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Healing Through Reframing: Pregnancy

That early morning when I first saw the positive line on the pregnancy test kit, I was overjoyed.

I was like –

“Oh my God! Is this really true?”

And some months later, when I felt the first little kick, I was again like –

“Oh my God! The baby kicked!”

While a part of me was super happy about my pregnancy, a part of me was uncomfortable too.

I had been conditioned to believe by many women in my family that pregnancy and labour were among the most difficult and unpleasant experiences a woman could have.

It would be a lie to say that pregnancy is not uncomfortable.

However, discomfort is part of the process. It’s nature working its creative magic. Discomfort and pain are part of the game. When perspective shifts, the same discomfort doesn’t bother you much anymore.

When I began this journey of healing my womb, I rewired my negative conditioning, by going back in time and telling my pregnant self-

“I accept the discomfort – the fatigue, the nausea, the aches and pains, the urge to pee, the disturbed sleep that follows and everything else that makes pregnancy what it is. My body is working hard to create a miracle. And I support the process by being completely in tune with my body, resting when I need to, staying active when I can and just surrendering to the flow. I recognise the fact that my womb is partnering with the Universe so new life may spring forth and this is no small feat. I completely respect and honour the process. I see the magic in it and I choose to enjoy it!”

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