womb healing

Womb Healing Checklist: Menstruation

As a woman, you will benefit from practices of ‘Healing The Womb’ if you –

  1. Have taken on the belief that your menstrual cycle is (or was) something to be ashamed of
  2. Felt dread or shame as a child (or adult) at the thought of blood staining your dress and someone noticing it
  3. Felt dread or shame as a child (or adult) when someone discovered a sanitary product in your bag or purse
  4. Have been conditioned to believe that you are impure when you bleed or because you bleed
  5. Feel embarrassed if someone (especially a male) gets to know you are on your period
  6. Believe menstrual cycles are a huge problem women face, possibly even a curse.
  7. Couldn’t care less about the body asking you to slow down during that time of the month and try to be as energetic as always.

This checklist is meant to help you bring awareness to areas you may be feeling stuck in as far as menstruation is concerned.

Don’t worry! You aren’t the only woman who’s going to be ticking off a lot of the points on this checklist.

And it isn’t your fault if you feel a particular way. We are all products of societal, cultural, and religious conditioning. And if you want to break free from this conditioning, you always have a choice to be the change you wish to see.

You can choose to play a part in birthing a new higher consciousness – one in which we aren’t ashamed of our bodies and their natural functions anymore.

And the first step to that is developing awareness of where you are as a woman and of the areas within your consciousness that can be rewired.

Once this awareness begins to set in, no one can stop you from embracing and enjoying your gift of womanhood fully.

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