The Promise of Science

Considering my history, I find it interesting that I feel inspired to write about science today!

As a student, science was never a subject I looked forward to studying. I did not like that it had to be learnt by rote. Mugging up scientific facts and theories without understanding their essence ripped the joy out of learning and concepts remained vague.

Over the years, I began to despise science for I felt it was reserved for an elite section of individuals with a special intelligence and I presumed I did not possess it.

Several years down the line, when learning science was just part of my history, I bumped into my partner Suraj who had an in-depth understanding of science – not just knowledge of fancy theories but varied applications too. And this opened doors for me to learn science again! Not just to learn but also to appreciate it.

It’s amazing how much people we know can teach us if only we are willing to learn.

Co-authoring the book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’ with Suraj made me understand and appreciate one of the core principles upon which the world of science is based.

A hypothesis is rigorously tested before it is presented as fact to the world.

I never appreciated the importance of this principle until I began to ponder the fact that if airplanes weren’t rigorously tested and sure to fly, no one would have the courage to board them.

If anaesthesia wasn’t guaranteed to put people to sleep during surgery, no patient would step into an operation theatre!

If electronic and electrical gadgets were not certified to work as they do, no one would spend money acquiring them.

Science is a huge part of everyone’s life today, irrespective of whether we notice, appreciate or understand it.

All scientific and technological inventions come with a guarantee of working as they are expected to. There is the occasional plane that crashes or gadget that malfunctions. But those are the exceptions. Most of the time, science delivers results almost perfectly.

A hypothesis is rigorously tested before it is presented as fact to the world.

That is the promise of science.

And also its greatest blessing!

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