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A Tribute To Older Women

This post is a tribute to the beautiful older women in our world.

Very often, society is more focused on the attractiveness of younger women. Older women are encouraged to do everything possible to look 25 at the age of 55.

I think older women are beautiful exactly as they are.

And by beautiful, I don’t mean physical attractiveness. I am referring to the whole persona – body, mind, heart, and soul.

The bodies of older women may not look 20-something. However, they carry in their bones much wisdom and strength gained through their younger years.

They may have reached menopause but it is after decades of bleeding, and for many – carrying children in their wombs, giving birth, and nurturing their offspring.

Their minds may be more stable and they may have a more well-rounded perspective on life.

Their hearts may have been wounded many times but they may have learnt to love fiercely anyway.

Think of an older woman you know whose presence uplifts your spirits.

We all know someone like that.

That warm fuzzy feeling you get when she’s around is the energy of her spirit shining through.

I read an inspiring account somewhere that said a woman ought to feel proud of every grey hair on her head, for they are ‘Strands Of Wisdom.’ I thought that’s a wonderful perspective indeed!

Being in my thirties, I personally look up to many women who are currently in their mid-fifties and up.

To me, some of them are living breathing embodiments of the Divine Mother.

I can see the wisdom they have earned over the years and the love they have to share.

My heart warms up when I connect to some of them. I can feel divine nurturing Mother Energy flowing from their heart to mine.  

What I am to my children, these women are to me.

I wish I could tell them how much of a positive difference their presence makes to me. But I haven’t received a suitable opportunity to do so yet.

I am certain the Universe will bring me an opportunity to express my truth and gratitude to these women one day.