self love

The Gift Of ‘Seeing’ Yourself & Others

You are walking through a forest on another planet.

The trees are so huge you appear like a dwarf standing beside them.

The butterflies look bigger, brighter, and fly faster than on Earth.

The flowers emanate an intoxicating sweet scent, unlike anything you have smelt before.

Every animal that passes by smiles and greets you in native vocabulary. Never mind that you cannot talk back!

You reach the end of the forest and a pristine lake appears.

The water appears golden in colour and shimmers beautifully in the light of the setting sun.

This planet’s sun looks like a sphere made of glittering diamonds and radiates a pinkish golden light.

You dip your toes in the golden water and immediately feel a sense of peace infusing your body and mind.

An animal that looks like a bunny rabbit appears with a plate full of food that looks like fruit. She hands the plate to you and hops away.

You take a bite. The flavour and freshness of the fruit leave your taste buds tingling!

“What is this paradise of a planet I have landed on?” you say aloud to yourself, “I have never seen such beauty and uniqueness before!”

The bunny appears again, smiles, and sits beside you.

She says to you, “Do you remember a time when you were five years old? You were sitting by a lake on your planet Earth and you spoke to a rabbit passing by?”

You nod in surprise!

“Yes, I do remember,” you say, “But how do you know that?”

“That was me. I was on a tour of your planet back then, like you are on mine right now,” says the rabbit.

You stare open-mouthed!

“You sat with me for a few minutes, patted me on the head, and said you thought I was beautiful,” continued the rabbit, “And I truly felt seen by you at that moment.”

You are so stunned by the rabbit’s revelation, you wonder if it’s all a dream!

You pinch yourself and realise it’s real.

“You know what? says the rabbit and smiles, “I thought you were so beautiful and so was everything on your bluish-green planet! I had never seen anything like that before,”

It dawns on you that you are so accustomed to Earth that the miracles there don’t appear miraculous anymore! However, planet Earth seemed mesmersing to the rabbit, much like her planet appeared to you.

You are deeply moved by this conversation with the wise rabbit. You turn to face her and look into her eyes.

In this state of heightened awareness, you are able to see past her ‘cuteness’ as a bunny. You sense a deeper story hidden in her big bright brown eyes.

At this moment, an Angel appears before you both and says-

Each of you is unique, much like the majestic blue oceans on Earth or the expansive golden lakes on this planet.

But you get so used to the uniqueness – in yourself or in others – that you stop noticing it after a while.

When you see another person for who they are, your ego dissolves.

And I mean truly see someone, not just with your eyes, but with your heart and soul.

And when you see yourself in the same manner, your experience of self shifts to a new level.

And you say to the bunny, “I see you, dear one. I see ALL of you – your story, your joys, your struggles, your strengths, your limitations, your wisdom, and the unique gifts you bring to existence.”

And the bunny says, “I see you too, dear soul. I see ALL of you – your intelligence, your emotions, your creations, your setbacks, your victories, and all the blessings you bring to existence. I bow to the unique being that you are.”

The two of you continue to see and feel into each other’s beings. And this moment is etched eternally into your consciousness.

A week later, you find yourself back on Earth, seated in your backyard, when a dragonfly appears. You smile and see it with new eyes. You see it fully and completely – a unique creation of the Universe.

Your child comes running to sit beside you. You look into her eyes and see her in a whole new light. You see her innocence, playfulness, creativity, mischief, tantrums, love, and everything that makes her who she is.

Your spouse comes home after work. You see him through your heart. You see someone who works hard to provide, loves with his soul, and does a zillion things to see you happy. You also see his troubles, and his shortcomings. But they don’t bother you anymore because your vision now operates on a totally different frequency.

Besides, who amongst us is perfect?

The beauty of life is in the mixture of perfection and imperfection blended together.

And finally, you look in the mirror and see the person you most need to see – yourself!

See the magic in you! See the magic in others!

See the magic all around you!

Seeing someone for who they are is one of the best gifts we can give to another.

And seeing yourself for who you truly are – try it to know what happens!

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