when spirit meets science, womb healing

A Visit To The Sacred Temple Of The Womb

You are walking through a lush green meadow.

The colours and scents of the flowers leave you mesmerized.

Birds chirp melodiously in unison.

The air feels fresh and pure.

Your heart tells you to stop and smell the flowers.

You take off your shoes, sit down and place your bare feet on the soft grass.

You take a deep breath in and enjoy the numerous sights, sounds and fragrances.

You suddenly feel a gentle tap on your shoulder.

You turn around and see an Angel Of Light standing behind you,

She flashes the sweetest smile at you.

Her smile warms your heart.

The Angel says to you, “ Dear One, You have stopped at a very significant milestone. Everyone who walks through this meadow pays a visit to the ‘Sacred Temple.’ Would you like to see the temple too?”

“Dear Angel, what is within the Sacred Temple?” you ask.

“The Sacred Temple holds within it golden keys to unlock one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe – the Womb. Spending time there rewires your consciousness and opens you up to a greater understanding of the Womb.”

“Wow!” you say, “How do I find my way to the Sacred Temple?”

“Come with me. I am pleased to lead the way,” says the Angel and flashes another warm smile at you.

The Angel lends a hand to help you up, and with her palm in yours, leads you along.

You walk past enormous oak trees and a pristine lake.

After a while, you see a glittering golden structure in the distance.

“Is that the temple?” you ask.

“Yes!” says the Angel, “Come on.”

You arrive at the doorway of the temple and see that it is garlanded with dazzling golden flowers.

The Angel, still holding your hand, leads you in.

You now find yourself in a corridor adorned with more of those pretty golden flowers.

You now reach the end of the corridor and find yourself at another doorway.

You spot a glittering golden key placed in a basket beside the door.

“What a beautiful key!” you say to the Angel.

‘Yes!” says the Angel, ‘Go on. Pick it up.”

You reach for the key and look at the Angel.

“Unlock the door,” she says, smiling.

“Oh my!” you say, feeling butterflies in your tummy.

“Don’t worry. The journey through this doorway will be one you will look back on very fondly,” says the Angel, “Go on. Unlock the door.”

“Thank you, Angel,” you say and open the door with much anticipation.

When you open the door, you are taken aback.

All you are able to see is a dark space.

After all the glitter and golden you got to enjoy until this point, you feel a bit disappointed that all you are able to see now is darkness!

Sensing your disappointment, the Angel says, “Oh, don’t you be fooled! This space is not what it seems to be on the surface – all empty, dark and cold. You are here to explore this space. So, explore it first and draw your conclusions later.”

You smile at the Angel and know you can trust her words.

You take one step in. And then another.

And another…

And another…

And there you are – walking through absolute darkness, in surrender to the journey, open to any and all possibilities.

Welcome to the ‘WOMB!’

You are about to begin a journey of a lifetime.

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