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The Birth of When Spirit Meets Science

The creation of this website was inspired by the book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’. This book was jointly authored by Haripriya Suraj and Suraj Manjunath in 2019.

Haripriya is an energy healer and Suraj a cancer surgeon. The book is an outcome of their journey together. They were walking individual paths that were contrasting in nature. Haripriya adopted a magical approach to life while Suraj chose the logical route. Their partnership exposed each of them to the other side of the coin and brought about the profound realisation that both magic and logic are integral to life.

After all, isn’t the Universe we have evolved from mysterious and magical?

Aren’t the creations on Planet Earth mesmerising?

How about the miracle of your own body?

All you have to do is spend some quiet time in nature and you will see a magical intelligence at work – in every leaf, flower, tree, insect, bird, river, rainbow, mountain and ocean.

Several other phenomena that are part of human experience prove to be nothing short of magical – love, emotions, creativity, synchronicity, telepathy to name a few.

All of this makes being a living being on this planet so magical. There is so much to learn, so much to explore and so much to live!

Having said that, isn’t it equally true that logic is also a part of life on Earth?

If you’re hungry, you need to eat.

If an airplane has to fly, there is a certain mechanism that has to work to make it happen.

If you have to travel from Point A to Point B, you either need to walk or travel by auto mobile. Humans are not equipped to fly!

There are certain physical laws at work on Earth and no amount of magical thinking will bend them.

However, it’s also important to consider that physical laws aren’t necessarily the only reality. They may be the most obvious reality to our physical senses. And the principles they operate on help bring about tremendous scientific and technological advancement.

But there is so much out there that we don’t yet understand.

There is so much about our own selves we may not understand.

We are but tiny specks on one little planet in an infinite Universe!

If you gaze at the full moon or the twinkling stars in the night sky, you just might wonder about the possibility of something much larger at work. We may not understand all of it logically and that’s OK.

Science may dig deep into the secrets of the Universe and unravel the logic to all of creation one day. But giving it a logical explanation doesn’t make it any less magical, does it?

Does it truly matter if a Big Bang created the Universe or a Higher Power did? The outcome has been amazing either way! Besides, what if the two are one and the same? They may very well be different human perceptions of the same phenomenon.

The purpose of logic is not to diminish magic. It is to bring in a richer scientific understanding and exactitude to life.

The purpose of magic is not diminish logic. It is to be open to deeper insights and possibilities that may not always be apparent on the surface.

If we have evolved from this Universe, it is safe to assume that a speck of its intelligence is also alive within us and that we can tap into it in more ways than one.

While the book ‘When Spirit Meets Science’ explores magic and logic in the context of Reiki and Modern Medicine, the same principles could be applied to all of life.

The aim of this work is to bring the forces of magic and logic together and thereby open the door to a richer paradigm that completes the circle.

We hope you enjoy this journey into the realms of Magic & Logic!

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