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Energy That Heals The Soul

Rolling hills, coffee plantations, sprawling paddy fields, orange and silver oak trees, crystal clear streams and varieties of birds and insects! My short holiday to Coorg – one of the most beautiful locations in our state – was a feast to the soul and senses.

My ‘sensing mode’ is always on and I automatically tune in to the energy of a given place. I see how the energy dynamics of different places can help enrich my growth and well-being.

So it was with Coorg. On the day of our departure from there, I spent some time in solitude, contemplating on and integrating the energy I had been surrounded by during the time spent there.

And here’s what came up-

Mama Earth is so beautiful. Those of us living in cities rarely have the privilege to experience Earth in all her glory. It felt wonderful to see acres and acres of lush green trees. The greenery was soothing to the eyes and healing to the soul.

The air was clean and pure and it felt refreshing to breathe.

While the sounds of crickets served as a gentle bedtime lullaby, waking up to the melody of a hundred birds chirping helped to welcome the day with joy and gratitude.

In today’s world, connecting with nature often means taking the support of science in some way. It requires an automobile to reach the wilderness. Once there, it also requires a solid roof over the head and some electricity and water to experience a decent stay. Science is a huge part of our lives now and I feel grateful for the many things it has made possible for the world. At the same time, I also believe we must be responsible and utilise resources mindfully.

Coming to the human interactions, the staff at the resort were Angels in disguise. They were gentle and kind and went about their duties with a smile. The logic to this is that they have been trained to serve in this manner. But unless one has some passion for this kind of work and also some innate skill, I personally feel they cannot thrive in the service industry. These souls are surrounded by all kinds of energies throughout the day – some guests are polite, some can be rude and others can be unreasonably demanding. It requires a certain spirit to continue to do one’s best under pressure and to stay sane along the way.

I relaxed into the gracious warmth offered by the staff and allowed myself to receive completely. I also consciously returned the same energy back to them in the form of smiles, appreciation and gratitude. They may have just been executing the job they were paid to do. But at the end of the day, everyone is human.

Warmth, love and human connection keep the world going.