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Year 2007 : Discovering The Magic Of Life

The year 2007 is very dear to my heart and soul.

It’s the landmark year of my lifetime.

The year started off on a deceptive note. It appeared that my already messy life was getting even messier.

Many things began to fall apart.

The significant aspects of life-love, relationships, career-took a beating.

I had to fight to be my authentic self so I could put to use the talents I was born with and pick a career of my choice.

I was in a dark place with a difficult past behind me and no signs of light ahead.

I found solace in confiding in a journal. It was my safe space that allowed me to share my woes and to center myself in peace, no matter what was happening.

In hindsight, I see the value journaling practice brought me.

Putting things down on paper seemed to help me process them. Insights and answers came to me.

I derived hope and strength from my journaling practice. And this kept me going despite all challenges.

While this is the logical aspect of it, the magical aspect was that I began to draw into my life people and situations that helped me get through those challenging times.

Professional counselors, life coaches, dance therapists and Reiki Teachers appeared in my life at various points along the year.

Each of them played a small yet significant role in helping me transform my thinking and life for the better. The most significant and final leap occurred soon after I trained in Reiki. Synchronicity took over. If I took one step, the Universe seemed to be taking three other steps to make things work for me, the biggest milestone of which was meeting my soul mate.

This unfolding of synchronistic events in the year 2007 reinforced my belief in the magical nature of existence.

I believe we attract much of what we resonate with or give our attention to – consciously or subconsciously.

The good news this brings is that we do have a lot of power to create our own reality.

Can you harness the magic of the Universe and get it to work in your favour?

Nothing lost in giving it a shot!

Take the first step so the Universe can take those second, third and fourth steps for you.

Explore, experiment and decide for yourself!

I trust this article gives you inspiration and hope, especially if you are in a dark place yourself. Love and Blessings!