this out on my own or maybe it will open some doors eventually.

But the message from my intuition was very clear. She said –

“You have been through much worse. Your life until the age of 22 was hell. Nothing worked for you for so many long years. Yet you persisted with a fierce determination. You poured your heart into your journal. You dabbled with the magic of crystals. You tossed your limiting beliefs into the raging fire of transformation. You boldly adopted new beliefs that shifted your reality in dramatic ways. You danced until your heart let out its sorrows and reverberated with joy. And you learned to love yourself so fiercely that the Universe was left with no choice but to bring you outcomes that matched your unstoppable energy. That’s the powerful spirit you had at a tender age! While you may be older now, the spirit of that invincible warrior within you is still alive. Connect to her for inspiration, guidance, and wisdom. And you will receive all you need and more.”

I was truly shaken up by this message. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

But I thought it contained profound truth.

If I could confront pitch darkness with zero life experience and minimal human support, I can certainly work wonders again, from the place I stand in today.

I just have to believe in myself – like my younger self so effortlessly did.

If you are struggling with something today, know that you also have it within you to find solutions.

You may not always receive the kind of support you expect. But when you trust with all your heart and do whatever best you can, the Universe will respond one way or the other.

Never lose hope. Stand tall and shine bright!

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