when spirit meets science

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is my personal ‘mentor energy’ for writing and creative expression.

I prefer to allow my writing to flow freely rather than think it through in my head.

Incidentally, when it flows is when it seems to be most powerful too.

If you wish to tap into the creator in you and kickstart a journey in creative expression, try connecting to Archangel Gabriel.

You may use this invocation if you wish to.

Dear Archangel Gabriel,

With deep gratitude, I now receive the radiance of your creative light.

I breathe it into every cell in my body and every chakra in my energy system.

I allow the ‘Light of the Creator Energy’ to work through me and to make me a channel for the highest creative expression.

May the words I speak and write heal hearts and uplift souls.

May all my energy be focused on the process of creation.

May I be free from attachment to the outcome.

May all cords binding me to the results of my efforts or to expectations of any kind be dissolved.

May I be free.

May I be free.

May I be free.

In this state of freeness, I am a crystal clear channel and all my energy can be directed towards the accomplishment of the Higher Goal.

May the Light empower the mind and heart to work in sync.

And for the hand to move with ease

So, the words that are spun may bring love and healing.

Thank you!

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