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The Unfolding Of When Spirit Meets Science

As I meditated on a cold winter morning in December 2018, I felt a gentle tingling in the region of my third eye.

I took a deep breath and knew something was unfolding.

An image of a book appeared in my vision, “When Spirit Meets Science.”

I was at an energy healing conference earlier that month. Some speakers at the conference expressed that their work will not be accepted in the mainstream, because unlike modern medicine, which is rigorously tested and documented, their success stories are mostly based on anecdotes.

When I shared this with Suraj, he said research and documentation are not restricted to modern medicine. They are open to everyone in the world. He even offered to teach interested healers about how they can take up research projects to support and validate their work.

I was contemplating how best this initiative could be taken forward. And I received my answer in meditation – “Write a book.”

I knew I could only write one half of this book. I needed an expert in science and research to write the other half. I wasn’t sure if Suraj, with his busy schedule, would feel like taking up more work. But I took a chance and asked him anyway. He agreed immediately!

I then shared this idea with Reiki Rays, a global platform for Reiki teachers and practitioners and asked if they would publish it. They immediately agreed too.

I felt very grateful. I believe when the Universe gives you an idea, it also gives you the support you need to accomplish it.

And thus began this book, which was completed in less than a month. It felt like the content just flowed and all we had to do was pen it down.

Our own journey through the realms of spirit and science, both as individuals and as a couple, certainly made the process of co-creating this book a breeze!

The book is divided into three parts.

Part 1: Intuitive Ms. Feminine & Rational Mr. Masculine

Part 2 : Science In Alternative Therapies – An Evidence Based Approach

Part 3 : Empowered Medicine

Here’s a peek into Part 1 of this book. The chapter titles below give a fair idea of how our journey unfolded and of how we managed to blend two contrasting paths into one.

Part 1: Intuitive Ms. Feminine & Rational Mr. Masculine

The Seed Of Reiki – The Seed Of Science

When Reiki Comes Knocking At The Door – Medicine Calling

The Magic Of New Beginnings – The Logic Of New Beginnings

A Peek Into The World Of Physical Science & Rationality – A Peek Into The World Of Spirit

Conflicting Stories Lead to Inner Dilemmas – Conflicting Stories Lead to Inner Turmoil

Is It Reiki Vs Modern Medicine?

Modern Medicine To The Rescue – Comfort In Reiki

Year 2012

Reiki Takes Centre Stage – Intuition In Everyday Life & Medicine

Unconditional Love: The Merging Of The Rational Masculine & Intuitive Feminine

We both were perfectly happy in our own little worlds and often clashed over the contrast presented by the opposite world until life gradually revealed to us that –

  1. There is beauty and value on both sides of the coin. In the context of this book, the two sides are Energy Healing & Modern Medcine.
  2. Subjectivity is one kind of strength while objectivity is another. Obective studies help to achieve widespread acceptance and application, especially when one wants to apply energy based therapies to attain specific medical outcomes. It also lends more credibility to one’s work. At the same time, everything in life cannot be objective. Feelings and perspectives count too. Wisdom lies in knowing when to be subjective and when to be objective, or when to be a combination of both.
  3. Being different from each other is no obstacle to the blossoming of unconditional love in a romantic partnership. Love comes first. Everything else is secondary.
  4. Differences between partners can bring them closer together. While each partner honours their core strength, they also learn to integrate the opposite polarity that the other reflects. This makes them stronger as individuals and closer as a couple.
  5. Unconditional love is freeing and liberating. Once you reach this state, all struggle dissipates. Only love remains. And this elevated love creates whole new possibilities.

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