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When Your Journal Becomes Your Healer

“I have within me the power to be a strong individual, irrespective of the external forces that seem to disturb my equilibrium so often. I want to be happy and I will be happy, no matter what, for life is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Birds, bees, trees, flowers, clouds, wind, rain – all of these give me a sense of tranquility. Divine, give me the strength to bear the many pains in my life. Kindly give me strength.”

These are words I wrote in my journal in the February of 2007.

My life until August of 2007 was filled with challenges. I was constantly being tossed from one struggle to the next. And I had gotten so used to living this way that it came as no surprise to me when one challenge ended and a new one began!

My grandmother had been a primary source of unconditional love and stability in my life. However, life turned out such that my relationship with her could not be sustained and I was left with a void in my heart that no other adult could fill.

My assessment is that this void was the root cause of many of my troubles.

However, I like to be kind to myself. After all, what could I have done as a child or teenager? How much autonomy or wisdom did I have? Almost nothing.

How could anybody have given to me what they didn’t have within them? Once I set foot on the healing path, I realized that if I had to be free and move forward in life, I had to forgive and release many people. And I did that to the best of my ability.

The silver lining is that years of turbulence transformed me into an empowered individual, who is also able to support others in difficulty today.

My journal was a constant presence through my struggles.

In my early twenties, it became my best friend and healer. I could share my heart and soul with it, with no fear of judgment.

I also felt a sense of deep release after putting my troublesome feelings down on paper. In addition, I developed the inner strength to take charge of my life, constantly assess how I was faring, and take practical steps to create a better life.

And I see how far this practice has brought me. It undoubtedly was one among a few other healing modalities that literally turned my life around!

The process of writing can be extremely healing. You have to experience it to understand the benefits.

If you feel called to write, I would like to cheer you on!

Gift yourself a beautiful journal, pick up that pen and start writing today.

You can use an online platform too. But I would highly recommend writing with a pen, at least at times. The feeling of jotting down your thoughts in your own unique handwriting is worth experiencing!

One beautiful morning in the January of 2008, almost a year after writing that I choose to believe life is beautiful and asking the Universe for help, I sat down to write again.

I quickly read through everything I had written in 2007 and made a new entry-

“Whew! When I look back at my life and my writing, I am shocked. Despite all the odds, I managed to believe that life is beautiful. Thank God for that! Life is undoubtedly beautiful. Everything has changed! Every single thing, including my handwriting! I am so grateful to the Universe. I am proud of myself. I have fought it out and emerged a stronger young lady than ever before! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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