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Womb Healing For Men

This article is dedicated to men and to the energy of the Divine Masculine.

Each of us has the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within us. However, by virtue of being male, many men are greater embodiments of the Divine Masculine, just as many women are greater embodiments of the Divine Feminine.

Steady, strong, logical, practical, action-oriented, energetic – these are some qualities of the Divine Masculine.

  1. While the Divine Feminine dares to weave big dreams, the Divine Masculine takes concrete action to bring those dreams to fruition in the real world.
  2. The magical intuition of the Divine Feminine is balanced by the sound reasoning of the Divine Masculine. Embracing only magic or logic can make one rigid and blind. When both elements come together, life comes into balance.
  3. At the level of human biology, the contribution of the Masculine is integral for new life to spring forth. Unless the egg is fertlised by the sperm, how can a zygote be formed? The zygote has both masculine and feminine components, though it eventually grows into either a male or female foetus.

In today’s world, we are witnessing the rise of the Divine Feminine. And this is much required, considering she didn’t have much scope to blossom for millennia.

However, in this eagerness to welcome the Feminine, we must not ignore the Masculine

Now let’s look at how men in particular can participate in the Womb Healing journey.

It’s simple. If you are a man, contemplate the health of your sacral chakra.  What wounds are you storing in there?

Unexpressed emotions? Dark memories? Heavy burdens? Sexual wounds? Unshed tears?

Make an effort to express, release and lighten any energetic loads you may be holding on to.

Give voice to your buried emotions and gently let them out of your system.

Make an effort to build a sacred relationship with your sexual energy so you may harness it for your highest and greatest good.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable when you work on healing yourself.

A lot of men are afraid that if they work on healing themselves, they may become whiny and overly expressive. And being this way doesn’t feel natural to them.

You are right. This is not natural to many of you. And you don’t have to turn into someone you are not.

Remember – you only have to give yourself permission to be vulnerable when you are working with aspects of you that have been suppressed and need healing. Once you have healed your wounds, you can go back to being your neutral and stoic selves, or whatever comes naturally to you.

You being who you are at your core is what makes you an embodiment of the Divine Masculine and an empowered partner to the Divine Feminine.

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