when spirit meets science

The Best Logical Decision Is Also The Most Intuitive One


This is the email address from which Haripriya mailed me way back in 2007. She sent them from this address after emails from another address of hers failed to reach me.

I remember telling her “Guess this email address of yours has more positive vibes than the other one!”

True to her email address, she was full of positive vibes too – a bubbly individual with a positive outlook on life.

She spoke of life in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency.

Being a lover of conventional science, I was initially astounded by her frequent usage of these terms in a totally different context!

However, in time, I got used to them and understood what she meant by them.

These words are an integral part of our lives now!

Be it a home to live in, a restaurant to dine at, or people to help around the house – everything is based on the ‘vibration’ they emit and how she ‘feels’ about something or someone.

Some years back, she even had an intuitive opinion about the ideal workplace for me. She knew nothing about that hospital but insisted it may be good for me. I did my own analysis and assessment of the space and found that it was indeed the best place for me to work at that point in time.

Our own relationship happened because she said she recognized my ‘vibe’ when she met me and it felt right! I am not sure I recognised her ‘vibe’ but I do know I liked her and was delighted to have crossed paths with her.

After we tied the knot, almost everything that needed decision-making as a family had to pass the litmus test of her intuition (feeling) and my logic (thinking).

Thankfully, most major decisions did pass both tests and we were on the same page!

There were instances when each of us was forced to view situations from the opposite perspective. The contrasting perspective helped bring more clarity, especially when we felt stuck with our usual approaches.

Eventually, we realised that though we operated differently, we arrived at similar decisions and solutions – only via different avenues.

Inspired by this journey, I wrote these words in our co-authored book ‘When Spirit Meets Science,’ – “The best logical decision is also the most intuitive one!”

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